Duplicate Cleaner Pro Review: Is It Safe?

Are you worried about duplicate documents, photos, and audio-video files on your device? Are they taking up unnecessary storage? Deleting duplicate data from phone or laptop is a manual time-consuming task. But, what if I told you that it can be done in a single click? How? Simply use a cleaning tool like Duplicate Cleaner Pro. Today we will review this tool including its features and benefits while answering the common query is Duplicate Cleaner Pro safe to use or not.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Review: Is It Safe?

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Review: Is It Safe?

Unwanted files and documents take up a lot of storage space on your PC and hence it becomes important to find and remove these duplicate files with the help of reliable software. Duplicate Cleaner Pro is one such safe and duplicate file remover tool that can be put into use to make more space on a system. Let us know more about this software in detail below that will also help you get a Duplicate Cleaner Pro review better.

What is Duplicate Cleaner Pro?

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is software that locates and deletes duplicate files from your system or network drives. Other than removing duplicate files, it also clears out duplicate documents, images, music files, and other types of files.

  • You can also scan files using Duplicate Cleaner Pro’s different scanning modes which makes the process of duplicating files a lot easier.
  • This software scans duplicate audio, video, music, and other files easily.
  • It helps to remove duplicate files from both, internal as well as external hard drives.
  • The user interface of Duplicate Cleaner Pro is highly customizable that lets you change settings according to your requirements.
  • This software also has different search criteria to make the process of removing files convenient.
  • Duplicate Cleaner Pro is currently available as a trial version and paid version.
  • With the free version of Duplicate Cleaner Pro, you can enjoy some basic functions and use the software for personal work.
  • The paid version of the software comes with different features like image detection, finding duplicate folders, and searching zip files.

Is Duplicate Cleaner Pro Safe?

Now that you are aware of what is Duplicate Cleaner Pro, it is time to shed some light on the safety of this software. To answer this query, Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a safe and sound software to use. DigitalVolcano, the creator of Duplicate Cleaner Pro has also created other renowned tools, making it a reliable software to use. Also, this duplicate file remover comes with different safeguards that make sure that no system files and essential programs are deleted.

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro Features

For Duplicate Cleaner Pro review, it is important to briefly understand the different features of the software. Let us have a look at these unique and helpful features of the duplicate file remover software below:

1. Scan Mode

There are different scanning modes in Duplicate Cleaner Pro, mainly four major modes are present including image, audio, regular, and video mode. All these modes are file-specific types. These modes help users to filter their search by finding files with titles, artists, albums, and track numbers. It also lets you compare music tags that are similar across different formats. With Duplicate Cleaner Pro, you can scan audio files in multiple formats including MP3, MP4, M4A, FLAC, OGG, AAC, WMA, and WAV.

2. Selection Assistant

Another one of the useful Duplicate Cleaner Pro features is the Selection Assistant. This assistant works by selecting files based on folders, dates, groups, drives, and more which makes it easy to deal with multiple duplicate files. Further, you can also filter out the selected files according to the kind of content the files have.

3. Preview Results

Once the selection is made, Duplicate Cleaner Pro lists all your duplicates in a browser. It lets you check the details of the duplicate files. To check the file properly, you can also open it in a suitable application and view its contents.

4. Erase Duplicate Files

After you have checked duplicate files, this duplicate file remover tool then uses an advanced visual comparison technique to erase duplicate files, whether they are edited or resized. The built-in image browser of Duplicate Cleaner Pro lets you have a look at images to help you decide the right picture that needs to be saved.

5. Wizard

The Wizard tool is another helpful feature of Duplicate Cleaner Pro that can be accessed straight from the home tab of the software. It helps users with a quick start in scanning situations. You can also get yourself assigned a preset combination of settings for this feature.

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro Specifications

Duplicate Cleaner page

The next thing that will help you determine Duplicate Cleaner Pro review is the specifications of the software. So, let us look closely at some specifications of this duplicate file remover below:

1. General

2. Operating System

Duplicate Cleaner Pro works well on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 operating systems.

3. Size

The duplicate file remover software is 62 MB.

4. Requirements

Duplicate Cleaner Pro requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7.2 or greater to operate.

5. Pricing

Duplicate Cleaner Pro offers a 7-day free trial and costs about 41.95 Pounds for a single Microsoft Windows user.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Benefits

Besides its user-friendly features and specifications, there are a number of benefits of this duplicate file remover app. To know more about why you should choose this software over others and Duplicate Cleaner Pro benefits in detail, have a look at the points given below:

  • Duplicate Cleaner Pro lets you compare images side by side.
  • You can also locate rotated, edited, flipped, or resized images and photos with this software.
  • It lets you easily copy, move, or rename duplicate files into Hard Links.
  • It lets you find duplicate folder structures easily by browsing.
  • It also offers zip and folder scanning features to allow easy removal.
  • Duplicate Cleaner Pro offers byte scanning and reliable SHA-256, SHA-1, and SHA-512 hashing.
  • It also enables users to filter their search results by file types, paths, and group markings.
  • You can also scan and launch with the help of a batch file or a command line using this tool.
  • Apart from duplicated files, you can also locate unique or non-duplicate folders.
  • It lets you match audio that is duplicated by content or tags.
  • For images, you can match them by geographical distance or tags.
  • Before removing files, you can preview them with the help of Duplicate Cleaner Pro.
  • You can also set locations for scanning with this tool.
  • It only takes a few seconds to scan more than 2,500 files in a 20 GB drive.
  • The tool can also detect low-quality MP3 and images without any error.
  • There are no ads attached to using this duplicate file remover.
  • The user interface of Duplicate Cleaner Pro is very friendly and convenient to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Duplicate Cleaner Pro offer customer support?

Ans. Yes, in case you find difficulty operating Duplicate Cleaner Pro or a particular section of it, you can access different channels on the platform via which your problem will be taken care of.

Q2. Does Duplicate Cleaner Pro offer a free trial?

Ans. Yes, there is a 7-day free trial period for using Duplicate Cleaner Pro.

Q3. How do different versions of Duplicate Cleaner Pro differ?

Ans. Every version of the Duplicate Cleaner Pro differs in its functionality and functions. The Pro version of this duplicate file removal comes with unique files, similar image detection, advanced filters, and other features.


This brings us to the end of our guide on Duplicate Cleaner Pro review. We hope that this doc was able to answer all your queries about this duplicate file removal that you can use on your Windows PC. Do leave your valuable comments below to let us know about your queries and suggestions.

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