Can You Get a Yellow Heart on Snapchat By Chatting?

Color your heart a mellow yellow for your friend and fellow!

You must have noticed emojis that pop up next to your friend’s name in the chats section. Each emoji describes your relationship with that person. Amongst these is the famous yellow heart emoji, which indicates you and the other person are Besties. Even though Snapchat doesn’t provide a yellow heart emoji specifically for chatting, in this blog, we will discuss how you can get it and long does it take to achieve one.

Can You Get a Yellow Heart on Snapchat By Chatting

How to Get Yellow Heart on Snapchat and Can You Get It By Chatting

Well, the yellow heart of Snapchat indicates constant communication between you and your friend for a long time. It appears when the app detects that you have been constantly exchanging snaps and messages with the other user for many days, i.e., they are your best friend.

However, no, you cannot get the yellow heart emoji by chatting with a friend. Snapchat considers the number of snaps, i.e., images & videos exchanged between two people. Hence, to achieve the discussed emoji, you both have to exchange the most number of snaps with each other. 

Yellow heart is among the toughest emojis to get on the platform as it can only be achieved when two people are #1 Best Friend on each other’s list. This means, they have to be your Best Friend on your list and you have to be the same on theirs. Mutual exchange of snaps and messages over time can get both the yellow heart emoji.

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How to Get the Yellow Heart on Snapchat Quickly 

As we said, it isn’t easy to get the yellow heart emoji, as it depends on mutual conversation and snap exchange. Even if you are not the person with whom they interact the most on Snapchat, but they are your top contact, you still won’t receive the yellow heart.

Moreover, there is no quick way. It might take a few days or weeks as the factor that Snapchat considers is both being #1 Best Friend on each other’s friend list. The more you send photos and video snaps to the other person daily, the more chances are to get the desired emoji fast.

Who Can See the Yellow Heart on Snapchat? 

Only you and your best friend can see the yellow heart on Snapchat. Moreover, if you both continue to be each other best friend for two weeks in a row, the heart color changes to Red, indicating BFF (Best Friends Forever). 

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Is It Possible to Get the Snapchat Yellow Heart Without Multiple Users? 

No, you cannot get the Snapchat yellow heart without multiple users. You can get it only for one user who is considered to be your best friend on the platform and you both mutually exchange the most snaps on a regular basis.

We hope this blog helped you understand whether can you get a Yellow heart on Snapchat by chatting or not. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more informative blogs.

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