Can You Craft a Security Camera in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can access several tools and resources to craft a wide range of items and structures. And crafting a security camera in Minecraft may also pique your interest. Moreover, it can serve as a valuable tool to protect your game property and resources, allowing you to monitor your surroundings for potential intruders looking to loot or vandalize your property. So, let’s explore how to craft a security camera in Minecraft and even take a screenshot or selfie with it.

Can You Craft a Security Camera in Minecraft?

Can You Craft a Security Camera in Minecraft?

Before getting into the steps to craft a camera and take a selfie with it, let’s see what exactly is a security camera in Minecraft.

What is a Security Camera in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a security camera is a type of block or item that allows you to monitor a specific area of your Minecraft world. Security cameras typically work by placing a camera block in a location you want to monitor, then linking it to a monitor block that displays the camera’s feed.

  • You can use the Security Camera Mod in your Minecraft PE, which adds cameras and security systems to help you protect your world from evils and monsters.
  • Some mods may also include additional features such as the ability to record or playback footage, sound alarms, or detect movement.
  • You can also use security cameras to keep tabs on other players in multiplayer mode.

Can You Craft a Security Camera in Minecraft?

Yes, you can craft a security camera in Minecraft. To do so, you will need to switch your Minecraft to Creative mode and use certain commands and items. However, there are also mods or plugins available that allow you to add security cameras to your Minecraft world.

For instance, the Security Craft mod adds cameras and other security-related items, enabling you to monitor your base or other areas of your world. If you’re playing on a server, the server may also have plugins or mods that enable the creation of security cameras or similar items.

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What is the Use of Camera in Minecraft?

The camera in Minecraft is a decorative item with no functional use aside from taking screenshots and selfies. When you hold a camera in your hand and right-click, it captures an image of whatever you’re looking at.

  • The camera can add a fun and creative element to your gameplay experience.
  • It can be useful for preserving memories of your builds or sharing pictures of your creations with others.
  • Additionally, you can use the camera to take selfies or group photos with other players in multiplayer mode.

How Do You Take a Selfie in Minecraft?

To know how to take a selfie in Minecraft on your PC, follow the below-given steps:

Note: On the console’s camera, items can be accessed through the game’s menu rather than crafting it.

1. Launch the Minecraft game on your PC.

2. Collect the iron ingots and Redstone dust and craft a camera.

3. Select the Camera item from your list of items.

4. Position yourself in the desired angle or location for your selfie.

5. Press the F5 key on your keyboard to switch to the third-person view.

6. Use the camera item by right-clicking while holding it in your hand.

The camera will take a screenshot of your current view, which you can save or share as you wish.


With this guide, we hope you understood whether can you craft a security camera in Minecraft and how to do it capture your selfies and group photos. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any suggestions or queries. Also, you can convey what you want to learn about next.

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