15 Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

15 Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Here is a fun fact to begin this article on 15 Cool screensavers for Windows 10- Originally, Screensavers were designed to protect the monitor of the computer from phosphor burn-in. But later on, as time has passed, we have started using screen savers just for the fun of it and enjoy their variety and colors. Some screensavers can actually be funny and can act as great stressbusters while working continuously on your computers.

Another reason why screensavers are used is because of the Security it brings. If you walk away from your computer for a couple of minutes or more, the screensavers automatically appear, thereby protecting any sensitive content that might be present on the screen is operated. This way, a passer-by cannot see the content on the screen.

Some companies also set a similar screen saver to all their office computers to provide a sense of uniformity. These are sometimes designed by the company using its own logo. This speaks largely of its professionalism and also gives a sense of aesthetic to the office employees.

Nevertheless, technology has been advancing with leaps and bounds, and the need for screen savers has reduced drastically. The feature has been removed from many operating systems dues to the advent of energy-saving monitors. They can still be used in Windows 10!

15 Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

It is necessary to know that downloading screensavers from the internet can pose a small threat of virus to your device. If the publisher is not legitimate or known, there can be chances of bad intent. Therefore, it is okay to download Cool screensavers to your Windows 10, but you should know that it has to be done the right way!

That is exactly why I will be telling you about 15 Cool screensavers for you Windows 10, that you can totally depend on. We have gathered the best ones for you!

How to apply the screensaver on your Windows 10 desktop?

Since screensaver does not come as default on Windows desktops anymore, it is necessary for you to know how to actually set it up. On your main desktop, right click your mouse and go down to the Personalize option. Next, click on the Lock screen option, and you will find the screen saver settings down there.

There are several customization settings for screensavers. You can set the timer for them to appear and other extra features.

When you wish to download any screensaver from the internet, you will also have to be familiar with the process. On the screensaver of your choice, right-click, and select the Install option.

This will save the file downloaded as “exe,” and it will have its own set of instructions for you to follow:

Now that we are thorough with the basics of setting a screensaver, downloading one, and customizing its appearance, we can get down to business.

15 Cool Screensavers for Windows 10



This screensaver is available for Windows as well as Mac. It is a dark clock themes screensaver that allows you to make your device- desktop/laptop look like a flip clock. It sets a vibe and makes your device appear very classy.

The flip clock is black, with white numbers on it. The size of the clock is big, and it will be visible to you from a large distance as well. 

Some good features introduced by Fliqlo is that it allows you to enlarge or reduce the size of this super classy clock. But a larger size will look a lot better, but that is my personal opinion!

You can switch the format of the clock between 12 or 24 hours. Fliqlo is free for download from its website and is available for all Windows versions 95 and later. Do remember that it is essential for your laptop or computer to have an Adobe Flash Player plug-in.

Unfortunately, the Mac users get to enjoy this screensaver with additional features like hiding/show background or multiple display options. Even the brightness control is only available to Mac.

Hopefully, they update these features for Windows users as well!

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The next Windows 10 screensaver has excellent user reviews. It is called Another Matrix, specifically for Windows users. If you have seen the movie- The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves, which became extremely popular in the late 90s, you would be familiar with the theme of this screensaver.

The screensaver depicts a Matrix digital rain, green in color with a pitch-black background. This represents the encoded activity of virtual reality – that is, Matrix.

The screensaver can be customized and personalized by adjusting the speed of the virtual green rain or adding words and coded messages that will gradually decode on your screensaver.

Trust me; it will give you a great chilly sci-fi vibe that is exceptionally cool and worth experiencing. The best part is that Another matrix screensaver is entirely free of cost and available for download from their website.

The screensaver lacks multi-screen support, and it can be a little annoying as it will only pop up on one screen. But that was the only drawback that users complained of.

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MODERN GLANCE | Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

If you have been into the screensaver game, you might have used the “Lumia Glance” on your phone. Modern Glance is a simulator of the original Lumia Glance, and it works beautifully as a screen saver. The best part about Modern Glance is that it is easy to customize and has a vast number of features for it.

Some of these features include Appearance timeout, background opacity, close glance option, background source, and background effect (especially for Windows 10 users). Modern Glance is worth a glance because it is free and amazing! The Microsoft Store is the right place to download this screensaver from.

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The electric sheep screensaver is available for download on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. You can use it on your laptop and your computers. But I will only recommend it to you if you have good bandwidth and are always connected to the internet. The download time for this screensaver is significantly less. You can press F2 to monitor the download progress from its official website. For any help or assistance, you can press on F1.

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The screensaver is a live wallpaper, with computer-generated images that are worth a try. What’s better is that Electric sheep helps to preserve your battery.

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This right here is a personal favorite. The interface of the Dropclock 3 screensaver is stunning. It is such a weirdly peaceful Windows screensaver that conveys the time. It is not just any regular clock or a digital watch.

Dropclock 3 has amazing slow-moving effects and aquatic Helvetic digits on your screensaver. The time is conveyed with Helvetic numbers dropping into the aquatic with proper high definition 3 D visual effects that make the screensaver look real and attractive.

If you have set it up on a large screened computer, you will feel how it gives an impressive effect to anyone who looks at it.

The relaxing Dropclock 3 is available for free download.

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DOG LICKING SCREEN | Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Dog lovers are the best kind of people that exist, and therefore they deserve the best doggo screensavers to keep them smiling! The dog licking screensaver is absolutely the sweetest, and it features a cute little pug that is hell-bent on licking all over your screen.

