Best Stream Deck Plugins for Streaming

Stream Deck plugins can optimize your workflow and productivity with features like audio controls and social media integrations. Explore stream deck plugins that will optimize your workflow and thus, productivity.

The best stream deck plugins offer a variety of functionalities that enhance your productivity. From audio controls to social media integrations, plugins offer a seamless and efficient user experience. With so many options available, your stream deck can be completely optimized to fulfill your needs. Go ahead to discover the power of these plugins.

Best Stream Deck Plugins for Streaming

Best Stream Deck Plugins for Streaming 

Stream Deck Plugins do not only benefit the streamers but they also benefit gamers, developers, and professionals. We have compiled a list of 20 popular plugins that can be used for enhancing the workflow. Do have a look.

1. StreamHydra

StreamHydra | best stream deck plugins for developers

As a streamer, it is common to use different third-party platforms like Discord, Twitch, and Minecraft together. But do you know that with the StreamHydra plugin, you can connect all of them? With more than eleven thousand downloads it can be considered as one of the best stream deck plugins for streaming.

2. Controller Controller

Roll your dice on Stream and bring different tools to your fingertips with Controller. The plugin was last updated in 2022 that enabled the users to assign roller names to dice rolls. Controller is compatible with Windows 10, MacOS 10.11, and Stream Deck 4.1.

3. Tobii Ghost

Tobii Ghost | best stream deck plugins for developers

Proper audience engagement is gold for streamers and it is possible with Tobii Ghost. The plugin will help you to limit the content you want your audience to see providing a new interactivity level. The plugin lets you switch between different profiles.

4. PolyPop


PolyPop is a Stream Deck plugin helping streamers to initiate creative things in PolyPop Live. The PolyPop Live is a toolkit designed for live streaming that offers endless creative possibilities for audience engagement. Polypop is the best plugin for streaming which is compatible with Stream Deck 4.1 and Windows 10.


UDTS | best stream deck plugins for developers

The UDTS plugin enables you to control Update The Stream. It is a tool specially designed to automate match results and esports scores on your live stream. For a global audience, the plugin is available in the English language moreover it is compatible with Windows 10 and Stream Deck version 4.1.

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Best Stream Deck Plugins for Developers

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a powerful development tool that performs various functions like debugging and task running. The Visual Studio Code plugin has been released that will help you to integrate it with Stream Deck. It is compatible with Stream Deck 4.1 and later versions.

2. My IP


As the name suggests My IP plugin helps you in displaying your public IP address. It supports many languages including Spanish and Korean. A dropdown is added in the latest update of the plugin helping users to select their service provider. This is a popular stream deck plugin for development having more than 29 thousand downloads.

3. API Ninja

API Ninja

This amazing development plugin allows you to send many API commands like POST/PUT/GET. The result of the commands sent by you is then visible on the Stream Deck. API Ninja has been developed by BarRaider who are responsible for creating many plugins for different platforms.

4. Unity

Unity | best stream deck plugins for developers

Unity is a tool used by developers and designers to create interactive experiences. The Unity plugin helps with the integration of this tool with Stream Deck. With this amazing development plugin, you can carry out many tasks.

5. DevOps for StreamDeck

DevOps for StreamDeck

DevOps plugin helps you to check the status of your GitHub actions and Travis CL projects. The plugin was updated last where the developers provided support for GitHub notifications and GitLab TODOs. With more than seventeen thousand downloads DevOps is among the popular development plugins.

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Best Stream Deck Plugins for Increasing Productivity

1. Toggl


Always running out of time? Relax Toggl plugin is here which can be used to track time on Stream Deck. It has more than thirty thousand downloads thus it can be considered as one of the best plugins for productivity.

2. Days Until

Days Until | best stream deck plugins for developers

The countdown is the word that concisely describes the Days Until plugin. This plugin displays the number of days remaining for the date set by you. Moreover, you can add a creative touch by customizing text, and color and adding custom images for that particular day.

3. Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer

We all need work-life balance and that’s exactly what the Tomato Timer plugin does. It tells you the duration of your work and breaks, therefore, helps you in balancing out your productivity. This plugin is compatible with Stream Deck 4.1 and later versions.

4. TextToSpeech


Convert your text into speech using a single Stream Deck button with the TextToSpeech plugin. The plugin increases your productivity because whatever you want to convey has been nicely written beforehand and now the plugin will do the rest.

5. SwitchTo

SwitchTo | best stream deck plugins for developers

Focusing on what’s important exponentially increases your productivity and SwitchTo helps you in this regard. It helps you to focus on the main window of the process. In the new update, the users can specify the parameters if they’re unable to find the main window.

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Best Stream Deck Plugins for Gaming

1. Disco Visual Effects

Disco Visual Effects

Developed by BarRaider Disco Visual Effects lets you run cool visual effects on Stream Deck. With more than 140k downloads. Disco Visual Effects is compatible with Stream Deck 5.0 and later versions.

2. Stream Deck Games

Stream Deck Games

Let’s have some fun with Stream Deck Games plugin. It lets you display many games on your device and is compatible with 5.0 and later versions of Stream Deck.

3. Dice

Dice | best stream deck plugins for developers

Dice is a simple plugin allowing users to roll dice. In the new update of the plugin, users can roll multiple dice with a single press of a button. It is compatible with Stream Deck 4.1 and later versions.

4. Memory Game

Memory Game

Do you want to save yourself from Alzheimer’s disease? If yes, then the Memory Game plugin is for you. This useful gaming plugin helps you in keeping your brain in shape. There is a memory card game in the plugin that will keep your memory sharp.

5. Minecraft Stats

Minecraft Stats

Minecraft fans we have good news for you because the Minecraft Stats plugin will inform you about the stats of your favorite server from the game. This plugin focuses on Minecraft and thus it can be considered a game-specific tool.

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That’s all folks! Stream Deck plugins are a game-changer if you’re a streamer looking to take your content to the next level. These add-ons produce high-quality content and help in streamlining the workflow thus enhancing the functionality of your device. For any other queries, you can use the comment section below.

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