Copyright Claim vs Copyright Strike On YouTube: Know The Difference

Tap into YouTube's copyright clash and discover the fine line!

As a new YouTuber, it can be difficult to understand and grasp all the YouTube policies, especially those related to copyright infringement.

Two terms that often cause confusion and concern among creators are copyright claim and copyright strike. 

While they do sound similar, in reality, they are quite different from each other. 

If you want to abide by YouTube policies and protect your channel, our blog will help you understand these terms. Without any delay, let’s begin.

copyright claim vs copyright strike on YouTube

Copyright Claim vs Copyright Strike

Copyright management on YouTube is very important for creators as certainly there can be unwanted consequences. Now, when it comes to a claim vs a strike, there are differences between both.

Copyright Claim: It is a notification sent by YouTube’s Content ID system when some part of a video matches another copyrighted work. It can also be issued by the original content owner when they identify their copyrighted material used without permission.

  • When claimed, the copyright owner can track the video’s analytics, run ads, claim revenue generated, or even limit its visibility entirely.
  • It is specific only to the flagged video and does not affect the entire channel.
  • No penalties or strikes are made against the uploader’s channel.
  • It can be resolved if the uploader proves the claim to be false.

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Copyright Strike: On YouTube, a copyright strike is a more severe consequence that occurs when a rights owner issues a legal takedown request against the targeted video. 

  • As an effect, the video is removed from YouTube and the creator may face penalties.
  • On receiving multiple strikes within a period, the channel may be suspended or terminated.
  • Unlike copyright claims, strikes affect the entire channel, and its reputation, and also restrict its monetization.
  • Copyright strikes expire after 90 days. Counter notifications can also resolve strikes.

Copyright Strike

What is YouTube’s Current Copyright Policy?

At present, YouTube copyright policy states that – You as a creator, can only use videos and audio that either you have originally produced or you are authorized to use.

Failing to comply with this can lead to a number of consequences, right from the content being removed to not receiving any monetary benefit out of the uploading content.

Do remember that YouTube employs the Content ID system copyright detection tool that scans uploaded videos for similarities with copyrighted material. It helps to identify copyright violations and allows creators/owners to manage their rights on the platform.

So, if it is required in any way, make sure to use snippets or copyrighted music legally only.

How Does YouTube Determine If a Video Violates Copyright Law

Apart from YouTube’s Content ID system, copyright owners can request YouTube to take down a video if they believe that their copyright has been infringed. If the video is taken down, a copyright strike is applied to the uploader’s channel.

In case of disputes or questions about fair use, YouTube asks the uploader or the claimant to manually review the content and determine if the use of copyrighted material qualifies as fair use and falls within legal boundaries.

If someone’s video was removed due to a strike or claim, but the creator believes that it qualifies YouTube’s copyright rules and policies, they can appeal the decision or submit a counter notification to contest the takedown.

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What are the Consequences of a Copyright Strike?

Copyright strike occurs when a creator fails to comply with the copyright policies listed by YouTube. If a creator uses copyrighted content on their channel, they can get a strike from YouTube as per the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

The consequence will finally depend upon the number of strikes you get on your channel from YouTube. It can cause your account to be restricted to certain features and at times can also lead to the deletion of your account.

Can a Copyright Claim Turn Into a Strike?

No, not every copyright can turn into a strike. It only happens in certain situations. When your content is flagged by the content ID tool on YouTube, you get a claim and in that case, the revenue is claimed by the copyright owner.

Copyright claims are not so serious vs copyright strikes that have a greater impact. Hence not all claims can result in a strike. 

However, it is also important to avoid copyright claims on YouTube for your content to be safe.

Copyright Claim

What Happens If You Get 1 Copyright Strike on YouTube?

It might not seem significant at first, but even one strike can cause a big loss when it comes to the earnings that you get from YouTube. Moreover, it can also cause your audience base to go down a little.

  • You will not be able to upload anything on the channel for a week.
  • You won’t be able to monetize videos until the strike expires.
  • Your live stream will also be restricted for 7 days.
  • You cannot edit your content, create custom thumbnails, add or remove playlists, and more.
  • Moreover, the strike on the channel will remain for 90 days.

After the first copyright strike, you are required to complete Copyright Schol, which is a video created by the official YouTube channel in 2011. It consists of four short multiple-choice questions. It helps creators understand YouTube’s copyright principles and how are they applied.

YouTube Copyright School

What Happens When You Get 2 Copyright Strikes on Your YouTube Channel?

After the first strike, your channel is already not in good standing. In such cases, a second strike will happen if you refuse to remove the copyrighted content within 90 days after the first copyright strike.

Once you get the second strike, you will not be able to upload and create content for two weeks and it will remain on your channel for the next 90 days.

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What Happens When You Get 3 Copyright Strikes on YouTube?

If you receive a third copyright strike before the first two strikes have expired:

  • Your entire channel will be terminated and all videos uploaded will be removed.
  • You will also be banned from creating new YouTube channels in the future.
  • Channels associated with the primary channel on which you have received the copyright strike also stand a chance to get terminated, if YouTube decides.

We hope our guide on copyright claim vs copyright strike helps you grow your YouTube channel in a better way without having to face uncertain consequences in the future.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to TechCult for more informative blogs.

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