Can Reddit Mods See Removed Posts?

Are you curious if Reddit moderators have access to your removed posts? Read on to discover the truth.

Reddit moderators are responsible for managing the content on specific subreddits within the Reddit platform. If you want to be a moderator, you should know certain tasks you may or may not be allowed to perform, including seeing and managing removed posts. Continue reading this guide until the end to learn whether Reddit mods can see removed posts and get paid for this role.

Can Reddit Mods See Removed Posts?

Can Reddit Mods See Removed Posts?

After a post gets deleted on Reddit, it usually gets hidden from the public, so they can’t see and access it. However, moderators have special abilities and tools to effectively manage the hidden data to supervise their community. Yet, can they also see posts that have been removed? Let’s find that out!

Can Mods See Removed Comments?

Yes, mods on Reddit can see comments that have been removed from their subreddit. When a moderator removes a comment, it is hidden from public view but still exists on Reddit’s servers and can be seen by other moderators of the same subreddit. Moderators can also see the reason for the removal. However, some comments are temporarily removed for review or breaking subreddit rules but may be approved or reinstated later if found acceptable.

Reddit Removed Comments

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Can Reddit Moderators See Edit History?

No, Reddit moderators cannot see edit history. Reddit moderators have many abilities and rights which help them manage and keep Reddit running smoothly, but the ability to see edit history is not available. Edit history is the data on Reddit that is saved in the database, and only the assigned employees of Reddit can see it. However, even those employees are not allowed to edit it.

Can Reddit Mods See Removed Posts?

Yes, Reddit moderators, or mods, can see removed posts. They have access to a moderation queue where they can see all removed posts and decide whether to approve them, keep them removed, or take other necessary actions. Moderators on Reddit have other rights and authorities, among which viewing removed posts is one.

What Can Moderators on Reddit See?

Moderators on Reddit are volunteers who contribute their time and effort to help keep the site running smoothly. They are provided certain tools and abilities to manage their subreddits and enforce the rules. Here are some things that Reddit moderators can see:

  • Remove posts and comments that violate subreddit rules
  • Approve posts and comments that were wrongly caught by the spam filter
  • Ban users who violate subreddit rules or behave inappropriately
  • Lock threads to prevent further comments or votes and edit the subreddit’s appearance, settings, and rules
  • See the reports submitted by users on posts and comments, and monitor mod mail
  • View the moderation log and create and assign user flairs to distinguish users with special roles or achievements

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Can Mods See Downvotes on Reddit?

No, Reddit moderators cannot see downvotes or comments on Reddit posts. Downvotes are anonymous, and only the total number of upvotes and downvotes are displayed publicly on a post or comment.

Can Moderators See Who Upvotes?

No, moderators cannot see who upvotes. Only Reddit employees have the authority to see the upvotes, downvotes, and comments.

Do Reddit Mods Get Paid?

No, Reddit moderators don’t get paid. However:

  • Some subreddits are sponsored or partnered with outside organizations or companies, and in those cases, moderators may receive compensation or other benefits.
  • Additionally, some moderators may also receive compensation for their work on subreddits that are part of Reddit’s Community Points program. These rewards are cryptocurrency tokens that can be traded or used within the subreddit.

Overall, the vast majority of Reddit moderators are unpaid volunteers who are motivated by a desire to help build and maintain their communities.

We hope that this article has helped you to know whether can Reddit mods see removed posts. Now, you can decide if you want to take up this role or not. Please share your experience with us if you found this article helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, please write to us in the comment section below.

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