14 Best Stream Deck Uses

Stream Deck enhances productivity and efficiency for content creators, gamers, and professionals with customizable keys that streamline workflows. Learn about its versatility, from executing complex commands to automating tasks.

Stream Deck uses are vast and versatile that boost productivity and efficiency. It offers content creators, gamers, and professionals the ability to streamline their workflow with customizable keys. Whether you’re a Twitch streamer, a video editor, or a social media manager, there are endless cool things to do with Stream Deck. You can execute complex commands and automate tasks with a simple tap. Let’s find out what else is possible.

Best Stream Deck Uses

Best Stream Deck Uses

Stream Deck is a powerful tool for streamers and non-streamers. The non-streamers can use it to control frequently used software and automate routine tasks. Streamers can use it for switching scenes and triggering sound effects. Stream Deck comes with unlimited possibilities that we are going to discuss in this article.

Here is the list of tasks you can automate with Stream Deck.

1. Time tracking

Time Tracking

Time is precious and therefore tracking it is also necessary. You can use Stream Deck to track the time spent completing day-to-day tasks. Just push the button twice, first when you begin the task and then after finishing the task.

2. Output commonly used phrases

Typing out the same phrases is very monotonous but wait Stream Deck is there like a knight in shining armor. This can be done using the text command that will quickly output the common phrases thereby reducing the workload.

3. Set a Timer

This functionality of Stream Deck resembles an alarm clock. Timers can be set for performing important tasks that people skip because of their busy schedules. Set the duration and sound as per your convenience and then carry out the task.

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4. Resizing Windows

With endless windows flooding the screen, it becomes difficult to manage everything but relax, Stream Deck has got your back. You can minimize and maximize the windows as per your needs. Moreover, the size of the windows can be altered as well.

5. Controlling Video Calls

Video Calling | stream deck uses

Nowadays, meetings are majorly being conducted through Zoom and Microsoft Teams but sometimes the on-screen menu creates havoc for us. Stream Deck helps in controlling the technical things in a virtual meet thereby helping you to focus on what’s important.

6. Reopen your daily use programs

If you’re working on the same programs daily and want them to open together then you can choose Stream Deck. Surprised? It’s true, you can use the Multi-Action chain and Open command together for fulfilling this purpose.

7. Setting Slack Status

Using Slack for business communication? If yes, then you should integrate it with Stream Deck. It will help you update the status just with a push of a button thus saving your time. Stepping away from the desk is now easy.

8. Calendar Reminders

Calendar Reminders

There are so many meetings and keeping track of them is hard but Stream Deck will do it for you. The plugin displays the upcoming meetings and based on the dates it colors the icon.

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9. Some fun and games

We all need a break from our daily schedules and Stream Deck will help you in this. There are various games and brain teasers available via Stream Deck plugins that will relax your mind a bit.

10. Control the music

Controlling the music is the coolest thing you can do with Stream Deck. You can manage everything from volume to changing tracks with a single tap.

11. Controlling smart lights

Stream Deck can be used to control smart lights. Moreover, you can change the colors and set the brightness according to your needs. Additionally, you can configure different buttons for different lights at your place.

12. Chat easily on Discord

Discord Chat | stream deck uses

Streamers we have good news for you because operating your favorite communication platform is very easy now. Stream Deck will assist you in controlling the majority of functions of Discord. This remarkable idea for streamers will help them to stream for longer durations.

13. Mac shortcuts Activation

Apple users, we have good news for you as well. Stream Deck can be used to create Shortcuts on your devices. The Shortcuts can be easily activated right from the Stream Deck buttons.

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14. Literally anything

Stream Deck can be used for literally anything the only requirement is that you should be a programmer. Auto Hotkey can be used for creating simple and user-friendly automation tricks.

In conclusion, Stream Deck plugins enhance its functionality beyond basic use. With endless possibilities, you can carry out many cool things with Stream Deck, including streamlining workflow and controlling apps. The versatility of Stream Deck makes it a powerful tool for content creators and professionals alike. For your queries regarding Stream Deck uses, you can use the comment section given below.

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