2 Ways to Clear Your Amazon Browsing History

Amazon is the go-to e-commerce store for millions around the globe which has helped it become the largest marketplace on the internet. Amazon services are currently available in seventeen different countries, and new destinations are constantly being added. The comfort of shopping from our living room couch and receiving the product the very next day remains unparalleled. Even when our bank accounts restrict us from buying anything, we regularly scroll through the never-ending list of items and wishlist things for the future. Amazon keeps track of every item we search for & view (browsing history), which can be a helpful feature if one ever wants to go back and purchase an item they forgot to add to their wishlist or bag.

How to Clear Amazon Browsing History

How to Clear Your Amazon Browsing History

If you share your Amazon account with your loved one or another family member, you may sometimes need to clear the account’s browsing history to avoid spoiling your future gift plans or avoid embarrassment in some cases. Amazon also uses ones browsing data to deliver targeted ads that follow them everywhere on the internet. These ads can further tempt the user to make a hasty purchase or scare them for their internet privacy. Anyway, deleting the browsing history Amazon maintains for your account is very simple and only demands a few clicks/taps.

Method 1: Clear Your Amazon Browsing History using PC

1. Open Amazon.com (change the domain extension according to your country) and log in to your account if you haven’t already.

2. A few users can directly access their search history from the Amazon home screen by clicking on Browsing History. The option will be present at the top-left corner. Others will need to take a longer route.

3. If you do not see the Browsing History option on your Amazon home screen, hover the mouse pointer over your name (Hello, name Account & Lists) and click on Your Account from the drop-down list.

Click on Your Account from the drop-down list

4. On the top menu bar, click on your account’s Amazon.in and click on Your Browsing History in the following screen.

Note: Alternatively, you can directly open the following URL – https://www.amazon.com/gp/history/cc but remember to change the domain extension. For example – Indian users should change the extension from .com to .in and UK users to .co.uk.

Click on your account’s amazon.in and click on Your Browsing History

5. Here, you can individually remove items from your browsing history by clicking on the Remove from view button below each item.

Click on the Remove from view button below each item

6. If you wish to delete your entire browsing history, click on Manage history at the top-right corner and select Remove all items from view. A pop-up requesting confirmation on your action will appear, click on the Remove all items from view button again.

Click on the Remove all items from view button again | Clear Amazon Browsing History

You can also suspend Amazon from keeping a tab on the items you browse and search for by toggling off the Turn Browsing History on/off switch. Hovering your mouse pointer over the switch will display the following message from Amazon – “Amazon can keep your browsing history hidden. When you turn your browsing history off, we will not show items you click on or searches you make from this device.”

Method 2: Clear Your Amazon Browsing History using Mobile App

1. Launch the Amazon application on your mobile device and click on the three horizontal bars at the top left corner. From the slide-in menu, tap on Your Account.

Tap on Your Account

2. Under Account Settings, tap on Your Recently Viewed Items.

Tap on Your Recently Viewed Items

3. You can again individually remove the viewed items by tapping on the Remove from view button.

Tap on the Remove from view button | Delete Amazon Browsing History

4. To remove all the items, click on Manage at the top-right corner and finally, tap on the Delete History button. A toggle switch on the same screen allows you to turn browsing history on or off.

Tap on the Delete History button


So this was how you could delete your Amazon browsing history and avoid getting caught looking for a gift or a strange item and also prevent the website from sending tempting targeted ads.

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