22 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free

Never miss out on your favorite movies and shows

In a world where streaming services abound, finding the best sites to watch TV shows online for free has become an art. Say goodbye to subscription fees as we unveil a carefully curated list of platforms that offer you your favorite series, all while keeping your hard-earned cash right where it belongs.

Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free

Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free

Whether you’re a fan of gripping dramas or a sitcom enthusiast, our compilation of the best sites to watch series online free will not only save you bucks but also introduce you to a realm of digital entertainment that’s as diverse as it is captivating.

1. Project Free TV

Project Free TV

Project Free TV was a widely-known online platform that offered free streaming of TV shows and movies from various sources. Operating from the early 2000s until its shutdown in 2017, it gained popularity for its extensive content library and user-friendly interface. However, it operated in a legal gray area, often hosting copyrighted material without proper licensing. Despite its convenience, users faced potential risks due to the uncertain legality of the content exposure to malicious ads and potential copyright infringement issues.

  • Free access to diverse TV shows and movies without subscription fees on Project Free TV.
  • Extensive content library spanning various genres and eras.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and show discovery.
  • Timely updates with new episodes shortly after the original airing.
  • Community engagement through comments and reviews.

2. Tubi


Tubi is a prominent American streaming service that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows for free, supported by ads. Established in 2014, Tubi has gained popularity for its expansive content library and user-friendly platform. It provides viewers with the ability to access a diverse selection of content without the need for a subscription, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious users. Its partnership with major studios and networks allows for a consistent stream of popular and classic titles, appealing to various tastes and preferences.

  • An ad-supported model with ads during playback enables free user access.
  • Intuitive interface for easy content navigation and discovery.
  • Accessible across devices like smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and browsers.
  • Personalization features include watchlists, cross-device playback, and tailored recommendations.
  • Parental controls are available for age-appropriate content.
  • Refreshed content library with regular additions and rotations for freshness.

3. Soap2day


Soap2day has gained prominence as one of the largest free sources for TV shows on the internet. With an extensive list of TV series spanning over a hundred pages, the platform boasts a comprehensive collection that includes best-rated, popular, cult classics, and lesser-known series. The site’s remarkable selection of shows, coupled with regular episode updates, ensures that viewers can keep up with their favorite shows without significant delays. It is indeed one of the best sites to watch TV shows online for free.

  • Movies, sports content, and new releases are also available.
  • A User-friendly interface ensures hassle-free streaming.
  • Ads are present but kept at a relatively low frequency.
  • The content reporting feature enhances user experience.
  • Multiple official domains provide optimal speed and accessibility.

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4. Crackle

Crackle | Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

Crackle, a well-known streaming platform, gained significant popularity during its ownership by Sony Pictures before being acquired by Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment. This service offers a variety of on-demand movies, TV series, and original content. Its US library is notably extensive, featuring a diverse range of content. For international users, a VPN service is necessary to access Crackle’s offerings. The platform supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

  • Original shows and movies contribute to its unique content collection.
  • Expanding TV series lineup complements its movie offerings.
  • Accessible in the US and 20+ other countries, with a focus on the US library.
  • VPN is needed for users outside the US due to regional restrictions.
  • Available on Android and iOS devices through dedicated apps.

5. Couchtuner


Couchtuner is a dedicated platform solely focused on TV series, making it a go-to destination for binge-watchers seeking a diverse range of TV shows across various genres. While it doesn’t offer movies, it caters well to TV enthusiasts and even has a decent selection of anime titles. Despite its dated interface, Couchtuner remains user-friendly, featuring a prominent search bar and categorized headers for easy navigation.

  • Stands out with ad-free streaming for uninterrupted viewing.
  • No registration is needed, simplifying access to content.
  • Community engagement through a Telegram group for discussions and requests.
  • Old but navigable interface with a search bar and categories.

6. MKVKing


MKVKing is a notable online platform recognized for hosting a diverse collection of movies and TV series in the MKV format. The site has gained popularity for its extensive array of content, spanning various genres and categories. While it predominantly focuses on MKV format, which is known for high-quality video and audio compression, the platform offers options for different resolutions, catering to viewers’ preferences. It’s important to note that the legality and sourcing of content on MKVKing might be questionable, making it essential for users to consider ethical and legal alternatives for their streaming needs.

