Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404 in Windows 10

With over 200 million subscribers globally, Netflix is undoubtedly the world’s leading media streaming platform. However, many Windows 10 users struggle to access Netflix content and face “Error Code NSES-404” messages instead. This cryptic error prevents the Netflix app or website from functioning properly on Windows devices.

Although the NSES-404 error can typically be fixed with a few targeted troubleshooting steps. In this blog post, we will understand some common reasons for the NSES-404 error on Windows 10 and outline actionable solutions.

Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404 in Windows 10

What Causes Netflix Error Code NSES-404?

There are a few potential causes for the Netflix Error Code NSES-404 on Windows 10:

  • Certain movies, shows, etc may only be available in certain countries due to licensing restriction.
  • If using a VPN to access Netflix content from other regions, connecting to the wrong country server or having an outdated VPN configuration can also cause this error.
  • Incompatible browser extensions, corrupted browser data, outdated drivers etc. could potentially interfere with accessing Netflix properly leading to the error.
  • Bugs or maintenance work on Netflix servers might also be a reason behind the NSES-404 appearing temporarily.

Method 1: Restart Wi-Fi Router

Your router or modem may be causing the Netflix error code 404 because of an IP address mismatch or connectivity trouble. So before you do anything else, reset your router and check your internet connection.

1. Switch off your Wi-Fi router and unplug it for 3 minutes.

Find the ON OFF button at the back of your router

2. Wait for a few seconds, then re-plug and switch on the router.

Check whether the internet is working and whether the issue of Netflix unexpected error code 404 is gone or not.

Method 2: Verify Netflix Server

The Netflix error code 404 problem is most likely to occur when their servers are unavailable. Follow these steps to check if the problem is internal or if Netflix’s services are unavailable:

1. Go to the DownDetector website.

2. Search for Netflix.

3. See the latest complaints/comments and check the report graph.

check for recent reports or outage complaints. Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404

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Method 3: Use Virtual Private Network

As mentioned in the beginning, some content will not be available for viewing in a given region or country. That could be due to limited streaming rights or licensing agreements, or it could be blocked by the government or Netflix itself. Netflix error code nses-404 can be solved using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Read our guide to know what is VPN and how it works. Also, if you are looking for a guide to set up a VPN read our guide on How to set up a VPN on Windows 10.

If you are already using a VPN, try switching the location. It’s possible that the content isn’t available in the selected region. Change the location/country and check again to see whether the content is available or not.

connect to a vpn in windows. Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404

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Method 4: Disable Web Extension (If Applicable)

No matter how helpful web extensions are, they always generate some type of trouble here and there. In this situation, it could be the source of the Netflix error code nses-404 problem. Most of them can track your web activity. To disable/delete extensions, follow these steps:

Note: This method is performed on Microsoft’s Edge browsers in Windows 10. Steps may differ slightly in other browsers.

1. Sign out of your Netflix account.

2. Go to your browser and click on the three dots icon.

click on 3 dots icon. Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404

3. Click on the Extensions option.

4. Then, click on Manage Extensions.

5. Then, switch Off the toggle or delete suspicious extensions (e.g. Sticky Notes 3).

toggle off the extension

6. Finally, restart your browser and Sign In to Netflix again.

Method 6: Try Netflix on Another Device

Due to unknown reasons, the problem could be in the specific device that you are using and on which you are experiencing the error. Open Netflix on a different web browser or another device, such as a laptop, television, or any other device that supports Netflix.

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Method 7: Contact Netflix Help Center

If you know the episode or film is accessible in your country, but are still experiencing the Netflix error code nses-404, then contact Netflix’s support team.

1. Go to Netflix’s Help Center page.

2. Either choose the Call Us or Start Live Chat option.

go to netflix help center page. Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404

3. Mention the error code and look for a solution.

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We hope that this guide was helpful to understand what is NSES 404 and that you were able to fix Netflix error code NSES-404 issue. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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