21 Best Trello Board Template Ideas

Converge your ideas, tasks, plans, and actions into Trello boards!

What’s the objective of an organization or an individual? Amplifying results, right? Trello comes as a versatile collaboration tool with to-do lists, wishlists, and memos all in one. It lets you create and manage lists, cards, & boards, to organize, structure, and layer workflows. However, do you struggle to identify a suitable board that meets your needs? Well, we will share with you our ideas on some of the best public Trello board templates specifically for students and businesses. Let the hunt begin.

Trello Board Ideas Revised

Best Trello Board Ideas & Examples

Whether you’re planning a party or mapping an app development, Trello boards can aid you plan and organize your tasks, events, and goals in a visually appealing manner. With its collaborative features, you can share your boards with others, which makes it ideal for tasks that involve multiple people. Before we start with our list, let’s see what are Public Trello boards.

What are Public Trello Boards

With Trello, users get a variety of board visibility settings to cater to different needs. These settings include Private, Public, Workspace, and Organization. Public boards are accessible to anyone on the internet who wishes to explore Trello’s full potential and reap its benefits. However, it’s important to note that search engines like Google do not index these boards.

  • Anyone with a Trello account can view Public Boards, only members can edit them.
  • The public can engage with these boards by voting or commenting on them, providing valuable feedback and insights.

Categorized under Public Trello boards, we have listed down a handful of templates for businesses and students.

Trello Templates for Business

These templates are our favorite ones that target different types of businesses and levels of organizations. You can choose any of these as preferred. Don’t forget to also look for power-ups that can elevate the performance of such templates.

1. Project Management

Project Management

Project Management is for those project managers who are looking for a template to track the tasks as well as the team’s performance.

  • Project Resources help keep track of documents, designs, references, scheduled meetings, plans, etc.
  • Questions for Next Meetings is a separate column for all the doubts and queries
  • To do helps to schedule and plan tasks for future and work-in-progress projects assigned
  • Pending is used to evaluate the progress of a task and plan accordingly
  • Done is used to drag and drop a task or job when turns from a simple idea to a successful action

2. Weekly Team Meetings Template

Weekly Team Meetings Template | best-trello-board-ideas

In a business organization, team meetings are essential for employers and managers to interact better with employees and team members about plans, objectives, strategies, conducts, and so forth. The Weekly Team Meetings board helps users keep track of the discussions that take place in such meetings, target the agenda for the next meeting, and also maintain a reference of old meetings.

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3. Product Roadmap Template

Product Roadmap Template

You might have heard of the phrase, A goal without a plan is just a wish. A roadmap is essential for efficiency, and hence our next Trello board idea, the Product Roadmap template.

  • In addition to tracking company activities, users can identify and track any product backlog
  • Give proper priority to upcoming moves and create a clear framework for the development phase
  • Organize customer feedback and user experiences for quick reference
  • Mark development and design requirements, steps to keep in mind, on checklists
  • Additional power-ups such as Zendesk, Twitter, and Intercom to add requests and issues

4. Website Task Planner Template

Website Task Planner Template | best trello board ideas

Website Task Planner Template as described by the developers is a 10 phases template for online businesses or individuals who are looking forward to an online presence of their brand. It can help you plan, design, create, test, and launch a professional-looking website. You get cards to map a website development, starting from Planning, Content Gathering, Early Site Creation, First Draft, Enhancement, Email list Setup, Quality Check, Publishing, Headache Mitigation, and Celebration.

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5. Employee Manual

Employee Manual

Regardless of the size of the organization, it is important to keep track of employees. An employee manual lays off ideas about the workforce, benefits, perks, and policies available to them. The idea to use the Employees Manual Trello board can prove a digital asset for you if you have multiple employees serving your firm.

  • Edit and maintain the manual in drag and drop
  • Card to greet an employee on the first day of his or her joining
  • Separate cards for benefits like Health, Gym, Disability Insurance, retirement, etc.
  • Vacation, Holiday, and Time-off cards with policies, sick leave, paid and unpaid time-off, etc.
  • List for Remote workers including benefits and other details
  • Official and unofficial travel expenses, guidelines, and policies

6. CRM Pipeline Template

CRM Pipeline Template | best trello board ideas

Effective customer relationship management is important for the success of any business organization. It involves building & maintaining strong relationships with customers and understanding their needs and preferences. Improved customer satisfaction ultimately drives revenue growth. CRM Pipeline Template from the Trello team is an ideal choice for such actions.

