How to Get Red Heart Back on Snapchat: What Is It and Why It Disappeared?

Rekindle the special connection with your closest friends on Snapchat!

Are you wondering why the Red Heart disappeared from your chats on Snapchat? Don’t worry! this guide has you covered! Get ready to unravel the secrets of Snapchat’s Red Heart emoji and learn how to bring it back into your digital life. Let’s get started! and let’s reclaim that symbol of friendship? 

How to get red heart back on Snapchat

How to Get Red Heart Back on Snapchat

Getting the red heart back is easy; just engage more! Start sending more snaps to your best friend and make sure they reciprocate. Your objective is to once again become each other’s best friend on the platform. This means exchanging more snaps with each other than with anyone else on your friend list for at least two weeks continuously. It’s all about reinstating your digital bond and reasserting your Snapchat connection.

What Does a Red Heart Signify on Snapchat?


Red Heart on Snapchat is more than just an emoji, it signifies that you and another user have been each other’s best friend for two weeks straight. In other words, for a fortnight, you two have sent more snaps to each other than to anyone else on your friend list. It’s a unique way Snapchat celebrates and emphasizes your digital kinship.

How Long Does It Take to Lose the Red Heart?

Just as winning the red heart takes consistent effort, losing it too is a similar process but the opposite. If you and your best friend fail to exchange the most snaps with each other for a continuous period of 24 hours, the red heart disappears. It’s a quick reminder that Snapchat relationships require regular engagement to keep the connection strong.

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Other Reasons for Red Heart to Disappear

Losing the red heart on Snapchat can occur for a couple of reasons. First, as we’ve just discussed, if you or your best friend don’t exchange the most snaps with each other within 24 hours, the red heart will vanish. Second, if a third person starts sending more snaps to you or your best friend, they might take over the best friend spot, causing the red heart to disappear.

Can Multiple Friends Have the Red Heart at the Same Time?

When it comes to the red heart, exclusivity is the name of the game. You can’t have multiple red hearts with different friends simultaneously on Snapchat. The red heart symbolizes that you and one specific friend have been the top best friend for each other for two weeks straight. If someone else takes the top spot, the red heart will switch to them.

What Happens When You Lose the Red Heart and Then Regain it Quickly?

If you lose the red heart but manage to regain it quickly, it’s as if it never left. The two-week count doesn’t reset as long as you regain the heart within 24 hours. The red heart will only reset its two-week count if you fail to reclaim it within a day of losing it.

Is there a Way to Know If You’re About to Lose the Red Heart?

There isn’t a direct feature on Snapchat that notifies you when you’re about to lose the red heart. However, paying attention to your interaction patterns can serve as a warning sign. If you notice that your exchanges with your red heart friend have decreased or someone else is sending you more snaps, it might be a hint that the heart could disappear soon.

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Can You Manually Change or Remove the Red Heart?

While Snapchat does allow some level of customization with friend emojis, you can’t manually remove or change the red heart. This particular emoji is a symbol of mutual interaction over a specific period. Changing or removing it manually would defeat its purpose of highlighting the level of engagement between you and your best friend.

Remember, the game of hearts on Snapchat is all about consistent interaction. Whether you’re trying to gain, maintain, or regain the red heart, regular exchange of snaps with your best friend is key.

Snapchat’s heart emojis, particularly the red heart, add a touch of emotional connection to your everyday snap exchanges. It’s about more than just sending and receiving snaps – it’s about building and maintaining relationships. Whether you’re aiming for a gold, red, or pink heart, remember that consistent interaction is the key. So, snap away, and keep the digital love alive! This marks the end of the guide on how to get red heart back on Snapchat, keep visiting our page for more cool tips and tricks! Do not hesitate to leave your comments & suggestions below.

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