Fix Fate Grand Order Error 43 on Android

Fate Grand Order is a Japanese turn-based free-to-play game for Android and iOS users. Even though the game is thoroughly enjoyable, it is not devoid of minor errors. Fate Grand Order error 43 is a really common issue that is usually encountered while launching or running the game on a phone. If you are someone dealing with the same problem, then we have a perfect guide for you that will help you fix the issue with some simple solutions.

Fix Fate Grand Order Error 43 on Android

How to Fix Fate Grand Order Error 43 on Android

Before we move on to Error 43 Fate Grand Order fix, it is important to know the reason that usually causes this annoyance. If USB debugging is turned on for your mobile device in the Developer options, then the game is prone to show error 43. Other reasons that can also be behind this issue are listed below:

  • Temporary loading issues.
  • An outdated software version of the phone.
  • Outdated version of Fate Grand Order.
  • Disabled Developer options.

Note: Android mobiles do not have the same settings option, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, hence ensure the correct settings before changing any. The following steps are performed on the Vivo 1920 smartphone.

Method 1: Restart Game

The best way to start resolving Fate Grand Order error 43 is by restarting the game. Simply closing the game and other apps on your mobile device and then launching the game again has seemed to fix the issue for many users. So, try the steps given below to restart the game on your phone too.

1. Open the recent applications menu by tapping on the three-vertical lines on the screen of your phone.

2. Tap on the cross icon to close all the applications running.

Tap on the cross icon

3. Now, tap on Fate/GO to relaunch it on your device.

Launch Fate or GO

Method 2: Update Android OS

If your smartphone is running on an outdated version of the software, it can interfere with the game’s latest software and eventually result in error 43. Therefore, it is important to keep the phone software updated at all times to avoid such issues. You can get the help of our guide How to Manually Update Android To Latest Version for a quick Error 43 Fate Grand Order fix.

Update Device Software. Fix Fate Grand Order Error 43 on Android

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Method 3: Update Fate Grand Order

Apart from updating the software of your device, it is also important to check for the game update. If you are running an older version of the game, it is most likely to show error 43 on your device. Since Fate Grand Order is available to download from Google Play Store, ensure to download the latest version from it.

Note: Fate Grand Order is not available for download in Play Store in India.

1. Open Play Store app on your Android.

2. Now, tap on the Profile icon at the top.

Tap on the alphabet icon

3. Next, tap on Manage apps & device.

4. Open the Updates available option.

Open Updates available

5. Locate Fate/Grand Order app and tap on Update.

Method 4: Enable Developer Options

If updating the software and the app did not help and you are still wondering, how do I fix Fate Grand Order, then you must check the Developer options on your device. Android phones have an in-built hidden menu option known as Developer options. It helps in performing various functions like USB debugging, monitoring CPU usage, and more.  To enable this hidden feature, you can take the help of our guide Enable or Disable Developer Options on Android Phone.

Tap on Developer options

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Method 5: Turn Off USB Debugging

The next method to resolve Fate Grand Order error 43 is turning off USB debugging in the Developer options. One of the security features of Fate Grand Order is to ensure that no third-party hacks are running. These hacks are usually active when USB debugging is enabled on an Android device. Therefore, to run the game without error 43 it is crucial to turn the option off, which you can do with the help of the following steps:

1. Open the Settings application on your smartphone.

2. Now, tap on System management.

Tap on System management. Fix Fate Grand Order Error 43 on Android

3. Scroll down and tap on Developer options.

4. In Developer options, go to Debugging section and toggle off USB debugging.

Toggle off USB debugging. Fix Fate Grand Order Error 43 on Android

After the steps are performed, launch Fate Grand Order on your device and check if error 43 is fixed.

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Method 6: Reinstall Fate Grand Order

It is possible to not get the desired results by performing all the methods mentioned above in resolving Fate Grand Order error 43 on your Android phone. If this is the case, then do not lose hope, you can try reinstalling the game as a last resort possible to fix this issue.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.

2. Next, tap on Apps & permissions in it.

Tap on Apps and permissions

3. Now, select App manager.

4. Locate Fate/GO from the list and tap on it to open.

Open Fate GO. Fix Fate Grand Order Error 43 on Android

5. Select Uninstall in App info.

6. Confirm the uninstallation with a tap on OK.

Tap on OK. Fix Fate Grand Order Error 43 on Android

7. After the game is uninstalled, open Play Store.

8. Search Fate/Grand Order game in it and select Install.

tap on install google play store

After launching the game, check if error 43 is fixed after a fresh install.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I run Fate Grand Order on my phone?

Ans. Smartphones or tablets with Android 4.1 or higher and with 2GB RAM or more are compatible to run Fate Grand Order.

Q2. Can I play Fate Grand Order offline?

Ans. No, to run Fate Grand Order you need an internet connection.

Q3. Is Fate/GO compatible with Android 11?

Ans. Fate/GO is not supported or 100% compatible with devices running on Android version 11 or iOS version 14.

Q4. Can I recover my Fate/GO account?

Ans. Yes, you can recover your Fate/GO account by using the recovery form or sending an email to Fate/GO support.

Q5. Is Fate/GO JP available to play in English?

Ans. No, Fate/GO JP is not available in any other language other than Japanese. If you are a foreigner playing the game, you have to make do with the Japanese language in the game.

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We hope that our guide was successful in helping you with Fate Grand Order error 43 and you were able to fix the issue of not being able to launch the game with the help of the methods given above. Let us know about your suggestions, or queries, if any, by leaving them in the comments section below.

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