  • MKVKing offers a wide array of movies and TV series across genres.
  • Focuses on the MKV video format known for high-quality compression.
  • User-friendly interface with a search bar and categorized sections.
  • Emphasis on providing content with good video and audio quality.

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7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV | Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

Pluto TV stands out as a unique streaming service, resembling traditional cable TV in its approach. Operating as an over-the-top (OTT) service, it delivers TV signals via the Internet, distinguishing it from over-the-air (OTA) broadcasting. The platform offers a diverse selection of over 200 TV channels, many of which are dedicated to TV shows. Viewers can explore the current live offerings rather than selecting specific TV shows. Available on various devices, including desktop, mobile (Android and iOS), FireStick, Roku, Chromecast, and gaming consoles, Pluto TV offers an alternative way to enjoy TV content.

  • A diverse selection of 200+ channels, including many for TV shows.
  • A blend of live-streamed and on-demand content.
  • Pluto TV Guide aids in scheduling live shows.

8. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video stands as one of the most recognizable premium streaming services in the market, boasting over 100 million active users and positioning itself as a major competitor to streaming giant Netflix. While subscription-based, Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial that grants access to its extensive content library, encompassing TV shows, movies, and anime. Renowned for its original content like The Lord of the Rings prequel, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the platform also extends entertainment to include songs, albums, and Kindle books.

  • A 30-day free trial grants access to all content.
  • Subscription plans are available post-trial with optional add-ons like TV channels.
  • Accessible on devices including web browsers, Android, iOS, and FireStick.

9. Yidio


Yidio.com serves as a comprehensive online platform that aggregates various streaming services into one convenient hub. It offers users the ability to select the TV series they wish to watch, then redirects them to third-party websites where the content is streamed. While some content may require a fee, Yidio also presents a free content section, granting access to favorite TV episodes from selected third-party sources. This makes Yidio.com one of the best sites to watch TV shows online for free.

  • Some free content might be in short episode clips, but third-party links vary.
  • Focus on high-quality video streaming.
  • Hosts popular sitcoms for enhanced viewer appeal.
  • Simplifies content discovery and access from various streaming sources.

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10. Shush.se

Shush.se | Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

Shush.se stands out as a popular platform offering a diverse array of films and TV series for viewers to choose from. Its extensive collection includes TV shows, reality TV, and movies, providing an avenue to easily catch up on missed entertainment. Highlighting its strengths, the site offers the latest English TV series. Additionally, the site’s content might not be suitable for a child-safe work environment due to the presence of explicit and inappropriate ads, including nudity and spam pop-ups.

  • Content available in full HD quality.
  • Shush extension installation may be required.
  • Convenient access to missed movies and TV shows.

11. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Internet Archive, famously known for its Wayback Machine that archives web pages, also serves as a valuable resource for accessing offline or cached web content and tracking the historical evolution of websites. Beyond this, it offers a significant collection of vintage recorded TV shows, TV documentaries, government videos, event footage, and more.

  • Content filtering options by year, subject, creator, and language.
  • All content is free and part of the public domain.
  • Provides classic entertainment from bygone eras.
  • The diverse collection includes TV shows, documentaries, government videos, and events.
  • Drawbacks include shortages in fresh content and limited high-quality videos.

12. Noxx


Noxx, an extension of the popular AtoZ Movies streaming website, offers a platform for streaming free TV shows in high-definition quality. Additionally, it comes with its parent high-quality movie site, accessible through the Movies menu option. Noxx boasts an elegantly designed user interface in a sleek dark mode, resembling the aesthetics of paid streaming services like Netflix.

  • User-friendly, clutter-free design for easy navigation.
  • Frequent updates to the TV show library.
  • Continue Watching the feature for seamless content resumption.
  • The home page presents limited categories like Aired This Week, Top Rated, and Recently Added.
  • User ratings and trailers are available to aid content choices.

