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31 Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Give your PC a personalized touch with fun Windows Sceensavers

Screensavers can personalize your computer and bring a touch of color and creativity. From mesmerizing animations to stunning visuals, there are a plethora of options. So, if you are also looking to add some pizzazz, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of cool and awesome screensavers for Windows 10. Get ready to explore everything from nostalgic throwbacks and serene nature scenes to outer space.

Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Deciding on a new screensaver can be a daunting task with the availability of numerous options. The choice becomes even more challenging when you are unsure of what you want to see on your screen. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the best options to consider.

1. Fliqlo

Fliqlo | Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

When it comes to finding the most amazing and cool screensavers for your Windows 10 laptop, Fliqlo had to make its cut. This simple screensaver turns your usual screen into a minimalistic flip clock. It displays the time in white on a black background along with a cool flip animation. Moreover, you can switch between landscape/portrait mode or select to show a single or multiple display.

2. Another MatrixAnother Matrix

Another Matrix is an amazingly popular screensaver by NicheScreensavers. It is also popularly known as digital rain due to the fact that it mimics a green code falling down on your screen. Additionally, you can customize the speed, font, and cipher density of the screensaver. You also get the option to insert code messages on the screen.

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3. Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep, a collaborative art project, is among the most popular choices in the screensaver category. Once your device sleeps, Electric Sheet communicates with other computers using the internet to create different mesmerizing abstract animations on your screen. Moreover, popular designs use a unique genetic algorithm to continue this mutation.

4. Living Marine Aquarium 2

Living Marine Aquarium 2

As the name suggests, Living Marine Aquarium 2 displays a beautiful view of the ocean on your computer screen. To amp things up, it adds tons of different sea creatures including crabs, fish, sea horses, and more. For this, the screensaver rotates three different aquariums. The best part is that you can customize the number of fish per species.

5. Zz DVD

Zz DVD | Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

By using ZzDVD as your screensaver, you can make it look like a DVD player connected to a TV screen. It makes you nostalgic and reminds you of the popular American TV series known as The Office. The fun thing about this screensaver is that the block keeps changing its colors every time it bounces off the screen.

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6. System 47

System 47

The System 47 screensaver is developed by MeWho.com and is a freeware app for both Windows and Mac OS. It recreates the iconic LCARS featured in the popular Star Trek Universe. The best part about this screensaver is that it brings the futuristic LCARS interface to your screen along with eight mesmerizing animations.

7. YoWindow


YoWindow screensaver transforms your computer screen into a beautiful landscape. For this, it combines the everlasting beauty of nature with real-time weather information. As a result, you get a stunning visual representation of the current weather conditions with pictures reflecting clouds, rain, wind, and thunderstorms. Furthermore, you get different animated landscapes that change seasons accordingly.

8. Vehicle Screen Savers

Vehicle Screen Savers

If you are someone who likes to show off their interest in racing cars, high-tech bikes, and airplanes, then you should give Vehicle Screen Savers a shot. This screen saver uses high-quality images of your favorite vehicles, so you can get your hands on amazing lock screen and desktop background options. The best part about this screen saver is that the images are updated every week.

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9. Japan Spring Screensaver

Japan Spring Screensaver | Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

With Japan Spring Screensaver on your device, you can witness the enchanting beauty of Fuji Mount without stepping out. The legendary Fuji Mount is known for invoking inspiration among poets and painters. It is compatible with Windows 95/ XP/ VISTA/ 7/ 8/ 10 and offers fast and easy installation.

10. Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Northern Lights screensaver beautifully captures the true beauty of Aurora Borealis. It gracefully covers your entire screen with different hues, from vivid greens and blues to soft pinks and purples. Moreover, you also get breathtaking patterns and curtains of light creating a captivating experience. Whether you want to relax or get inspired, this option among the cool and awesome screensavers for Windows 10 is surely a great option.

11. Plane9


Plane9 screen saver is a versatile 3D visualizer that comes with a diverse range of options to turn your usual screen into something amazing. With a selection of 250+ predefined scenes, you get the opportunity to explore different environments. From smooth transitions to multiple options in visual experiences, the Plane9 screen saver is worth a shot. Also, it is sound-sensitive and responds to audio playing in the background.

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12. Briblo


Briblo is another amazing screensaver option that beautifully blends the different elements of Lego bricks and the Tetris video game. It displays colorful building blocks of different sizes on a green plateau, gradually forming a towering stack. The best part about Briblo is that users can control the placement of these blocks using computer keys. This way you can create personalized structures and enjoy a relaxing hour.

13. Helios

Helios | Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

Helios showcases different attraction/repulsion particle effects on your screen to create a vivid and colorful display. You can adjust various aspects such as the number of ions, camera speed, and animation. This among other similar moving screensavers for Windows 10 offers a visually pleasing experience for anyone seeking a dynamic addition to their computer screen. It is truly one of the best cool screensavers for your Windows 10 desktop.

14. 3D Maze

3D Maze

As the name suggests, the 3D Maze screensaver randomly moves your screen through a 3D maze of red brick walls. During its journey, it comes across different obstacles that affect the chosen path and adds a subtle touch of excitement. The sole objective of this among other moving screensavers for Windows 10 is to find the exit.

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15. IMAX Hubble

IMAX Hubble

Inspired by the 2010 IMAX film, the Hubble 3D screensaver is a captivating addition to your collection. It takes users on a visual journey through the depths of space along with a stunning slideshow of beautiful photographs, providing a glimpse into the wonders of this universe. This option among other cool and awesome screensavers for Windows 10 screensaver allows users to immerse themselves in distant galaxies and celestial phenomena, reminding them of the awe-inspiring beauty of outer space.

16. Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day | Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

The Astronomy Picture of the Day is more of an education screensaver option that brings the wonders of this universe to your computer screen. All you need is a stable internet connection so that you can connect to the NASA website and download the latest astronomy picture of the day. Each day, the screensaver displays a captivating image of the cosmos along with informative descriptions. So, if you are into planets, galaxies, and nebulas, you should try this.

17. 3D Pipes

3D Pipes

3D Pipes screensaver displays cool and colorful 3D pipeline structures on your screen. By adjusting a few settings, you can customize the style joint type of the pipes according to your preference. It can be a great alternative to take a break from your hectic work and simply relax by watching colorful pipes forming different structures.

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18. Dog Licking Screen

Dog Licking Screen

This adorable Dog Licking Screen saver offers a delightful and humorous experience for your computer screen. It features a looping video of an adorable pug, as it enthusiastically licks a glass pane, creating the illusion that it is playfully doing so from the inside of your screen. The only sad part about it is that this screen saver does not include sound effects.

19. Modern Glance

Modern Glance

Modern Glance brings the beloved Lumia Glance experience from your favorite smartphone to your PC. It makes you nostalgic by replicating the original Lumia Glance screen along with the high level of customization. Accordingly, you can adjust the appearance timeout in seconds, background effects, opacity, and date and time position.

20. Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros | Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

The Super Mario Bros screensaver is a delightful option that takes you back to your childhood and makes you nostalgic. It showcases a recording of someone playing level 1-1 of the classic video game, where Mario embarks on his classic adventure. You can simply sit back and relax while Mario jumps over pipes, defeats his enemies, and collects coins. Although the classic Mario music and sounds are missing, this screensaver is still a great option.

21. Midnight Beach

Midnight Beach

The Midnight Beach screensaver for Windows creates a picturesque scene on your screen. As you sit back and relax, gentle waves roll onto a sandy shore, with a small fishing boat resting nearby. In the distance, you can see the moon taking the entire scene to another level. If the animation does not fill your screen, you can simply access the settings menu to make the necessary adjustments.

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22. Underwater


The Underwater screensaver for Windows is another amazing option to get mesmerizing visuals on your screen. It shows the mighty ocean with rays of sunlight piercing through and creating a tranquil atmosphere. Apart from this, it also shows a semi-transparent digital clock in the middle which adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. You can switch between a 12- and 24-hour format or simply remove the clock.

23. After Dark: Flying Toasters

After Dark | Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

After Dark: Flying Toasters pays homage to the legendary screensaver from the original After Dark series. It displays toasters with wings and toasted slices of bread flying across your screen against a solid black backdrop. If you are looking for something simple and minimalistic, you should go for this screensaver option.

24. MSN Fireplace

MSN Fireplace

Created by MSN, the MSN Fireplace screensaver features a loop video of fire burning a brick mantelpiece. It successfully creates a cozy and comfortable ambiance as you stare into your screen peacefully. The Microsoft and MSN logos discreetly add charm to the screensaver from the bottom left and right corners.

25. Retro Sci-Fi

Retro Sci-Fi

With Retro Sci-Fi screensaver, you can make your computer look like one of those high-tech ones usually featured in fiction movies and shows. It displays numerous circuit boards and graphs in green color. For those who prefer a different color palette, an alternative version called Retro Sci-Fi Blue Edition is also available.

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26. Hyperspace


With Hyperspace screensaver, you can embark on heart-pounding space fights and enjoy a captivating experience. It lets you journey through the vast world of the cosmos and navigate between stars and tunnels. Apart from this, you can even adjust the number of stars, their size, speed, and field of view as per your preference.

27. Flurry

Flurry | Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

The Flurry screensaver is a Windows version of Flurry, originally the default screensaver in Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar. This adaptation is created by Calum Robinson and inspired by the Seraphim screensaver. It brings forward numerous vibrant and enticing flurries to your screen, taking your usual simple screensaver to the next level. For this, you can choose between different options like RGB, classic, psychedelic, fire, and water.

28. Johnny Castaway

Johnny Castaway

Johnny Castaway is a unique and distinguished screensaver. It shows the extraordinary journey of Johnny, a castaway stranded on a small desert island. He uses his resourcefulness to survive, relying on the coconut palm tree, fish, and raft. You can even disable the sound via settings.

29. Aqua Surface 2

Aqua Surface 2

The next option on our list is Aqua Surface 2. As waves crash in slow motion around your screen, a minimalist clock at the bottom displays the current time. The gradual passage of time is depicted in three circles that fill up and reset at the start of each hour, minute, or 12/24-hour period. Apart from this, you can also remove the clock completely and focus on the animation itself.

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30. Felix


With this delightful, animated screensaver, you can experience the adorable charm of Felix the cat who is also the beloved mascot of a cat food brand. Felix, a black and white feline, roams across your screen and playfully explores his surroundings. The cat even comes close to the screen and greets you with cute meow sounds. Apart from this, you will even catch Felix playing on the kitchen floor.

31. Bird Life

Bird Life Best Moving Screensavers for Windows 10

Bird life screensaver displays a Eurasian nuthatch that keeps pecking into the bark of a tree to look for food. Along with this, you get a digital clock that tells the current date and time. It even lets you switch between a 12- or 24-hour format as per your individual preferences. The Bird Life screensaver is a beautiful, simple, and minimalistic option.

By reading this article, you now know about the most amazing and cool screensavers for Windows 10. When the time comes to jazz up your screen, simply choose your favorite from the options mentioned above and enjoy the charm brought by these amazing screensavers. If you like reading our article, then do share your feedback in the comments. Also, let us know what you would like to read next, and stay tuned for more informative blogs.

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