How to Turn Off the Find My iPhone option

Turning off the Find My iPhone option is a simple but important step if you’re planning to sell your device, send it for repair, or simply want to disable the tracking feature for privacy reasons. “Find My iPhone” is a security feature designed by Apple to help you locate your lost or stolen iPhone and protect your data. When enabled, it can show your iPhone’s location on a map, play a sound to help you find it, remotely lock the device, display a message, or erase all your data to protect your privacy. However, there are situations where you might need to turn it off, such as when you’re transferring the device to someone else. 

How to Turn Off the Find My iPhone option

There are various options with the help of which you can turn off the feature according to your convenience. You can do it through your own iPhone, MacBook, or even through someone else’s phone. Just follow the options below and act accordingly.

Method 1: Turn off Find My iPhone option from the iPhone itself

If you have your iPhone with you and wish to disable the tracking option, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on your name, select the iCloud option, and select the “Find My” option.
  3. After that, tap on find my iPhone option and turn it off.
  4. After that, the iPhone will ask for your password. Type your password and then select the turn off button and the feature will be turned down.

Turn off find my option from the iPhone itself

Method 2: Turn off Find My iPhone option from the Computer

Your MacBook is as prone to the disadvantages of find my device option as is the iPhone. So if you are considering selling your mac book or buying a new one or for some personal cause you want to disable the option, just follow these steps.

  • In the macOS arena, go to system preferences, select the iCloud option then and select the Apple ID option.
  • You will find a checkbook with the option to find my mac. Untick that particular box, enter your password and select the continue option.
  • If you want to undo the same, tick the checkbox again, enter your Apple ID password and select continue option.

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Method 3: Turn off Find My iPhone option without the Apple ID password

It might happen that you have bought a new iPhone and you want to turn down the find my device option for your previous iPhone or you might have forgotten to turn off the tracking option for an Apple device that you sold.  It may also be possible that you have the device with you but you just don’t remember the password of your device. This is a severe problem and it is typically very tough to fix this issue, but here are some of the ways that may help you.

Option 1:

  • Select the settings option and then go to the iCloud and then the Apple ID name option( for iPhone)
  • For MacBook, go to system preferences, select iCloud, and then click on the Apple ID option.
  • After the above steps have been done, and Apple ID would be displayed. You can contact that ID for some further help by sending an email.

Option 2:

Take the help of Apple customer care by calling on their helpline number.

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Option 3:

  • This option is for the Apple users who have somehow forgotten their password.
  • Go to and select the forgotten your Apple ID option.
  • Type the Apple ID whose password you have forgotten and also type the contact number
  • After that, a verification code will be sent to that ID along with your new password.
  • Once you have got the password, you can disable the find my device option in your device.

Turn off find my phone without the Apple ID password

So these were the ways by which you can turn off your find my device option. However it is always recommended to check whether the find my device option is turned off or not before selling your device to someone or buying from someone. If you don’t have the details of the previous owner, it is bound to create problems and will cause disruption in logging into your own iCloud. However, turning off the find my device option also puts your device into risk as there will be no backup left for you when your device gets lost or when you have forgotten to transfer the data before selling it. So to avoid this problem, use the option any trans for iOS which helps in the transfer of data from one device to another and also allows backup of your data. Also always keep in mind that if you get an email on your Apple ID that someone else is logging through the account, it means that someone else is trying to open your iCloud. So be careful in that case too and contact the helpline as soon as possible!

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