Facebook Messenger : Grey Vs Blue Icons

Discover the roles these hues play on Messenger!

Not just symbols but colors depict multiple meanings on social media applications. Messenger features two iconic colors for its status indicators – Blue and Grey. But what do they mean? In today’s article, let’s discuss this interesting tale of Facebook Messenger grey vs. blue icons and find out how they differ from each other.

facebook messenger grey vs blue

Facebook Messenger: Grey Vs Blue Icons

You might have noticed those little symbols that appear when you send messages on Facebook Messenger. These indicate the different stages of delivery of the message sent by you on the platform. Let’s take a look at those status symbols in both grey and blue colors.

Blue Message Indicators

Let’s take a look at the Blue icons on Facebook Messenger:

  • Open Blue Circle: This indicates that your message is currently being sent and is still in the process of being delivered to the recipient. 

open-blue-circle | facebook messenger grey vs blue

  • Open Blue Circle with a Check Mark: This means that the message has been already sent from the device. However, it does not guarantee that the recipient has received it yet. There could be various reasons for this, such as server issues, or the recipient having a poor or no internet connection.


  • Filled Blue Circle with a Check Mark: This indicates that the message sent by you has been successfully delivered to the recipient and is available to be read by them.

filled-blue-circle-with-a-check-mark | facebook messenger grey vs blue

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Grey Message Indicators

Let’s go through the grey icons on Facebook Messenger and understand what they represent:

  • Open Grey Circle: When an open grey circle appears next to a chat on Facebook Messenger, it indicates that the message is being sent to the recipient. However, due to internet connectivity issues, there is a possible latency.


  • Open Grey Circle with a Check Mark: This symbol appears when a message gets successfully sent on the platform. However, this only indicates the sent status and not the delivery status.


  • Filled Grey Circle with a Check Mark: On Messenger, once the message is successfully delivered to the recipient, the symbol turns into a grey filled circle with a white tick. 

filled-grey-circle-with-a-check-mark | facebook messenger grey vs blue

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Difference Between Blue and Grey Circle

Ultimately we saw that both the grey and the blue symbols represent the same message status on Facebook Messenger, However, there is a minute difference between them.

  • The blue circle appears within the conversation, next to the message
  • The grey circle appears in the chat list next to the recipient’s username.

What Does Round Profile Picture Mean On Facebook Messenger

As we read that the blue filled circle with a check on Facebook Messenger appears next to the message when it gets delivered to the recipient. Now, as soon as they read the message, you can see their profile picture next to the text.

round-profile-picture | facebook messenger grey vs blue

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We hope our article was helpful for you to understand grey vs blue icons on Facebook Messenger. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below.   

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