Can Microsoft Teams Monitor my Phone?

If there is one thing that lingers even after the coronavirus outbreak, it is the intrusion of technology to our benefit. For instance, Microsoft Teams have employee monitoring capabilities that helped managers distribute work evenly and manage the productivity pace. So, when the entire world slowed down, Teams helped people continue work from the comfort of their homes. But can Microsoft teams monitor my phone? Read this article to find out more on how to stop Microsoft Teams from spying on me.

Can Microsoft Teams Monitor my Phone?

Can Microsoft Teams Monitor my Phone?

Continue reading this article to know about Microsoft Teams monitor your phone or not in detail.

What Your Boss Can Track About You with Microsoft?

Do Microsoft teams monitor my phone? YES, but to a certain extent. This helps companies and organizations remain safe and secure without putting anything to risk. Here is everything your employer can see:

  • The operating system on which you are using Microsoft Teams.
  • Your channel messages, reply messages, post messages, and chat messages.
  • The number of meetings and calls you made during a specific period.
  • The number of calls attended and their duration and participants.
  • A general report of all the meetings scheduled, audio time, video time, and the last activity.
  • The total number of teams you created or deleted over a span.
  • The IP address your device used to log in to Microsoft Teams.

Do Teams Notify the Contact That Their Status is Being Monitored?

Unfortunately, No. Microsoft Teams does not allow peace of mind to a user by letting them know that he/she is being monitored.

Do Microsoft Teams Have Employee Monitoring?

Yes, your employer can monitor and track your Teams activities using different admin centers available. For this, the admin needs to sign in on the official website and use his/her privileges for better optimization. In other words, all your activities in different Microsoft Teams are traceable for the admin.

However, you need not be worried about your life outside the Microsoft teams app. No one can know about the websites you browse or the things you shop online while being logged out of the Teams app. So, as long as you are not using your organization’s device, everything is leak-proof.

Microsoft Teams Analytics

Can Microsoft Teams be Used to Spy on You?

Before you jump to any big conclusions, it is important to remember to keep the difference between being monitored and spying at the back of your head. NO, no one can use Microsoft Teams to spy on you and your personal life.

However, if you are using a Teams account that is being managed by your employer, he/she can access certain things. For instance, the employer can see how long have you been offline, and when you are online, and track chats, meetings, and calls. Nonetheless, your camera and microphone play no role in spying on you whether or not you are on a business call.

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Can Microsoft Teams See What You Are Doing?

Yes, to your surprise, Microsoft teams track activity. Organization admins can use the reports prepared by Teams to see how the users are using the app on their smartphones or laptops. Talking about to what extent it monitors your account, there are two types of usage reports in Teams.

The first one is User Activity Reports and the second one is Device Usage Reports. Using the former, the admin can track the usage activity of each employee individually. For instance, they can see the number of people you communicate with or the calls you engage with on the app. Moreover, they can also see how many meetings you have organized so far in some cases.

Microsoft Teams Analytics and Reports

Can Microsoft Teams Track Activity?

Yes, Teams can track your activity by collecting three types of data usage including Error Reporting Data, Census, and Usage. The Error Reporting Data helps the organization in tracking errors so they can be rectified in time. Similarly, the Usage Data provides the number of messages sent, received, calls, and meetings joined. Census talks about the device and its operating system that you are using for Microsoft Teams.

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Can Teams Turn on Your Camera?

No, Teams cannot turn on your camera unwillingly. However, the meeting host has access to certain privileges such as turning off your microphone and camera. Other than this, no one except you can turn on your camera.

Can Microsoft Teams Spy My Phone?

No, Microsoft Teams does not monitor anything outside Teams. The app is specifically engineered to help organizations boost their productivity and efficiency even while working remotely. But this does not allow them to spy on any user’s phone.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Using Teams on Their Phone?

Yes, with Microsoft Teams’ Device Usage reports, one can know the exact device on which you are using the app. Whether it be a laptop, computer, or smartphone, your admins are aware of everything. However, these reports face a latency of 24-48 hours generally.

Are Microsoft Teams Calls Recorded Automatically?

No, Microsoft Teams do not record calls automatically as its developers have not provided such features. Instead, you need to manually start the recording by clicking on Start Recording. Furthermore, all the attendants in the meeting will receive a notification once the recording starts.

How do I Stop Microsoft Teams from Spying on me?

No one wants his/her manager to snoop around and find something personal. But there is little to nothing you can do to stop Microsoft Teams from spying on me. Nonetheless, you can use other applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram to keep your chats and calls limited to you.
Apart from this, you can also request your organization to add an extra layer of high-tech security by enabling multi-factor authentication.


There is no doubt that Microsoft Teams has been a great partner to firms in times of adversity. It helped people run their businesses with more efficiency and smooth management than ever. But employers who were worried about can Microsoft Teams monitor my phone may start thinking twice before sending a msg or meme in the chat. Leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments down below and let us know what you want to read next.

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