This pug seems to be stuck on the other side of your computer screen and continues to dirty your screen from the inside, making it foggy and wet. It makes you feel like a pet owner for a small second. Sadly, there are no sound effects in the screensaver, which might be good for some users. The Dog licking screen screensaver is available only to Windows users and not to Apple users.

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If you have been a tech-savvy individual back from the late 90s or 2000s, you would be well familiar with the 3 D Pipes screensaver. It is a classic when it comes to Windows computers. This 3D animated screensaver was a default screensaver for some models back in time.

Now, it has become even better as these 3D pipes have customizations available too! You can change the style of the pipes or the type of joint that they have from the screensaver’s setting panel. It will take you back in time and keep you entertained for sure!

This is a free screensaver available for download online.

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#8 Astronomy Picture of the day

Astronomy Picture of the day

Screensavers with quality content are rare. Astronomy and galaxy lovers are the right ones for you if you seem to be looking for beautiful galaxy photography to adorn your computer/ laptop screens.

The reason I speak highly of the quality content that Astronomy Picture Of The Day offers you mind-blowing high definition pictures from NASA’s official website gallery. These shots are extremely mesmerizing and feature brief explanations by astronomers along with the universal images.

This screensaver is also available for free online!

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HUBBLE | Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

An alternative to the above-listed screensaver- Astronomy picture of the day is this super cool space themed screensaver- Hubble. Like Matrix, Hubble is also inspired by a documentary movie from 2010, starring Leorando Di Caprio, Hubble 3D. This was an IMAX movie with some great visual effects, the audience widely appreciated that.

The screensaver features pictures taken from the Hubble Space Telescope, which was also shown in the movie.

Hubble is free for downloading to your Windows and Mac computer/ laptop. It will take up to 4.14 MB space on your device.

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#10 3D MAZE


Just like 3D Pipes, this is again a screensaver that will take you down your memory lane and your journey with Windows. The idea that runs behind this maze wallpaper is exceptionally innovative.

It is a first-person view of an actual maze, with the weirdest animation and shapes floating here and there. This screensaver’s wallpaper can be changed in the settings, but honestly, nothing beats the classic 3D maze wallpaper.

The 3D maze is available for free download.

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So pretty that it seems unrealistic to see these colorful bubbles on your screen. The pitch-black background of the Helios screensaver and the bright neon purple bubbles add the much-needed brightness to your screen.

The bubbles react and bounce off each other, making it so much fun to even sit there and watch it all happen in front of you. It is so pretty, and the vibe is magical.

Helios is a well-developed screensaver, and it comes with some good customization options like varying the number of bubbles on the screen, frame limit, and even the motion blur. The users have reviewed Helios exceptionally well, and all this is free!

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BRIBLO | Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Lego toys have been a highlight to most of our childhood days. Even the classic Tetris videogame, which most of us might have played during early times. This screensaver is a spin-off from the two- Lego and Tetris, to bring us joy from both. This screensaver is not just a 3D imagery but also acts as a low-key video game.

There are colored blocks falling from above on the pitch-black screen onto a green plateau, making a Lego building. When the screensaver is running, you can use the arrow keys, space bar, and enter to specify the location where the block should land.

You can try to fit as many blocks on the plateau and make a fun game out of this simple screensaver.

Briblo occupied 4.5 MB space on your Windows laptop/ computer and is free of cost!

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#13 PLANE 9


The visual impression that the graphics of Plane 9 will leave you with is immense. Unlike most other screensavers that you might have used, this one is more than just one visual. It has a predefined scene collection of almost 250 Visuals, so you will never find your screensaver monotonous again.

This is a multipurpose visualizer, which can be used for than just a screensaver. It acts as a standalone window, an Oculus rift, or even a VR Visualizer. Plane 9 is so advanced that it is sound sensitive and reacts to whatever you listen to from any sound source.

The software is ad-free and supports Windows 7/10/8/8.1, 32, and 64 bits. It also provides multi-monitor support, which can be a huge blessing.

You can download Plane 9 software for free! All-in-one, what are you waiting for?

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NORTHERN LIGHTS | Cool Screensavers for Windows 10

Beautiful northern lights to make your screen saver look out of the world! The Northern Lights brings you high-quality photographs of a celestial universe of beautiful lights in the night sky with a unique array of colors like pink, green, violet.

The source of these pictures is the Norwegian Tourism office. Therefore, you can be rest assured of the authentic beauty that you will witness every time this screen saver appears on your screen. 

The screensaver will take up to 17.87 MB on your Windows or Mac laptop/ computer and free.

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Nature-themed screensavers can be a feast for the eyes at times. But it is necessary to pick the good ones for the best experience. The Japan Springs screensaver is one of the good ones that you can download for free off the internet.

The National Symbol Of Japan- Mount Fuji is known for its scenic beauty. It is a standard of beauty for Japanese people. The elegance and symmetry of this almost perfect scenery can adorn your screen with Japan Spring screensaver.

The photography is breathtaking and will exhilarate you! You can even view the scene from the top of Mount Fuji, even the coastlines and islands.

The file size is 12.6 MB and will not take much installation time.

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This screensaver is available for Windows 95 and above. It is free of cost and has impressive picture quality. Definitely worth the space that it takes on your Windows Computer/ laptop. The users have reviewed it as beautiful and amazing.

With that, we have come to the end of the 15 Coolest Screensavers available for Windows 10. These are all free of cost and will give you a fantastic user experience. While all of these are available for Windows 10, some of the screensavers also cater to other Windows, Linux, and Mac OS versions. We hope that this was helpful.

A small warning to make sure that the screensaver you download is safe to download one and also pre-check the system requirements before doing so.

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You can mention any screensavers that you loved and are not discussed here in the comments section below.

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