Fix Fortnite Error Code 10022

Errors in the anti-cheat tool restricts you from playing Fortnite, lets fix it.

Are you feeling gloomy due to Fortnite error code 10022 and want to know what it truly means? This error generally occurs due to issues with Easy Anti Cheat tool. If you are annoyed by this error, then don’t worry as we’ll provide you with the solutions to fix the error so that you can start playing the game again.

Fix Fortnite Error Code 10022

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 10022

In this detailed article, we will tell you how to fix Fortnite Error Code 10022. However, before telling you the fixes, let’s first know what causes this issue.

Quick Answer

To fix the Fortnite error, try repairing the anti-cheat tool. Follow the steps listed below:

1. Launch the EasyAntiCheat_Setup file.

2. Select Fortnite game from dropdown menu.

3. Finally, click on Repair Service button.

What Causes Error Code 10022 in Fortnite?

You will see this code upon opening the game when there is an issue with the EAC or Easy Anti-Cheat Software Yet, there can be many reasons that are causing this issue with EAC. Here are some of them,

  • Servers Down
  • Network Error
  • Outdated Game Files, Operating System and drivers.
  • Anticheat tool
  • Corrupt Game Files

Now that we have answered, what is Error Code 10022 in Fortnite? Let’s try to understand how to fix it. Here are some of the best solutions for you.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

These are some of the basic troubleshooting methods, and we will request you use them at the very beginning.

1A. Wait for Server Uptime

If the servers are down, then you cannot do anything but wait for the team to fix it. Sometimes because of some upgrade or repair, the Fortnite servers might get down. However, how to know if servers are really the culprit, or else all the waiting will be for nothing? You can check the official Epic Games server status page for checking the server status to get confirmed.

Fortnite server status page

1B. Troubleshoot Network Connection

In case your network is slow, then that can create issues like this. So, for this, you have to speed up your internet. For doing that you can follow two things, change the service provider, or increase your internet speed. If for some reason you cannot change your service provider, then read this article, How to Increase Internet Speed in Widows 11, and increase your network speed.

Absolute Bandwidth options in Delivery optimization advanced options

1C. Verify Fortnite Game Files

When the game files are not verified, then that can create such issues. In this case, you can verify your data, and get rid of the corrupt files or missing data. Here is how you can do this,

1. Open Epic Games Launcher.

2. Go to Library menu.

select library menu in Epic games launcher

3. Right-click on Fortnite game.

4. Select the Verify option.

1D. Turn Off Anti Virus Temporarily (If Applicable)

If there is an antivirus on, then that can also interfere with some of the computer functions. In that case, you can turn it off to see if the game is working again. Check our guide to disable antivirus temporarily on Windows 10. If the problem is still not solved, in that case, turn the antivirus software on again, and use the other methods mentioned in the article.

select the duration until when the antivirus will be disabled

Method 2: Launch Game from Official Launcher

If you are launching Fortnite from any custom link and not from the official launcher, then that may be the reason you are seeing the error code. In this case, you have to launch the game from the official launcher, and the issue will automatically get resolved.

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Method 3: Repair Anti Cheat Tool

It is possible that the Anti Cheat software has some problems. It is easier to fix, as there is a repair option in the EAC software itself. Follow the steps below to repair the tool to solve Fortnite Error Code 10022 issue.

1. Go to EasyAntiCheat folder and open EasyAntiCheat_Setup app.

EasyAntiCheat_setup file

2. Choose Fortnite from the dropdown game menu.

3. Select the Repair button.

repair service. Fix Fortnite Error Code 10022

4. Follow the instructions shown on the screen, and then restart your PC.

5. Launch Fortnite again and see if the issue is solved.

Method 4: Run Virus Scan

If there is a virus in your computer, then that can create many implications for your device; including this one. So, it is wise to scan the system and look for a virus. If there is indeed a virus or malware that is causing this issue, then you just need to delete it. Follow our guide to run a virus scan on computer.

Click on Start Actions under Current threats.

Method 5: Update Fortnite Game

Updates are not only important for new features but also they come with bug fixes and security improvements. However, Fortnite automatically updates the games, so you don’t need to worry about it. But if the automatic update is turned off, in that case, you have to turn it on again. To check if the automatic update is on, and if not, then to turn it on again follow the steps below,

1. Open Epic Game launcher.

Open the Epic Games Launcher on your computer. Fix Fortnite Error Code 10022

2. Go to Library and click on three dot icon next to Fortnite game.

3. Then, select Manage option.

click on three dot icon and select Manage option. Fix Fortnite Error Code 10022

4. Now, toggle on Allow Updates option.

toggle on Auto Update option for a game in Epic Games launcher

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Method 6: Update Easy Anti-Cheat

As the main problem is with the EAC or Easy Anti-Cheat, you have to make sure that it is also updated. In case not, then update the software to solve this Fortnite Error Code 10022 problem.

1. Download the update file from Easy Anti-Cheat Service Update page.

Easy Anti Cheat Service Update

2. Replace the existing executable with the new file, then copy and paste the new file to the following directory path.

C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyAntiCheat\


C:\Program Files\EasyAntiCheat

Note: The location path of EasyAntiCheat folder may differ in accordance to your PC where you have installed the game.

3. Open the game again.

This might have solved the issue. However, if for some reason you still cannot open the game, then the drivers might be outdated.

Method 7: Update Device Drivers

Drivers play a crucial role, and help you to play the game. However, if they are outdated, that can also cause this issue. Although, it might seem a very difficult and technical process, yet, you can easily update the outdated drivers by following our guide to update device drivers on Windows.

update nvidia geforce driver

Method 8: Update Windows

As the device hosts all the software in it, that’s why it is necessary that it is updated. With the new update, you will not only improve your security and get more features but also it is possible that the issue you are facing gets solved. Check our guide on how to download and install Windows 11 updates.

select Windows Update and select Check for updates. Fix Fortnite Error Code 10022

Method 9: Reinstall Anti Cheat Tool

We will recommend you use this method at the very end, as it needs extra work. Easy Anti Cheat is automatically installed when you install Fortnite, it gets uninstalled automatically upon uninstalling Fortnite. However, you can also uninstall it manually to fix Fortnite Error Code 10022 issue.

1. Find the Easy Anti Cheat set-up file.

2. In case it is installed, double-click on the file to open the menu.

3. Select Uninstall.

uninstall easyanticheat

4. Follow the instructions given on the screen.

5. Next, reboot the PC.

Note: As anti cheat is additional software, you can run the game after uninstalling it, and we will recommend you try running it. Let’s know how to install it again.

6. Locate the Easy Anti-Cheat software setup file, and double-click on it.

7. Select the Install option.

8. After the installation process is completed, open the game again.

We hope this will help to solve your query, in case it’s not, then try the last method.

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Method 10: Contact Support Team

When no other methods are working, then you have to contact the Fortnite team. There are two ways you can do that. You can either open the Fortnite official Twitter account and tag them explaining your concern. Wait for their answer.

Also you can visit the official support page of Fortnite and look for the solution or contact the support team.

Fortnite Twitter page

We hope after reading this article, your query about how to solve Fortnite Error Code 10022, is now solved. If you still have any doubts, then don’t forget to ask them in the comment section, and our team will look after them. You can also share with us a new topic, and we will try to write a dedicated article on that. Save our site to your bookmarks for future reference. Thank you.

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