45+ Best Web Series Telegram Channels

I love to watch web series on Amazon Prime. If I start a web series, I try to finish it as soon as possible. And I consider watching it as a great way to spend time with your loved ones. I know many of you watch it with your friends and finish it in a day. I also did the same when I was in college. My younger brother also uses Netflix to watch the series. Now you know the background of what we will be talking about. So, let us begin with the topic and discuss the web series telegram channel and best telegram channel for web series. But please note that we do not endorse any channels that offer such content due to copyright infringement. Due to copyright infringement issues, these channels might eventually get blocked. Continue reading to know about Hotstar web series Telegram channel and Netflix series Telegram channel link.

45+ Best Web Series Telegram Channels

Best Web Series Telegram Channels

I do not recommend you to watch the content using Telegram. I suggest you get the subscription and watch whenever you want. If you take the subscription, you do not need to download and watch whenever you want. Apart from this, you will never have to worry about PC or Smartphone storage. But for informational purposes, we have mentioned the web series telegram channel, Netflix series Telegram channel link, and many others. So, please keep reading to learn about it.

List of Netflix Series Telegram Channel with Links


You will fall in love with the content that Netflix has. All my close friends have its subscription and watch movies on it. Even I watch movies on it with my brother. But here we will be telling you about the Netflix series Telegram channel. We have presented the information in table form below. Some of Netflix series Telegram channel link provided below provides news related to actor and actress. So, if you are a big fan of some specific actor or actress, you can refer to that channel and get all the updates about your favorite actors.

Channel name Number of subscribers as on December 2022 Description
Movies Masaala [Hindi] 56,214 You can get access to Hindi and south Indian movies.
WEBSERIES COLLECTION 19,792 The content provided on WEBSERIES COLLECTION is taken from other channels and the internet.
8 Great Movies 406,702 It is one of the best Netflix series telegram channel link.
NETFLIX HOLLYWOOD BOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND WEBSERIES 371 As the name of the channel suggests, it provides series available on Netflix.
NEW HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND WEBSERIES 476 It will provide you with a new download link for new Hollywood movies and web series.
NETFLIX GROUP 3405 It provides you with the link to series and movies on Netflix.
NETFLIX TV [Group Chat] 4418 This is for group chat; no links are allowed in this channel.
Paranormal Netflix series 14,437 It is a channel that has information related to the paranormal Netflix series season 1
MONEY HEIST 274618 This channel provides all the news related to the actors and actresses of Money Heist. So, if you are a fan of them, you may join this channel and get all the latest updates.
Netflix Tamil Web Series 33982 It is one of the famous telegram channels that provide you with the link.
HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND SERIES 463 It is a new channel on Telegram.

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List of Hotstar Web Series Telegram Channels

hotstar web series movies disney

Another streaming channel that we will be talking about is Hotstar. But here we will talk about the Hotstar web series Telegram channel. It is recommended to take its subscription plan. As the plan offered by Hotstar is budget-friendly.

Channel name Number of subscribers as on December 2022 Channel description
Disney Hotstar 2325 It provides all the information related to the new web series on Disney Hotstar.
Hotstar Movies 67,796 It provides the link for movies that are available on Hotstar.
HOTSTAR WEB SERIES MOVIES DISNEY 21387 This telegram channel provides a review of Indian language movies. As the page respects copyright laws, so it does not paste any movie links.
HOTSTAR NETFLIX WEBSERIES AND MOVIES 307 It is one of the channels that you can consider.
Hotstar, Amazon Prime Disney 221097 It is one of the famous channels on Telegram.
Hotstar Disney Plus Movies 55433 The post on this channel is for informational purposes only.
HOTSTAR DISNEY WEBSERIES 9291 It is also one of the new channels on Telegram that provides information related to Hotstar.
HotStar Disney Plus Movies News 30,498 It provides news related to movies on HotStar.
DISNEY PLUS HOTSTAR HINDI MOVIE 12 It is a new channel on Telegram.
HotStar Kannada Films 6260 It provides HotStar Kannada movies.
Escaype HotStar|Jersey Movie 100 37843 It has not provided any information in its bio.
HotStar Disney Web Series 8953 It is one of the Telegram that you can refer.
Disney Hotstar Plus New Movies 123785 It has a huge fan base, which its number of subscribers can prove.

List of MX Player Web Series Telegram Channels

MX Player Alt balaji web series

Now that you know about various Hotstar web series telegram channel, let us move on. Here we have presented some MX play web series Telegram channel. Not all the channels mentioned below violate copyright laws. Also, some of the channels discussed below may provide updates on movies and web series that will be coming on streaming channels. Apart from this, news related to actors and actresses may be provided. Many of the channels may also present reviews on the web series.

Channel name Number of subscribers as on 9 January 2023 Description
MX Player|Alt Balaji Web Series 60661 The channel respects copyright laws; thus, it only provides a link to movie reviews and review channels.
MX player movie and web series 912 It is one of the MX player web series telegram channel.
MX Player Movie Web Series Videos 6680 This channel does not upload any copyrighted content.
MX PLAYER ORIGINAL 13 It is a new channel on Telegram.

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List of Best Telegram Channels for Web Series


After the MX Player web series Telegram channel, here we have presented the best Telegram channels for web series. However, please note that many channels mentioned here might get blocked because they violate copyright law. Also, it is not safe considering the privacy infringement. So, it is better to take a subscription.

Channel name Number of subscribers as of 9 January 2023 Channel description
NEW HINDI WEBSERIES AND MOVIES 753 It is one of the best telegram channels for web series.
Hollywood Movies 2022 29 It is one of the new channels on Telegram.
Altbalaji Ullu Hotshot WebSeries Zee5 405 It is one of best web series telegram channels.
BOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD MOVIE 8 It has provided the disclaimer all the content is either taken from the internet or forwarded.
Netflix Hotstar Prime Video Zee5 937 It is one of the best telegram channels for web series.
NETFLIX AMAZON PRIME VIDEO ZEE5 HOTSTAR MX PLAYER WEB SERIES 1201 It is one of the best channel on Telegram.
Zee5 And Netflix Movies All 1 It is a new channel, and since the number of subscribers is one, not much is known about it.
Zee5 Telgu|Zee5 OTT|Zee5 Movies|Zee5 serials|Zee5 Telgu serials 2504 It is one of the best channel on Telegram.
Zee5 movies TV shows, web series 2560 If you are looking for channel on Telegram that is related to web series, then this is one of the channel.
Hot Web Series HD 10434 It has a huge fan base which shows that it is one of the best channel on Telegram.
Zee5 movies TV shows web series 2561 The channel provides no bio. So we cannot give any information on it.
Zee5 Mod Resso Ullu Mod Canava mod Apk 51482 It is one of the best telegram channels for web series.
ALT Balaji 2940  
ALT BALAJI (ATL BALAJI) 219 It is also a new channel on Telegram.
Tamil Ullu Jollu Adult Web Series 944 It is a Telegram channel, and nothing is mentioned in its bio, so not much can be said about it.

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Other Web Series Telegram Channels

Here are some of best web series telegram channels that you can refer to. The list is presented below:


We hope our doc has guided you well in telling you about web series Telegram channel. So let us know about your favorite alternative, and leave your queries or suggestions in the comments section below. 

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