How to Export Trello Board to Excel

Are you looking for a way to export Trello board to Excel? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of exporting Trello boards to Excel and provide a step-by-step guide to export Trello list to excel. With Trello and Excel, you can easily keep track of tasks, deadlines, and progress. Exporting your Trello board to Excel is a great way to ensure all your data is organized and accessible, no matter where you are. We’ll discuss all of this and more in this blog post. So, let’s get started!

How to Export Trello Board to Excel

How to Export Trello Board to Excel

Here, you will get to know about the methods to export Trello board to Excel in detail.

Introduction to Trello

Trello is an online project management tool that helps you organize and prioritize tasks, track progress, and collaborate with others. It is a great way to keep your projects organized, on track, and moving forward. Whether you are working on a large project or small task, Trello can help you stay organized and efficient. You can create boards for each project, assign tasks to yourself or other collaborators, and check off tasks as they are completed. And with Trello’s mobile app, you can stay organized and on track even when you’re on the go.

What are the Key Features of Trello?

Below listed are the key features of Trello:

  • Boards – Create and organize tasks on boards
  • Lists – Organize tasks into lists
  • Cards – Create cards with descriptions, labels and due dates
  • Checklists – Create checklists within cards to track progress
  • Labels – Label cards for easier organization
  • Members – Assign members to boards, lists, and cards
  • Notifications – Receive notifications when tasks are due
  • Assignments – Assign members to cards and tasks
  • Activity Log – Track activity and changes on the board
  • Automations – Create automated workflows to streamline processes
  • Attachments – Attach files to cards and lists
  • Calendar View – View tasks in a calendar view
  • Custom Fields – Create custom fields to track information
  • Power-Ups – Add additional features and integrations
  • Comments – Leave comments and feedback on cards
  • Search – Search for tasks, boards, and members
  • Filters – Filter cards by labels, members, and due dates
  • Security – Set security permissions for boards and cards
  • Time Tracking – Track time spent on cards and tasks
  • Voting – Vote on ideas or tasks within cards

Can You Export Trello Boards?

Yes, you can export Trello boards for different purposes. Trello boards can be exported as a JSON file, an Excel file, or a CSV file. Exporting your Trello boards allows you to have a copy of all the information you have added to your boards. This is especially useful if you are switching to a different project management system. It also allows you to back up your Trello boards so they can be recovered if they are ever lost or corrupted.

Why Export from Trello?

By using Trello, you can create boards, lists, and cards to organize projects and tasks. Exporting from Trello is a great way to back up your data, share it with others, and show progress. Exporting from Trello also allows you to easily create reports and visuals that can be used to present the progress of the project. You can generate exportable reports, timelines, and charts that can be used to illustrate the progress of a project. This can be helpful for presentations or meetings.

Steps to Export Trello Board to Excel

It’s an easy process that can help you organize and analyze your data quickly and efficiently. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to do it:

Note: To export Trello Board to CSV, you must have a premium account. Look into the pricing and switch to suitable prices.

1. Log in to Trello and open the board that you want to export.

Log in

2. Click the Menu icon in the right-hand corner of the board.

3. Select More and then Print and Export.

Select More and then Print and Export

4. Choose the Export to Excel (or CSV) option.

Choose the Export to Excel (or CSV) option

5. Select the columns and cards you want to export.

6. Select Export and your board will be converted into a .xlsx file.

7. Open the file in Excel and you’re ready to start organizing and analyzing your data.

To export Trello cards to excel is a great way to save time and quickly analyze your data. With just a few simple steps, you can make sure you have access to all the information you need in a format that’s easy to use.

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How to Export Trello Board to PDF

To Export Trello board to PDF is a great way to quickly and easily share the contents of your board with anyone, whether they use Trello or not. Here’s how to do it:

1. Make sure the Board Export Power-Up is turned on and authorised on your Trello board.

Board Export

2. Then, press the Board Export button at the top of the board and choose the lists you want to export.

3. Now, choose the format you want to export (Excel, CSV, PDF) and press the Export button.

4. Finally, when the file downloads, you can find your exported files. Now you have learnt how to export Trello board to pdf.

This is how you can export Trello board to PDF.

Drawbacks of Manually Exporting Trello to Excel

Here is a list of drawbacks of manually export Trello cards to excel.

  • Time consuming process
  • Error-prone due to manual entry
  • Difficult to maintain consistency in data formatting
  • Unreliable for large datasets
  • Difficult to track changes made to the data
  • Inconsistent data formats
  • Possible data loss during export
  • Lack of automation
  • Prone to human error
  • Difficult to automate reports
  • Potential for duplicate entries
  • Limited data analysis capabilities
  • Limited data visualization options
  • Increased risk of data corruption
  • Difficulty in sharing data with multiple users

How Do I Export Trello List to Excel?

You can export Trello board to Excel using the Export for Excel feature in the board menu as explained above.

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Pricing of Trello Board

The pricing of Trello Board is based on the number of users and the type of plan chosen. For an individual user, there are two plans available – a free plan and a paid plan. The free plan offers basic features, such as creating boards, lists, and cards, as well as assigning tasks and collaborating with others. With the paid plan, users can access additional features, such as customizing boards, creating checklists, and setting due dates. The pricing of Trello Board is also based on the billing cycle. For annual billing, the cost is $24/year ($2/month) per user for unlimited Trello boards. For monthly billing, the cost is $7.50/month per user for unlimited Trello boards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does the Exported Excel File Contain All of the Data From the Trello Board?

Ans. No, the exported Excel file does not contain all of the data from the Trello board. The Excel file will only contain the data that is currently visible on the board. If there are any hidden cards or lists, they will not be included in the Excel file.

Q2. Is There a Way to Export Only Certain Cards or Lists From a Trello Board?

Ans. Yes, you can export certain cards or lists from a Trello board by selecting the cards or lists you want to export and then clicking the More button at the top right of the board and selecting Export to JSON. This will generate a JSON file that contains the data for the cards and/or lists you selected.

Q3. Can I Export Trello Board to Excel on a Mobile Device?

Ans. Yes, you can export Trello board to Excel on both iOS and Android devices.

Q4. Is There a Way to Export Trello List to Another Format Other Than Excel?

Ans. Yes, there is a way to export Trello cards to excel to another format other than Excel. You can export your Trello board as a JSON file or a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. You can also export your Trello board as an HTML file or as an image. Additionally, you can use third-party software to export your Trello board to other formats such as PDF, XML, and more.

Q5. How Many Boards Can I Export at Once?

Ans. You can only export one board at a time.

Q6. Does Export Trello List to Excel Delete or Reset Any of the Data?

Ans. No, exporting a Trello board does not delete or reset any of the data. The exported board will contain everything that was present in the board at the time of export, including any customizations that have been made.

Q7. Can I Export Data From Multiple Boards Into One Excel File?

Ans. Yes, you can export data from multiple boards into one Excel file. To do so, you will need to use a third-party tool such as Trello Export or Boardview to export the data from each board and then combine the data into a single Excel file.

Q8. Do I Need Any Special Software or Plugins to Export a Trello Board to Excel?

Ans. No, you do not need any special software or plugins to export a Trello board to Excel. Trello provides an export feature that allows you to export your board to a comma-separated value (CSV) file, which can be opened in Excel.

Q9. Does Exporting a Trello Board to Excel Cost Anything?

Ans. No, exporting a Trello board to Excel does not cost anything. Trello offers a free version that allows users to export boards to Excel for free.


We hope this guide was useful and you have learned how to export Trello board to excel on your PC. For any doubts or questions regarding this guide, feel free to reach us via the comments section.

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