Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A310 Throttle Not Working

Troubleshoot throttle troubles up in the air!

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A310, the virtual aircraft included in MSFS 40th Anniversary Edition is the first complex airliner to be included as a default aircraft in the simulator. Due to its unique characteristics and history in aviation, it holds a special place.

However, many are facing difficulties with the throttle malfunction as it is failing to respond as expected. In this guide, we will fix the throttle not working on the Airbus A310 within Microsoft Flight Simulator and help you soar into the skies.

Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A310 Throttle Not Working

How to Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator A310 Throttle Not Working in MSFS

Numerous users have faced challenges with the A310 throttle, ranging from unexpected surges and maximum power during crucial phases to complete unresponsiveness.

Let’s explore a range of solutions and remedies to tackle the issue of the A310 throttle malfunctioning in MSFS.

Method 1: Restart MSFS

Sometimes, just restarting the game can help fix any small problems like throttle issue.

1. Close down Microsoft Flight Simulator.

2. Wait for some time to make sure everything’s closed.

3. Turn off and then turn on your computer to start fresh.

4. Open Microsoft Flight Simulator again. Check if the throttle works properly now.

Method 2: Verify Hardware Connectivity

Proper connection with your hardware is key to ensure your throttle works well in MSFS.

1. Plug your throttle controller’s USB firmly into your computer.

2. Check if the cable looks fine and there’s no damage.

3. Try using a different USB port on your computer to rule out any port problems.

usb port shown

4. Instead of using a USB hub, plug the throttle straight into your computer.

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Method 3: Choose Correct Control Settings

If your A310 throttle isn’t working right in MSFS, you might need to tweak some settings. Sometimes, the game doesn’t recognize how you’ve set up your controls. Here’s what you can do:

1. Open the Controls section in MSFS.

2. Look for the search box that says Search by Input.

Search by input or name Controls section Microsoft Flight Simulator MSFS

3. Now select your throttle in Select an input dropdown.

4. Move your throttle lever and check if the game detects it correctly.

5. If not, double-check that your hardware settings in the game are set up right and calibrated correctly.

Method 4: Enable Auto Throttle

Some users found that turning on the auto-throttle setting helped with A310 throttle problems. Here’s how you can turn it on:

1. Start your A310 flight in MSFS.

2. Use manual thrust to start and take off.

3. After you’re in the air, turn on the auto-throttle.

 Microsoft Flight Simulator MSFS

4. Keep checking if the throttle works right with the auto-throttle on.

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Method 5: Calibrate Throttle

Setting up your throttle correctly is crucial so that it works right with the game settings so adjust sensitivity settings as follows:

1. Connect your throttle controller to your computer.

2. Open MSFS and go to Options > Controls.

3. Select throttle from the list.

4. Click on Sensitivity to start setting it up.

5. Adjust the sensitivity to cover the full range of motion.

Sensitivity setting A310 Microsoft Flight Simulator MSFS

6. Move the lever around to make sure the game recognizes it.

7. If there’s an option in the game for calibration, use it.

8. Save your changes and check if the throttle works correctly in the game.

Method 6: Contact MSFS Support

If you’ve tried everything and the throttle still isn’t working right, go to the official Microsoft Flight Simulator support website and explain what’s wrong and what you’ve already tried.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Support

The support team will get back to you with more help or fixes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is the A310 free in MSFS?

Yes, it’s free. The Airbus A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator was revealed in October 2021, and it’s been progressing nicely since. Now, with the latest update, we know it will be released soon, and the best part is, it’ll be available for free.

Q2. Does the A310 have autopilot?

Yes, the A310 has autopilot that works slightly differently from other (albeit) newer Airbus aircraft. It comes with a standard setting being set PROF for the climb out and so on.

Q3. What is the range of MSFS A310?

It has a flying range of up to 5,150 nautical miles (9,540 km; 5,930 mi). It can seat 220 passengers in two classes, or 240 in all-economy, and It has overwing exits between the two main front and rear door pairs.

Q4. How do I turn on my inbuilds Airbus A320 MSFS?

This YouTube tutorial covers the basics for flight simulation to start and park the A320, from takeoff to landing.

Microsoft Flight Simulator | A320 Tutorial | Updated Startup


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We hope these troubleshooting steps, from checking hardware connections to adjusting in-game settings will help fix the Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A310 throttle not working issue in no time. Stay tuned to Techcult for more such informative guides.

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