Fix Reddit Chat Error Loading Content

Whether you are into sports, news, TV show fan theories, games, or makeup, Reddit has something for every taste. It houses a massive platform of communities engaging in different activities and generating endless engaging conversations. Despite its popularity, users often end up facing Reddit chat error loading content issue. Apart from the issue of Reddit chat not working, we will also discuss ways to fix Reddit chat not loading showing up. So, if your account on the platform is having similar problems where Reddit chat sorry try again later issue, let us get started by helping you fix it.

Fix Reddit Chat Error Loading Content

How to Fix Reddit Chat Error Loading Content

Before going through the solutions to fix Reddit chat not working issue, let us see the causes of Reddit chat not loading issue that might be hampering your app:

  • Your internet connection is slow and not working at its best which can cause the app to not load chats, refresh feed, or send messages.
  • Server issues can also cause several errors within the Reddit app for a longer duration.
  • If you have not updated Reddit app, the older version may still have a few bugs and errors.
  • You have hit the maximum target limit on Reddit app.
  • There is a glitch on the Reddit app.
  • There are bugs and malware on your device.
  • Reddit shadowbanned your account which prevents the sender from sending messages.

Here are the different methods you can try to fix Reddit chat error loading content displayed on your screen:

Method 1: Restart Device

When it comes down to boosting your phone’s performance, RAM is the only thing one can think of. Usually what happens is that apps on your smartphone fill up storage crazily. Thus, running smoothly becomes a hassle for your device. However, when you restart your smartphone, it fixes common issues like Reddit chat error loading content and boosts the overall performance.

1. Long press the Power button available on the phone’s side and tap on Restart.

restart your device

2. Wait for the smartphone to complete the process and launch Reddit.

Try to send someone a text on the Reddit app to check whether Reddit chat sorry try again later issue has been resolved or not.

Method 2: Wait for Reddit Server Uptime

Like other platforms, Reddit uses servers located across the globe to host its engaging content on different genres. However, if one or more servers are facing downtime, it may cause the chats to not load on your smartphone. To check this, visit the official Reddit Status Checker website on your smartphone to see everything from past issues to current bugs.

server status checker webpage

If this is the case with you, there is nothing you can do except wait for the servers to get back on track. Fortunately, this does not take up much time as thousands of users fail to access their Reddit accounts.

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Method 3: Update Reddit App

Many times, the older versions of an app have unresolved bugs and issues in them. Accordingly, developers strive hard to get rid of them by releasing better versions with enhanced features every once in a while. So, in case you are facing the Reddit char not loading error, not updating your app could be one of the reasons.

1. Launch Google Play Store and search Reddit.

2. Tap on the app’s name followed by the Update option.

Note: If there are no updates available, then you will only get the Uninstall and Open options.


Method 4: Clear Unnessary Chats

As mentioned earlier, it is possible that you hit the maximum limit for chats allowed by the app. This is primarily done by developers to avoid spammers from possessing greater advantages over other users. In this case, you can clear unnecessary chats and make space for new ones. Apart from this, you can also leave existing groups if you are no longer interested in being one of the members. Doing this will help you get rid of Reddit chat error loading content

Method 5: Clear Reddit Storage and Cache

Sometimes cache stores unnecessary app-related data for quick access on your smartphone. This in turn can slow down your app’s performance, make it lag, or increase the frequency of abrupt crashes. Therefore, always remove cache, cookies, and site data from your smartphones as well as laptops.

Read out our guide on How to Clear cache on Android and implement the same.

clear cache. Fix Reddit Chat Error Loading Content

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Method 6: Re-login to Reddit Account

This is an old trick in the magician’s hat than often helps users resolving their app issues. Although it is not common, yet users may sometimes have to deal with app freezing as the app fails to determine whether you are real or a bot. In this case, you can try logging out and logging in again using your Reddit credentials.

1. Open Reddit on your Android smartphone and tap on the Profile picture at the top right corner.

reddit app homepage. Fix Reddit Chat Error Loading Content

2. Tap on the drop-down menu beside your username and then on the arrow followed by the Log out option.

reddit app log out

3. Once you are logged out, tap on the profile icon at the top right corner to log in to your account again.

reddit app log in

4. Enter your log in credentials and check whether Reddit chat not working issue has been removed.

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Method 7: Change Reddit App Permissions

Like other apps, Reddit too requires certain permissions on your smartphone to operate at its best. For instance, you need to give it storage access to store your files and images. Accordingly, denying such permissions will prevent the app from running properly. Here is how you can fix it on Android with these simple steps:

1. Open Settings on your smartphone and scroll down to find Apps.

go to settings and apps. Fix Reddit Chat Error Loading Content

2. Find Reddit in the list and tap on Permissions.

reddit app permission

3. Next, tap on Files and media.

tap on files and media. Fix Reddit Chat Error Loading Content

4. Finally, tap on Allow access to media only option to grant permission.

reddit app files and media permission

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Method 8: Reinstall Reddit App

If the above methods failed to resolve Reddit chat not working error, you can always reinstall the app to try your luck. Doing this removes all the unnecessary app-files locally stored on your phone and boosts its efficiency.

1. Launch Google Play Store on your Android and tap on the Magnifying glass option.

google play store

2. Search Reddit and tap on Uninstall.

tap on uninstall

3. Then, search Reddit in the search box.

4. Tap on Install and wait for a few seconds until the process completes.

tap on install

5. Log in to your Reddit account and check whether the app is letting you send messages or not.

Method 9: Contact Reddit Customer Support

If you want to cut down on your workload and let a professional take care of it, this method is for you to solve Reddit chat not working issue.

1. Browse the official Reddit Customer Support webpage on your smartphone.

2. Tap on sign up at the top right corner.

3. Enter your email address and tap on Next.

4. Set up a unique username and password and tap on submit to join the Reddit community.

customer support

Here you can find expert answers to all your queries.

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Additional Method: Use Reddit on Browser

If you are facing certain issues on the Reddit app, try logging into your account on a browser. This will help you in determining whether the app is facing a certain issue or it’s just your smartphone that is at fault.

1. Browse the official Reddit website by visiting on your laptop.

2. Tap on Log In at the top right corner of your screen and enter your login credentials.


How Do I Get to Reddit Chat

Follow these steps to chat with another Reddit user:

1. Launch the Reddit app on your smartphone and tap on the Message icon at the bottom of your screen.

Launch the Reddit app

2. Tap on Add New option at the top right corner and enter the username of the person you wish to send a text.

3. Lastly, type your message and tap on Send.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why does Reddit say Error loading content?

Ans. This issue could be a result of Reddit server issues, glitches on the app, or something else undetected. To resolve this, you can try any of the above-mentioned methods and weed out the problem from its roots.

Q2. Why is my chat not loading on Reddit?

Ans. It is possible that your Reddit account is shadowbanned due to spamming suspicions which prevent the chat from loading. Interestingly, you do not have to be an active Reddit user to get shadowbanned.


If you are also facing Reddit chat error loading content error, these above-mentioned methods will surely fix everything. Drop your comments and feedback in the comments down below and let us know what you want to fix or read next.

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