How to Control iPhone using Windows PC

In today’s age, technology has advanced so much that there is something digital in every part of our life. People can use their phones to control lighting, refrigerator, and even home security systems. Apple is the company leading this charge. If someone can create an Apple environment in their homes, they never have to worry about anything. They can connect all their devices and enjoy the highest level of convenience.

But things are a little different for people who have an iPhone but do not have a Mac laptop to pair it with. Many times when people are using their Windows laptops, it is not easy to keep track of activities on their phones. It is relatively easy to use a Windows laptop to control Android phones. This is because there is a large gallery of applications for Android that allow this to happen. However, it is much more difficult to control your iPhone from Windows PC. 

How to Control iPhone using Windows PC

Apple installs a high level of security on their phones. This is because they want to ensure that their users feel safe using iPhones. They want to ensure that there are no privacy breaches on Apple devices. Due to this high level of security, it is difficult to control iPhones from Windows PCs. 

iPhones already support Macs to control them remotely. But if you want to control your iPhones from Windows PCs, it will require a jailbreak on the iPhone. If there is no jailbreak on the iPhone, the apps that allow Windows PCs to control the iPhone will not work, and the user will not be able to do what they want.

How To Solve This Problem?

The first step is to ensure that you jailbreak your phone. It is only once the phone has jailbreak that you can proceed. Once you have done this, it is quite easy to solve this problem. Fortunately for iPhone users with Windows PCs, there are many applications that can solve this problem. All they need to do is download these applications on their Windows PC and follow the appropriate steps. After this, you will easily be able to control your iPhone from Windows PC. The best apps to control the iPhone are Airserver Universal and Veency. There is also a great app if one simply wants to mirror the iPhone screen on their Windows PC. This app is ApowerMirror. 

Steps To Install And Use The Applications

Airserver is easily one of the best applications to control your iPhone from Windows PC. The application has a great easy interface and works very well to do the job for iPhone users with Windows PCs. The following are the steps to download and install Airserver on the Windows PC:

1. The first step is to visit the AirServer website and download the application in itself. On the website, click on “DOWNLOAD 64-BIT”. You can also choose “DOWNLOAD 32-BIT” depending on your computer.

Download AirServer

2. After downloading the setup wizard, open the wizard to proceed with the installation. Click Next till you reach the Terms And Conditions Tab.

I want to try AirServer Universal

3. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and then accept the terms and conditions.

Accept the terms and condition of AirServer

4. After this, the setup wizard will ask for an Activation Code. Users will have to buy an activation code to get the full version. But first, users must try this application to judge whether it is suitable for them. Thus, check the “I want to try the AirServer Universal” option.

Airserver will ask for activation. click on try or Buy if you want to

5. Choose where you want the wizard to install the application and press next.

Choose Airserver install location and click next

6. Check the “No” option when the wizard asks if the application should automatically open when the PC starts.

Choose no when Airser asks to start on Windows logon

7. After this, the wizard will ask the user to confirm if they want to install the application. Press on “Install” to complete the process. Users will also simultaneously need to install the AirServer application on their iPhone from the App store.

Click on Install Button

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The following are the steps to use the AirServer app to control your iPhone from Windows PC:

1. On the iPhone app, there is an option to scan the QR code from the AirServer app on the PC. Tap this button.

2. Now, you must get the QR code from the Windows AirServer app. When you first open the app, it will prompt you to buy the activation code. Simply Press, Try and move ahead.

3. After this, you will see the AirServer icon on your taskbar at the bottom right. Press on the icon and a drop-down menu will open. Select “QR Code For AirServer Connect” to show the QR code for the iPhone app to scan. 

4. Once you scan the QR code from your iPhone, it will pair the Windows PC and iPhone. Simply swipe up on your iPhone and tap on “Screen Mirroring.” The iPhone screen will now be visible on your Windows PC, and you will be ready to control the phone from your PC. 

The other best application to control your iPhone from Windows PC is Veency. The following are the steps to install and download Veency. 

1. Veency is an application from Cydia. It only works on jailbroken iPhones. The first thing users need to do is launch Cydia on their iPhone and update all required repositories.

2. After this, users can search for Veency on their iPhone and install it. 

3. Once Veency installs, click “Restart Springboard.” After this, Cydia will start working, and Veency will become available on settings. 

4. After this, find the Veency option in the phone settings. Tap on “Show Cursor” to turn on Veency on your phone. Now, the iPhone is ready for the user to control it from a Windows PC.

5. Similarly, download the VNC viewer on your Windows from the link. Download VNC Viewer

Download VNC

6. Once a user installs the VNC Viewer, they need to ensure that the Windows PC and iPhone are on the same Wifi network. Note down the IP Address of the Wifi from your iPhone. 

7. Simply input the IP Address of the iPhone onto the VNC viewer on the laptop, and this will allow the user to control their iPhone from a Windows PC remotely.

input the IP Address of the iPhone onto the VNC viewer

There is also a third app, Apowermirror, which allows users to mirror their iPhone screen onto the Windows PC. But it does not allow the user to control the device. However, it is a great screen-mirroring application. The best advantage is that there is no lag while mirroring the iPhone screen.

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Veency and AirServer are both perfect applications to ensure that you can control your iPhone from Windows PC. The only thing iPhone users need to do is get jailbreak on their phones. While there will usually be some lag, they will certainly increase the convenience for digital users. They will be able to focus on the work on their laptop while simultaneously keep track of updates from their phone. It is a great way to increase productivity for iPhone users who have a Windows PC.

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