  • Create a pipeline to access and organize potential leads and incoming requests
  • Contact info and notes on individual leads’ cards
  • Add follow-up requests, emails, and more to cards
  • Track business development, due dates, conducts, and successful implementations

7. A CRM & Sales Pipeline

A CRM & Sales Pipeline

You also need to track sales and balance customer relationship management for sustainable and continual growth. In addition, you need to generate leads and attract potential consumers. A CRM & Sales Pipeline helps in that and helps you store details throughout and efficiently.

  • Generate deals by adding a new card to the Crmble list
  • Import deals from a Spreadsheet using CSV or Excel
  • Spreadsheet rows converted into Crmble cards can be moved and organized with pre-configured fields
  • Crmble Dashboard to help in reviewing charts
  • Integrated Gmail feature into cards to ease the process of sending emails to contacts
  • Message snippets in card activity to keep track of conversations
  • Google Sync to connect the user’s Google account and create a contact manually
  • Easy upload of card attachments to Google Drive

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8. Kanban Template

Kanban Template | best trello board ideas

Kanban Template, designed by the Trello Engineering team is one of the most popular Trello templates for business. This is like a roadmap that knocks different stages of work, like software development. The template is quite simple to understand and organize.

  • Add pending tasks to the Backlog list.
  • Designing tasks for the software should be placed in the Design list
  • Surrounding tasks that are yet to be done can be under To Do list
  • Active tasks are placed under Doing and once done, it’s moved to Code Review
  • The last part is Testing and the final product is moved to Done

Some more Kanban Trello templates are:

Trello templates for Students

Trello is a pleasant surprise for students as well who love things organized in digitalized manner. It offers numerous templates for educational purposes, benefiting both students and teachers alike. Let’s explore some of these Trello board template ideas.

1. Plan your Studies – Vet Student

Plan your Studies - Vet Student

The Plan your Studies- Vet Student Trello board is a specially designed template for veterinary students to plan and keep a check on their studies and plan accordingly based on exams. This board helps to track the progress of the course, self-studies, revisions, and much more.

  • A to-do list to plan specific work list for future dates
  • Weekly planner with cards for individual days of the week

2. Syllabus Template

Syllabus Template | best trello board ideas

Syllabus Template is useful for both teachers and students. It helps teachers arrange all the elements of a course. Using this template, the teacher or professor can lay out specific texts, assignments, themes, and more for students. In addition, the teacher or professor can plan future course structure and track to be followed.

Individual topics can be added to individual cards that can also be further divided into sessions with each session containing details of what was completed. This helps even students gain insights about what is left to be taught and how much they have progressed.

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3. Teacher: Weekly Planning

Teacher: Weekly Planning

Planning is an important aspect in any sector, or organization, for any particular task and conduct. It’s the same in education as well where teachers need to plan their sessions and classes. The Teacher: Weekly Planning template in the Trello board ideas we picked, suggestive of its name consists of cards that help the teacher in planning his or her conduct in a better way.

  • Make a board for individual classes
  • List down separate weeks of a particular semester
  • In the cards, you can note the sessions and topics yet to be taught
  • Done list consists of topics covered

4. Plan Your Life

Plan Your Life | best trello board ideas

It’s not just the lessons or exams that need to be planned. Often as students, you might feel lost among the multiple paths you have to take and restless to look forward to what new challenges await your yet-to-be-earned goals. It could be your social life, career aspirations, finances, health, etc. The Plan Your Life template can be listed among the admirable Trello templates for students that facilitate this process of journaling.

  • Self-awareness and affirmations to comply with things surrounding you
  • Identify your goals and write down a visionary statement
  • Creating a mind map of ideas and inspirations to excel in all factors

Some More Trello Board Ideas

Apart from the aforementioned templates for businesses and students, we also want to introduce you to more of the best Trello board examples.

1. Getting Things Done – GTD

Getting Things Done - GTD

Inspired by David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, the Getting Things Done Template is an organizer that allows the user to keep everything placed in perfection. Including notes, outlined ideas, to-do lists, plans and procedures, projects, SOPs, waiting lists, and much more, this template is like a personal diary with multiple pages divided into slots.

