How to Create a New Email Account? is a free web email service that provides the same attractive features of the Microsoft Outlook web email service which includes the same MS Office compatibility. The difference is that using the web email service is free and the latter is not. So if you don’t have an account, then you could easily create a new email account with the help of the below-listed guide. With a free account, you will be able to access emails, calendars, etc.

How to Create a New Email Account?

Advantages of Email Account

There are many additional features which may allure the users like:

1. Sweep Tool: It is used to organize your email inbox. It can automatically move your specific messages from inbox to some other specified folder or delete the messages or archive the messages as per your convenience.

2. Focused Inbox: This feature helps you to see your most important email messages daily. It automatically determines the less important email messages and filters them to another tab. If you get a dozen messages daily, this feature is of great help to you. For example, you may select a senders list whose messages are important to you and will show you your most important email messages. You may also turn it off if you don’t like the feature.

3. Automated bill pays reminders: If you receive a lot of email notification of bills, this feature is very useful for you. It scans your email to identify the bills you receive and it adds the due date to your calendar then sends an email reminder two days before the due date.

4. Free web email service: Unlike Microsoft Outlook, is Microsoft’s free personal email service. If your needs grow, you can update to Office 365 (Premium users). If you are starting out, it is the right email choice for you.

5. High Storage: offers 15 GB of storage for free account users. Office 365 (premium) users get additional storage for their email accounts. You can also use cloud storage in Microsoft’s OneDrive to save attachments and messages.

How to Create a New Email Account?

1. Open any web browser and go to ( sign-up screen). Click on Create Free Account as shown below.

Open any web browser and go to Select Create Free Account

2. Enter the username available (a part of the email address that comes before Click on Next.

Enter any username available and click on next

3. Create a strong password and click on Next.

Create a strong password and enter Next.

4. Now enter the first and last name and again click on the Next button to proceed.

enter your first and last name where asked and click on Next.

5. Now select your Country/ Region and your Birthdate then Click on Next.

Select your Country Region and your Birthdate.

6. At last, enter the characters from the CAPTCHA image keeping in mind about the CAPS LOCK. Click on Next.

Enter the characters from the CAPTCHA image

7. Your account is created. will set up your account and display a welcome page.

Your account is created. will set up your account and display a welcome page

You can now open your new Email Account on the web or access it on the email program on your mobile phones or computers.

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You can download the Microsoft Outlook apps for Android and iOS in order to use your account on your smartphones. Also read how to turn on Microsoft Outlook Dark Mode.. Also read how to turn on Microsoft Outlook Dark Mode.. If you have Windows phones then is already built-in.

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