Can I Cancel My DIRECTV Service and Keep My Internet?

Explore the possibility of suspending this satellite TV package while keeping your internet connection intact.

If you solely rely on online streaming platforms for content, you might consider suspending your DIRECTV subscription. However, since AT&T owns this satellite service, you may worry that canceling it could also lead to the termination of your internet plan. Follow this guide to understand if you can cancel your DIRECTV and keep the internet service unchanged.

Can I Cancel My DIRECTV Service and Keep My Internet?

Can I Cancel My DIRECTV Service and Keep My Internet?

Yes, you can suspend your DIRECTV service and still retain your internet service. If you have DIRECTV as your TV provider and AT&T as your internet service provider, you have the option to cancel your DIRECTV subscription while continuing to use AT&T for internet connectivity. These services are separate, allowing you to make independent decisions regarding each one.

What Happens When You Cancel DIRECTV?

If you cancel DIRECTV before the term of the contract, you are liable to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

Note: If you want to suspend your DIRECTV STREAM service, you are bound by the DIRECTV cancellation policy.

  • If you cancel your DIRECTV STREAM service within the free trial period and keep the internet service, you are not required to pay any service charge.
  • If you suspend it after the free trial period, you are charged for the service for the next 30 days. Furthermore, you will not get any refund or credit from DIRECTV whatsoever.
  • If you suspend your DIRECTV STREAM service within 14 days of the purchase of your subscription, you will receive a full refund of all charges paid. However, on canceling the service after 14 days of purchase, you will not receive a refund from DIRECTV whatsoever.
  • If you are subject to a term commitment with DIRECTV, you are liable to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF) if you suspend the service after 14 days of purchase. The maximum estimated ETF is $360, divided by $15 per month, for each month remaining on your commitment of 24 months. You are not required to pay an ETF if you cancel it within 14 days of purchase.

DIRECTV cancellation policy page

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How Much Does It Cost to Suspend DIRECTV?

No charges are applicable if you want to suspend DIRECTV service for personal reasons, disaster relief, or military deployment. You need to place a call at 800.DIRECT TV. When prompted, say Suspend services, then follow the instructions to temporarily suspend your DIRECTV service.

Do I Have to Return DIRECTV Equipment If I Cancel?

Yes, you have to return the DIRECTV equipment if you cancel the DIRECTV service and keep the internet plan. The DIRECTV equipment must be returned to AT&T within 21 days from the cancellation date; failing this, you will have to pay an equipment charge.

Note: You only need to return the DIRECTV receivers and other equipment as mentioned. The dish need not be returned as it belongs to you.

What to Do with DIRECTV Equipment after Cancellation?

The DIRECTV equipment should be returned to AT&T after the cancellation of the DIRECTV service. To return the equipment, you need to go to your nearest FedEx office or UPS Store with your DIRECTV account and the equipment. The packing and shipping of the equipment will be taken care of for you at no cost, and the process barely takes 5 minutes to complete.

Note: You are advised to initiate your equipment return within 10 days of your service cancellation. Otherwise, you may be billed for non-returned equipment while it is in transit. You must also keep the receipt with the tracking ID.

UPS Store Locator website

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Do I Own My DIRECTV Equipment?

No, you do not own the DIRECTV equipment. They are leased out to you during your subscription period and will be returned to AT&T after service cancellation within 21 days to avoid equipment charges. So, you can cancel your DIRECTV service and keep your AT&T internet subscription.

Can I Transfer My DIRECTV to Another Person?

Yes, you can transfer your DIRECTV billing responsibilities to another account or person. All the internet, TV, or digital phone services must be transferred to your address. The new account owner receiving the TV, internet, or digital phone services needs to keep the service at the same service address.

Note: If you only have DIRECTV service at your address, you cannot transfer billing responsibilities to another person.

We hope this comprehensive guide has addressed your questions about if you can cancel your DIRECTV and keep your internet service. So, you can conveniently continue your internet AT&T internet plans without continuing the DIRECTV package. Leave your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more informational guides.

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