  • Power-Ups include Custom fields plus the option to add a calendar and a map
  • Board columns are for listing projects, ideas, drafts, planned actions, waiting for columns, agendas, and successful tasks
  • Board labels include categorization of tasks to be done anywhere, computer, calls, home, office, work, and other errands
  • Daily and Weekly checklists help users keep track of successes as well as areas that have scope for improvement, current status and to be prioritized tasks

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2. Annual Life Goals & Planning Template

Annual Life Goals & Planning Template | best trello board ideas

It’s not been long since the year started and you can still start. It’s never late to set goals, plan actions and start the chase. With the Annual life goals and planning template on Trello, the user can list down yearly goals to follow. These goals are portioned into smaller bites throughout the year as per the need and possibility.

A bigger success is backed by many smaller successes. The sense of sanity and satisfaction after accomplishing goals every month can keep you calm and geared up in the journey. Tracking of performance eases up.

3. Ultimate To-Do list

Ultimate To-Do list

An organized structure is imperative when it comes to personal growth. Our Trello board ideas are incomplete without the Ultimate To-Do List. It helps users maintain a task plan to redeem continuance in their personal and professional projects & goals. Just tick the checkboxes, involve in new projects, and arrange them one after another. You can scribble new ideas, plan daily and future tasks, and also keep a tab for requirements and waitlists

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4. Podcast Workflow Template

Podcast Workflow Template | best trello board ideas

For Adaptavist Live and Team Titans podcasts, these templates are a bang. It helps in jotting down resources for the podcast as well as scheduling the episodes of the current week.

  • Other lists involve shortlisted content as well as awaited guests
  • Due promotional tasks can be added to the last list
  • Card titles can be easily copied from the exported Excel file and pasted into the podcast episode details

5. Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Nutrition and Health go hand-in-hand. Proper diet is non-negotiable when health is the factor to be considered. To ensure this, a Trello board template like Meal Planning comes in handy. It enables the user to not just plan the diet suitably but the elements that surround it as well.

  • Saves time planning the diet and meals for the week
  • Create master shopping lists, add a list of groceries, and plan for weekdays
  • Note down recipes and meal ideas under different categories like Freezes Well, Family Favorites, Quick and Easy, etc.
  • Add filtering labels such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.
  • Attach card cover picture for easy searching

6. Social Media Marketing Board

Social Media Marketing Board | best trello board ideas

The Social Media Marketing Board is for creators who publish content over Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and so forth other social media sites. Every platform can be associated with its custom field for better output.

  • Resources list contains cards that store social media support, inspiration, and generators
  • Pre-customed cards for the Manual, Strategy Workbook, and Social Media Checklist
  • Ideas card to write and save work niche including graphics, blog posts, videos, community engagement, and more
  • To-do list for planned tasks and Doing card for the ones that are being worked on
  • After the completion of tasks, they can be moved to Done
  • Once published/uploaded, the Performance list is entitled to record the engagement that a post generates

7. Bucket List

Bucket List

Amidst the Trello board ideas for almost every need, there is one more aspect left and that is satisfaction. Your Amazon Wishlist may contain items you haven’t yet purchased but would like to. We also believe that you have aspirations and desires beyond what you are already pursuing.

The Bucket List template on Trello serves as a tool to document all of your life’s ambitions and wishes. It allows you to explore, experience, and fulfill your dreams. Add Goals, What’s Next, Planning, Underway Courses, and fulfilled wishes.

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8. Book Clubs

Book Clubs | best trello board ideas

If you are an avid book reader who wants to connect with like-minded people who also love to read books of different genres and languages then the Book Clubs Trello template is an asset you would love. It is an amazing way to track and save the books you and members of your book club want to read.

  • Genres can be arranged into different lists
  • Each genre can have a book recommendation in cards
  • Books that are already read can be moved to the Done list

9. Wedding Party

Wedding Party

All the bridesmaids should have this one. Well, it seems so. The Wedding Party Trello template connects all the bride’s friends for the wedding event and pre-wedding bashes & planning.

  • Curated lists of events including Bachelorette party, Bachelor party, and Shower
  • Bridesmaid to-do list with cards for hairstyling, makeup, slideshows, and shoe shopping
  • The groom and his attendants can also use the template

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That is it! We hope these impressive Trello board ideas will fulfill your needs and help you stay on track, regardless of whether you are a student or a business person. Do give them a try and let the, help you improve your productivity. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below. 

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