Facebook Messenger Rooms and Group Limit

Facebook, and its standalone messaging app, Messenger, have been the pillars of the social media revolution. While trendy platforms wax and wane in popularity, Facebook and Facebook Messenger seem to have endured it all. The said apps continue to receive updates on a regular basis, and come out even better than before, each time. In keeping with the unusual, unconventional times, Facebook has made some interesting updates to cater to the needs of its users stuck at home, such as revised Facebook Messenger group call limit and Facebook Message limit per day within Facebook Messenger Rooms. Read below to know how these changes affect you.

Facebook Messenger Rooms and Group Limit

Facebook Messenger Rooms and Group Limit

One of the updates Facebook has made to compete with the likes of Zoom, Duo, and others is Facebook Messenger Rooms. Added to the existing app, this feature allows a user to create Rooms where people can join in or drop out. While Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet are geared towards formal, business, or educational meetings, Facebook Messenger Rooms provides a more casual, informal setting. It too comes with certain pre-defined limits to make sure calls and groups run efficiently, and do not become a chaotic mess.

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Facebook Messenger Group Limit

Facebook Messenger Rooms allows upto 250 people to be joined in a single group.

Facebook Messenger Group Call Limit

However, only 8 out of the 250 could be added on a video or voice call via Messenger. With the addition of Messenger Rooms, the Facebook Messenger group call limit has been increased. Now, as many as 50 people can join a call, at once.

  • Once the said limit is reached, other people are restricted from joining the call.
  • New people can join the meeting only when people already on the call, begin to leave.

Calls via Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Rooms have no time limit imposed for the duration of calls. All you need is a Facebook account and a few friends; you are welcome to converse for hours on end.

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Facebook Message Limit Per Day

Facebook Message Limit Per Day

Facebook, as well as Messenger, impose certain restrictions on their users to curb spam accounts and annoying promotional messages. Moreover, with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook levied additional restrictions in an attempt to check the spread of misinformation. Messenger has gained popularity to raise awareness about a cause or to promote your business. Many of us prefer to reach out to a large number of people by sending multiple texts, rather than creating a Post on our Facebook Page or News Feed. There is no limit on the number of people you can message at once. But, there are forwarding restrictions on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

  • Since Facebook has placed limits on the number of messages that can be sent, it is highly likely that your account may be labeled a Spam Account, if you overuse this feature.
  • Sending too many messages, especially in a short period of time (an hour or two), can result in you being Blocked, or even Banned from both these apps.
  • This can be either a Temporary block on Messenger or a Permanent ban on your entire Facebook account.

In this scenario, the following Warning message will be displayed: Facebook has determined that you were sending messages at a rate that is likely to be abusive. Please note that these blocks can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Unfortunately, we cannot lift the block for you. When you are allowed to resume sending messages, keep in mind that it’s possible to run into a block based on how many messages you send and how fast you send them. It’s also possible to be blocked when either starting a new message thread or replying to a message.

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Pro Tips

Here are a few pointers to protect yourself from being banished, especially when sending mass messages:

1. In order to combat the spread of misinformation, especially pertaining to COVID-19, Messenger allows you to only forward messages to a maximum of 5 people. Once you reach this quota, take some time off before sending messages to more people.

2. Personalize your messages as much as possible. When sending messages to raise awareness for a noble cause, or promoting your business, do not use a standard message to all your recipients. Since these uniform messages are more likely to be caught by Facebook Spam Protocol, instead, take the time to personalize your messages. This can be done by:

  • adding the name of the recipient
  • or, adding a personal note at the end of the message.

3. We understand that the 5-per-hour forwarding Facebook Message limit can be restrictive. Sadly, there is no way to circumvent this bar on message forwarding. However, it could help to expand to other platforms while you’re cooling down on Messenger.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Why is there a limit for sending messages in Messenger?

Messenger imposes limits for a number of reasons. This could be to identify spam messages or to restrict the spread of misinformation on the platform.

Q2. How many people can I message at once on Facebook?

There is no limit on the number of people you can message at once. However, you can forward a message to only 5 people, at a time.

Q3. How many messages can you send on Messenger a day?

You can message any number of people in a day, However, do keep in mind the 5-an-hour forwarding rule. Additionally, make sure to personalize your messages, as much as possible.


We hope this short guide made you aware of the recent updates, as well as the hidden limits and restrictions imposed by Facebook. Following these simple steps should keep you out of hot water with this social media giant and allow you to use Facebook Messenger Rooms to your benefit. If you have any queries, drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. Avatar photo
    Margaret Burlingham

    Trying to organize a group chat consisting of people who already agreed on the original post to donate towards a beneficial cause, rescuing a dog from the shelter. Now on Messenger, it has limited me to 22 members and stopped me from adding more people to complete the group chat. “You’ve reached the maximum number of members. To add another, please remove someone from the group.” Thought we were able to have 250 members? This is happening often to others. Who do I ask to have this limitation removed so I can add more members and create an efficient group?

  2. Avatar photo
    Margaret Burlingham

    Desktop or iPhone app: There is not the option to change icon photo image on group chats. Menu states change chat name, or change theme, or change emoji BUT does not have listed the option to change the group photo. Why don’t I have the change image photo capability? I have 2 chats with the same problem.

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