How to Change Slack Email Address

Slack is an instant messaging service that can be used for business contacts and connects all employees to the same unified team. It makes it easy to contact your colleagues, and collaborate and it supports synchronous work. If you are already a member of slack, you would need to include an Email address to sign up for the platform. In case, you have entered an old Email address or your current Email address has changed you can change slack email address on the platform. In this article, I will show you how to change your email address from slack and also change slack password. Let’s get started.

How to Change Slack Email Address

How to Change Slack Email Address

Keep reading to learn, how to change Slack Email Address

1. Open the web browser from your mobile or desktop.

open a web browser | change slack email address

2. Visit Slack Webpage to go to Slack account, and log in using your credentials.

log in using login credentials.

3. Go to Settings and click on expand present near the Email Address.

click on expand present near Email address

4. Now, slack will ask you for your account password, enter your current password, Under the New Email Address box, enter your new Email Address.

enter your current password and new email address | change slack email address

5. Tap Update Email. This will send you a confirmation mail to your new Email Address to confirm change slack email address.

Tap Update Email

6. Confirm your new Email address via the mail sent from slack to the new Email address you received by clicking on CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, this will change slack email address.

click confirm your email address

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How to Change Slack Email Password

Your password will be your security for keeping your account safe, not only on slack but on any platform. So it is equally important to use a secure and unique password. Workplace passwords are important because, if anyone could guess or hack your password, not only can they read your contacts and other official matters but it is also possible that they can impersonate you, if you would rather not like it to happen, you might need to enter a unique password if you are wondering how to change your password, perform the below-given steps.

1. Follow the first 2 steps as above.

2. On the Account Settings side, click on the expand button present near the Password section.

Note: If you cannot see expand option near the password then you may need to change your password in Single Sign-on (SSO) to confirm, On the other hand, your organization also might have this feature on SSO apps such as OneLogin, Gsuite, etc.

click on the expand button

3. You first need to enter your old password in the Current password box.

4. Finally, enter your new password in the New password text box and click on Save password, this will update your password.

Note: Slack requires passwords to be a minimum of 6 characters long and common passwords are not allowed eg: abcdef1234 etc, so we recommend you input a unique and strong password.

enter old and new password and click on save password | change slack email address

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. I didn’t receive any password rest Email, what to do?

Ans. You might need to check your spam or the junk tab in your Email client. Sometimes, some organizations block slack Emails, contact your organization admin to get it rectified.

Q2. I don’t remember inputting a password on slack, How can I find my password?

Ans. If you signed in to slack using Apple or Google ID, you can request a password reset and then add a new password to your account.

Q3. I have lost access to my Email account, how can I change the details?

Ans. By default, you need to have access to the Email address you have provided to change any settings, in any case, if you don’t have access you can request your organization’s admin to update your Email address for you which is linked to your account. Note that the admin cannot change passwords or reset them.

Q4. How can I change my slack mobile app password?

Ans. Open the Slack app and sign into it. Go to your profile, this can be accessed by tapping on your profile present on the top right-hand corner of the app, tapping on the More button and going to Account Settings. You can able to change your password from there.

Q5. Can I use two different Email addresses simultaneously on Slack?

Ans. You can use multiple accounts on slack in different workplaces, you can use one Email address for one slack workplace and another Email address for another slack workplace. You cannot use two Email accounts in the same workplace.


We hope that with the help of this guide you were able to learn how to change Slack Email Address If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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