Diem AI-Powered Social Search Engine: For Women, By Women

Have you ever felt that AI tools are gender bias? Yes? The same question made Stephanie Dinkins, Kalika Bali, and Emma Bates develop a search engine for women. So, keep reading to get a complete Diem, an AI-powered social search engine, review and how you too can join the ladies’ club.

Diem AI-Powered Social Search Engine For women, By Women

Diem Social Search Engine Review: How to Download and Use

Being launched in beta testing in October 2021, Diem social search is finally launched as the final product. The basic idea for this search engine started when Bates searched online for her personal needs and got piles of information, where she needed a direct answer to the question.

After collecting information from social crowdsourcing, she developed an idea for a friendly and informative AI for the collective knowledge of women and non-binary folks. Yes! Diem flipped the search script providing real people’s stories, tips, and perspectives instead of robotic algorithms. Therefore, every search looks like a chat with a friendly expert.

You can think of it as a friendly conversation with a community of experts, powered by AI smarts. It is worth a try if you seek knowledge beyond the usual online surfing.

You can download the Diem Social Search app from the Play Store or App Store. Once downloaded, follow the below steps:

1. Tap on Sign up and log in using your Google or Apple account.

2. Enter your Diem name and pronoun. Tap on Next.

3. Tap on Let’s go!

4. Enter your question at the top and tap on Ask.

tap on Ask

Additional features to try:

1. After asking a question, tap on Start a Diem and tap on Post to ask the community. You can choose to post it anonymously. Also, you can post the query from the home screen.

2. The app suggests news articles for discussion and discovery.

3. You can find focused discussions on specific topics under Discover spaces. As of now, there are six spaces: SOS, No Judgment Please, Ask Me Anything, Big Sis Advice, Is This Normal, Hidden History!

Discover spaces on Diem | Diem AI-Powered Social Search Engine review

4. You can also organize and attend in-person events with other Diem users.

5. You can also edit your account info and choose your notification preferences any time you want.

6. You can use the filter option to search for content on specific topics and also to choose to view the recent or popular ones.

use the filter option to search for content on specific topic

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What are the Key Features that Make Diem Stand Out?

Here is the list of key features that made Diem a unique platform that changed the way we search online.

  • Curates information from a massive dataset of user-generated content, including forum discussions, Q&A threads, and personal anecdotes
  • Focuses on women and non-binary folks, acknowledging the often-overlooked biases and nuances that traditional search engines avoid
  • Provides a blend of AI and human touch, where community moderators ensure the quality and accuracy of the information generated
  • Let’s you search using natural language, just like you would ask a friend a question
  • Encourages interaction and knowledge-sharing environment where everyone can learn and grow

How to Use Diem Social Search Online

You can also use the Diem Social Search online instead of downloading the app. The features remain the same as in the app, so you can choose to use the web version.

1. Visit the Diem Social Search page and click on START DIEMING at the top.

2. Click on Sign Up at the top and log in using your Google or Apple account.

3. Complete your profile setup.

4. Type your question and click on Ask.

click on Ask | download Diem Social Search app

How Does Diem Work?

As said, Diem combines a large language model (LLM) with their community data. When you ask a question, it generates an AI-generated response scraping from Diem and the internet from a feminine point of view. Then, it supplements those results with real-life anecdotes from Diem community members. So, it is like a Q&A session that’s similar to surfing the internet but with a network of trustworthy digital friends.

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Is Diem Social Search Legit and Safe?

Yes, Diem is considered totally legit. But remember Diem is not a replacement for traditional search engines and it focuses on personal and private topics that are not factual information or general search queries.

Yes, it is said to be safe as it actively removes harmful content and creates a generally safe environment. But, ensure that you never share your personal details with strangers and avoid negativity or harmful comments.

Is Diem Worth a Try?

Yes, it is worth trying if you’re looking for a search engine that goes beyond the surface. It’s particularly well-suited for those who

  • Values diverse perspectives and real-life experiences
  • Appreciates a safe and inclusive online community
  • Prefers a conversational and natural search experience
  • Seeks information beyond traditional search engine results

What are the Alternatives to Diem Social Universe App?

Finding the perfect community can be like discovering a hidden treasure. So, here is a list of alternatives to Diem Social Search:

Apart from the above apps, you can also use other community forums such as Quora, Reddit, and The Mighty.

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We hope this article gave a complete insight into Diem AI-Powered Social Search Engine review and how to download and use the app. Stay tuned with Techcult to know more about the latest AI releases. So, let’s start dieming!

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