Why My Facebook Dating Messages Disappeared or Not Showing: How to Fix

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Disappearing Facebook Dating messages have surprisingly become a common issue on the platform. Many people who put effort and have a great chat with their matches are left with an empty conversation thread. If you’re wondering why your Facebook dating messages disappeared and how to fix it then explore the solutions provided in this guide to get your conversations back on track.

Why my facebook dating messages disappeared or not showing How to Fix

Why My Facebook Dating is Not Showing Messages?

Facebook app users have been experiencing several issues with its Dating feature such as their conversations not showing up or disappearing. Usually, it could be due to a technical glitch or server issue. Other possible causes can be if you’re using an outdated app or your account or chats are deleted.

Quick Answer

Restart the device and app, and check if Facebook server is down, or if your match is expired.

Method 1: Check if You’re Unmatched

If your messages suddenly disappear from a couple of chats, it likely means those matches have decided to unmatch with you. So, check your match list to confirm if they have unmatched you.

Method 2: Force Stop the App

Force-stopping the Facebook app might help resolve issues as the process closes the app and restarts it after removing minor glitches or temporary problems.

1. Open Settings, tap on Apps, and then App Management.

2. Select Facebook and tap on Force stop.

force stop facebook

3. Relaunch the app and check if you can find those messages now.

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Method 3: Use Facebook Lite

Some users have mentioned using Facebook Lite instead of the usual Facebook app, especially when they had limited storage or slower internet connections resolved the dating feature issues. So, download it, log in with your credentials, and see if that helps.

Method 4: Clear Cache

Corrupt temporary files often cause apps to face technical glitches. and clearing out cache data can fix the issue.

1. In the phone Settings, tap on Apps and then on Apps Management.

2. Select Facebook and tap on Storage.

3. Tap on Clear cache and check if the issue is resolved.

clear facebook cache

Method 5: Update Facebook

If you are using an outdated can stop your Facebook from performing seamlessly and also won’t load many features including your dating messages.

1. Open the Google Play Store and search for Facebook.

2. Tap on Update.

update facebook

3. Let the process finish and relaunch the app to check if you can find your conversations.

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Method 6: Contact Support

If the issue persists, reach out to Facebook help as they can address underlying causes that lead to disappearing messages and help you fix them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why can’t I see my messages on FB Dating?

Ans. There can be several reasons behind this issue including weak internet, app glitches, corrupted cache files, etc.

Q2. Where do Facebook Dating messages go?

Ans. Your Facebook Dating conversations have a separate section from your chats on Messenger.

Q3. Can I recover Facebook Dating messages?

Ans. No, you cannot recover your dating messages, especially if you delete your dating profile. Once deleted, your messages cannot be retrieved.

Q4. Why does Facebook Dating keep disappearing?

Ans. There can be multiple reasons for this issue but if you are facing it repeatedly then you must contact Facebook help to further guidance.

We hope our guide helped you fix the Facebook dating messages disappeared issue effectively. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to Techcult for more such app-related guides.

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