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Corsair Vengeance vs Dominator – Which is Better?

Explore the key differences and features that set these two super power memory modules apart!

It’s a fact that a high-quality RAM kit equipped with adequate speed and capacity can significantly boost your computer’s performance. Improved data transfer between RAM and other components minimizes system lag and enhances multitasking. Moreover, some of them come with advanced features, such as heat spreaders, that dissipate heat and prevent overheating. If you’re considering investing in a memory kit and are confused between the two industry giants – Corsair Vengeance vs Dominator, let’s make the comparison easy for you.

Corsair Vengence vs Dominator

Corsair Vengeance vs Dominator

Corsair manufactures two distinct series of RAM modules: Vengeance and Dominator. Choosing between them can depend on several factors, including your specific computer requirements and the intended use of the RAM kit.

The Vengeance series has a standard-height PCB and heat spreader and is promoted as mainstream DDR4 memory. These RAM modules are created to provide excellent performance and dependability while being reasonably priced.

The Dominator series, on the other hand, is touted as premium DDR4 memory and is made especially for enthusiasts. They offer more cooling than that provided by Vengeance RAM. Moreover, these memory chips are carefully screened for high-frequency operation. Performance is enhanced and overclocking potential is increased as a result.

Corsair Vengeance vs Dominator Specification

These are the key specifications differences between the Corsair Vengeance and Dominator

Specifications Corsair Vengeance Dominator
Height Standard (31mm) Standard (31mm) Or Dominator (55mm)
Speed Up to DDR4-5000 Up to DDR4-4800
Capacity Up to 32GB Up to 128GB
RGB lighting Available Available
Heat Spreader Aluminum Aluminum or Platinum
No. Of Modules per kit Up to 4 Up to 8
Overclocking Potential Good Excellent
Fan included No No
Memory Size 16GB Kit (2 x 8 GB) 16GB Kit (2 x 8 GB)
Performance Profile XMP 2.0 XMP 2.0
Price range Mid-range High-end
Compatibility Intel 100 Series, Intel 200 Series, Intel 300 Series, Intel 400 Series, Intel 500 Series, Intel X299 Intel 100 Series, Intel 200 Series, Intel 300 Series, Intel X299, AMD 300 Series, AMD 400 Series, AMD X570

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Corsair Vengeance vs Dominator Performance

Although both series delivers outstanding performance, there are some distinctions between them that may limit their applicability in particular situations, especially in terms of performance. 

Corsair Vengeance Performance Dominator Performance
Offers average overclocking potential. Offer better performance and overclocking potential.
Corsair Vengeance costs less. The Dominator series costs comparatively more.
Balanced speed and latency Dominator variants can often be overclocked further. So more speed and less latency can be expected.
A less expensive choice that delivers good performance. An excellent option if you’re seeking high-performance memory.

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Which RAM is Best for Gaming – Corsair Vengeance or Dominator?

Both Dominator RAM and Corsair Vengeance are aimed at gamers and have strong performance. Vengeance will probably be more than adequate for your needs if you’re a casual user or gamer. On the other hand, Dominator might be a great option for you if you’re an experienced user searching for the best performance when overclocking your system or running demanding apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you mix Corsair Vengeance and Dominator?

Ans. Mixing different RAM kits, including the Corsair Vengeance and Dominator, in a single system is generally not recommended due to potential compatibility and stability issues.

Q2. What is the fastest Corsair storage?

Ans. The fastest Corsair storage choice is presently the Force MP600 Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 SSD, which uses Gen4 PCIe technology to provide lightning-fast sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,000 MB/s and 6,550 MB/s, respectively. 

Q3. What is Corsair famous for?

Ans. The well-known manufacturer Corsair creates a variety of PC parts, including premium power supplies, computer cases, coolers, peripherals, and storage options like solid-state drives (SSDs). They are renowned for creating goods for professionals, gamers, and Computer enthusiasts that want high-end, high-performance technology. 

Q4. How many LEDs does Corsair Vengeance have?

Ans. Depending on the model, Corsair Vengeance RAM modules’ LED counts can change. However, some Vengeance modules, like the Vengeance LED series, have colorful LEDs that are intended to give off a distinctive appearance with strong color accents. 

Q5. Is Corsair Vengeance RGB controllable?

Ans. Yes, you may use the CORSAIR iCUE program to control Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM modules. You may use the software to alter the lighting effects of each individual LED on the RAM to create virtually limitless RGB lighting effects.

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Lastly, even though the Dominator series might have a higher overclocking potential and a more upscale appearance, the Vengeance series offers an affordable option without compromising performance. The decision between the two will ultimately depend on your unique needs. We hope our comparisons between Corsair Vengeance vs Dominator were helpful in deciding which one is better for you. 

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