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  1. I need to find a program that backs up and restores windows settings, such as pointer styles, and auto lopgon your user password and other things that just seem to revert themselves.

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    Timothy Takemoto (timtak)

    I had a problem similar to that which Ken experienced two years ago. I dropped my mouse, repeatedly perhaps, on a hard wood floor with the result that the buttons press themselves. One of the buttons, on the top is a DPI adjuster which in combination with the wheel speeds up the mouse despite returning it to standard settings. It just kept getting reverted to the fastest setting, making it very difficult to use – especially now that I am oldish.

    I found some software called X-Mouse Button Control (no affiliation whatsoever) that not only deactivates the buttons that I am not using (all of them except the wheel and the two main ones) but also overrides the system mouse speed. Now my five button mouse is only a two button mouse, but it is working fine.

    There is something to be said for wired mice because when you drop them the wire will often prevent a harsh fall. Wireless mice just go plonk.

  3. This article claims that editing the registry “will Fix Mouse Settings Keep Changing in Windows 10” and it must be emphasized that the claim say WILL. Right after that it continues “but if not then continue.”

    Moving on to find a real solution.

    1. i have a solution for you use xmouse button control and then go to options and override windows stuff and put the speed you want it worked for me

  4. Re: your method one :
    the said registry entry ” SYNAPTICS ” simply DO NOT EXIST
    in my Win10 pro Version 10.0.19042.

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