Can I Delete My Lyft Account and Start Over?

Find out how to reset your Lyft account for a fresh start.

If you want to align your Lyft riding experience with your needs and preferences, you may consider deleting your current account and creating a new one. There could be several reasons for doing this, such as updating payment methods, correcting personal information, or starting fresh with your account history. Whatever the case, let’s determine if you can really delete your Lyft account permanently and start over through this article.

Can I Delete My Lyft Account and Start Over?

Can I Delete My Lyft Account and Start Over?

Yes, you can delete your Lyft account. It’s important to remember that canceling your account and starting over might have some restrictions. Starting over could also provide you peace of mind if you have had any security issues or other problems with your prior Lyft account.

However, your old account’s awards, credit balances, and ride history could all be lost. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider both sides of the argument before making a choice.

How to Delete Your Lyft Account on iPhone?

Simply follow the steps mentioned below to permanently delete your Lyft account.

1. Open the Safari app on your iPhone.

2. Visit the Lyft Privacy and Data page on the browser.

3. Enter the phone number linked to your Lyft account.

4. Enter the received verification code to confirm your phone number.

5. From the Delete account section, tap on the Start option.

Click on Start

6. Choose the reason for your account deletion.

Choose a reason

7. To initiate the deleting process, type DELETE into the box provided.

8. Lastly, tap on the Delete account option.

Type DELETE in the space

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How to Cancel Lyft Account?

If you wish to cancel the Lyft account and unsubscribe from the features it has to offer, you can follow the steps below.

Method 1: On Mobile

If you wish to cancel your Lyft account on your mobile phone, you can follow the same steps mentioned in the heading above.

Method 2: On PC Browser

Let’s see how to delete your Lyft account from your computer browser.

1. Access the Lyft Privacy and Data page on your PC browser.

2. Enter your Lyft account credentials to proceed.

3. After verifying yourself, click on Start from the Delete account section.

click on Start

4. Select the reason to delete your account and click on Next.

Select a reason and click next.

5. Type DELETE into the given box and click on Delete account.

Type DELETE into the given box and click on Delete account

Method 3: Contact Lyft Support

You can also send an email to the Lyft support team to help cancel your account. All you have to do is follow these steps as mentioned:

1. Go to your Gmail account and click on the Compose option.

2. In the To field, enter the Lyft support email address

3. Then, enter Lyft Account Deletion Request in the Subject field.

4. Enter your account deletion request.

5. Lastly, click on Send.

Note: If the support team asks you for more account details, provide them with that.

Contact Lyft Support

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How Long Does It Take to Delete Lyft Account?

When you cancel your Lyft account, your personal information isn’t deleted right away. Instead, Lyft waits for about 45 days before sending you an email to confirm the deletion of your account. After this period, your account vanishes from Lyft’s platform. However, don’t forget to unsubscribe from Lyft.

Does Deleting Lyft App Delete Your Account?

No, deleting the Lyft app won’t delete your account. Uninstalling the app from your device doesn’t impact your account; your credentials are retained. You can reinstall Lyft and log in using your information.

However, if you don’t use your account for an extended period, Lyft will send you an email after 45 days to see if you’re still using the app. If there’s no positive response, Lyft will delete your data, and you won’t be able to access your account anymore.

We hope you have gained insights into whether you can delete your Lyft account and start over or not. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us via the comments section. Also, stay updated with our website for more informative content!

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