Can People See If You View Their VSCO Profile?

Uncover the mystery of VSCO profile views and their visibility.

If you enjoy photography, you’ve likely come across VSCO, and you might even have an active profile. This app serves as a social media platform for passionate photographers to click, edit, and share their work with their followers. While it is renowned for its creative community and image editing tools, it also prompts questions about privacy and interaction. In this article, we will find out if people can see when you view their VSCO profile and content.

Can People See If You View Their VSCO Profile?

Can People See If You View Their VSCO Profile?

No, people cannot see if you view their VSCO profile. Although the app functions similarly to other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, unfortunately, there is no feature that keeps track of people who viewed your profile and content. There have been third-party apps that say they can offer this feature, but none of their claims turn out to be true. They also pose the risk of interfering with your privacy.

Can Someone See If You Click on Their VSCO Link?

No, the app is not programmed to keep track of your content. Even the VSCO Plus and Pro versions of VSCO do not offer such amenities.

The only ideal way to get a fair count of how many people perceived your content is by checking your follower count since all your followers will automatically get uploads on their home screen. But you won’t be able to see the user names of people who interacted with your post.

VSCO Plus and Pro versions

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Does VSCO Tell You If Someone Screenshots?

No, additionally, they also don’t have any feature that prevents people from taking screenshots of your content and uploading it to other media pages. They do offer the option to re-share content within their page, and you will be notified if someone re-shared any of your uploads. If you do not want your art to be re-shared, you can switch off this feature through the settings.

Have you learned whether people can see if you view their VSCO profile or not? If yes, go ahead and explore VSCO without any concerns! If you have more questions or need assistance with other platform features, feel free to drop us a comment. Until our next article, take care!

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