5 Ways to Fix Failed to Verify Identity on Prize Picks

Overcome ID issues to pick your prize!

PrizePicks has made its way to one of the best sports betting platforms where gamers can sign up, and win big money. However, many users are facing challenges with the identity verification process stopping their access to the platform. If you’re also struggling to log in to Prize Picks with a Failed to verify identity message then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this failure and provide solutions to overcome this issue.

Fix failed to verify identity on prize picks

Why Prize Picks Failed to Verify Identity?

Numerous users have encountered challenges with the identity verification procedure, leading to frustration and blocking their access to the platform.

  • You entered incorrect personal information.
  • You haven’t provided a valid supported document.
  • Your ID is expired or otherwise invalid.
  • There might be issues with app’s verification system.

Before attempting to verify your identity, check whether PrizePicks accepts the type of document you’re using, such as a government-issued ID or passport. Additionally, make sure your ID is up to date and still valid. Expired or invalid IDs cannot serve as reliable proof of your identity.

Method 1: Troubleshoot Internet Connection

PrizPicks struggles to function on a weaker internet connection and its performance is often compromised in such cases. In such cases, you need to have faster and more stable internet connectivity, for which you can check our guide on Slow Internet Connection? 10 Ways to Speed up your Internet!

Method 2: Check if You’re Out-of-Region

Please ensure that you are not using Prizepicks from an unsupported region. Presently, they operate in over 30 states, Washington D.C., and all Canadian provinces except Ontario. You can check the regions they are available on their official website. If you’re in a different state or country, using a VPN service can be a viable solution. However, there are chances that your Prize Picks account application may get declined.

Prize Picks region

Method 3: Capture a Clear ID Photo

It is important to capture a clear, well-lit photo of your ID for a smooth verification process. Follow PrizePick’s specific instructions for uploading your ID verification photo and make sure to select the appropriate option.

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Method 4: Double-check Personal Info

PrizePicks identity verification should be done carefully and only after double-checking personal information. Before entering your private info:

  • Verify Name and spelling on all documents
  • Double-check your date of birth on the provided documents.
  • Ensure that your current address matches exactly on all documents and PrizePicks.

Method 5: Contact Support Team

If you’re still unable to verify your identity or your PrizePicks account application is declined after following the above steps, consider reaching out to PrizePicks’ support team for further assistance and guidance.

PrizePicks customer service number and email:

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Last Resort: Create a New Account

Some users have also tried creating a new account to pass the verification process. You can also give it a try:

1. Visit the PrizePicks website and click on the Sign Up button.

2. Enter your EMAIL address in the text field, REFERRAL CODE (if available), or tick the check box next to DON’T HAVE ONE? and click on Continue.

Enter your EMAIL address in the text field, REFERRAL CODE (if available), or tick the check box next to DON'T HAVE ONE and click on Continue.

3. Now follow the on-screen instructions, enter all other required details, and then Create Your Password

4. Click on Create Account and submit your ID for PrizePicks to verify your identity.

How to Reactivate PrizePicks Account

If you find yourself in a situation where your PrizePicks account has been deactivated or suspended, you’ll need to reach out to the customer support team or PrizePicks Live Support to get it activated once again.

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How Long Does Prize Picks Take to Verify ID?

Although the duration of the PrizePicks identity verification process might vary due to several factors, they mention that the verification process may take up to 48 hours. However, if your ID is under review or if any issues arise with your account, the process might experience delays.

What Documents Does PrizePicks Accept for Identity Verification?

You only need your smartphone and a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, national ID card, or passport for PrizePicks identity verification.

We hope our guide helped you resolve the failed to verify identity issue on Prize Picks. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such troubleshooting guides.

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