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13. TV Muse

TV Muse

TV Muse stands as an appealing option for viewers who seek the ability to download TV series episodes rather than solely streaming them. This streaming site offers a download feature, enabling offline viewing of saved videos. With widespread popularity and a substantial visitor base, TV Muse provides free TV shows and movies to a broad audience, despite having faced takedowns due to copyright violations in the past. Currently operational, the platform offers streaming links for a range of popular and lesser-known movies and TV shows.

  • Clean and visually pleasing user interface with no intrusive ads.
  • Features a decent collection of both TV shows and movies.
  • TV Schedule/Calendar helps users anticipate upcoming content releases.
  • Users can request specific TV shows or movies for inclusion.

14. WatchSeries HD

WatchSeries HD | Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

WatchSeries HD lives up to its name by offering a platform for users to watch TV shows online in high-definition quality. Renowned as one of the most popular free streaming services, it attracts a substantial daily visitor count seeking TV shows, movies, and anime. The website boasts an extensive collection of content, encompassing TV shows, HD movies, anime, and Korean drama series. Each TV show episode presents multiple streaming links or sources, ensuring minimal chances of missing out due to unavailability. It is indeed one of the best sites to watch TV shows online for free.

  • No mandatory sign-up; optional features include My Shows organization.
  • Minimal advertisements for a non-intrusive experience.
  • Registered users can curate their favorite TV shows with “My Shows.”
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Hosts diverse content: TV shows, HD movies, and anime.

15. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time stands out as an open-source BitTorrent project equipped with an integrated media player, born from the collaboration of developers aiming to offer users a wide array of TV shows and movies at no cost. Branded as a free alternative to platforms like Netflix, Popcorn Time has garnered favorable comparisons to the streaming giant, attracting numerous visitors.

  • Sources content from various torrent sites, resulting in a massive collection.
  • Provides high-quality streaming links in full HD.
  • Usability concerns require some understanding of torrent operations.
  • Integrated media player for seamless viewing.
  • The open-source nature encourages community contributions and improvements.

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16. Primewire TV

Primewire TV

Primewire boasts a deceptively rudimentary user interface that belies its substantial content offerings. This free streaming site hosts a plethora of high-quality movies and TV shows spanning diverse genres. Users can opt for standard or HD-quality streaming, tailored to their connection speed, and even download content for offline viewing. While the site has faced intermittent downtime due to copyright-related issues, it remains renowned for offering an extensive range of free TV shows online.

  • Notable collection of anime series with subtitles.
  • Despite its dated appearance, Primewire has an intuitive interface.
  • Categories like genres, latest uploads, and rankings for easy content discovery.
  • Advanced search filters enable refined searches based on quality, release year, subtitles, genres, and more.

17. LookMovie


Despite its name, LookMovie offers an extensive collection of TV shows available for free online viewing. The site is consistently updated with daily content additions, ensuring swift access to the latest TV show episodes shortly after airing. This feature positions LookMovie as a prominent streaming platform for watching TV shows online. Overall it is one of the best sites to watch TV shows online for free.

  • Diverse genres include action, adventure, comedy, drama, and more.
  • Effective filtering by genres, years, ratings, and listing order.
  • Reliable streaming experience with minimal intrusive ads.
  • Content maintains reasonably clear quality, though not all in HD.
  • A donation option in Bitcoin is available to support the website.

18. CONtv


CONtv caters to a specific niche, offering a unique streaming experience centered around comics, genre movies, TV shows, and live panels from popular events like Comic-Con. This platform provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to engage in these interests remotely, without the need for physical presence at events.

  • Diverse content includes anime, videos, comics, and manga.
  • Monthly anime updates bring new titles regularly.
  • Subscribers get exclusive access to sneak peeks, cosplay, discounts, and more.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and search.
  • Offers both free and premium versions; CONtv VIP for ad-free streaming.
  • Accessible on various devices, including Android, iOS, FireStick, and Roku.

19. WatchMovieStream

WatchMovieStream | Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

WatchMovieStream boasts an extensive library, claiming to offer streaming links for over 40,000 TV shows and movies. While the claim cannot be verified, the website does hold a substantial collection of media content available for high-definition streaming.

  • Aggregates links from third-party sources like Openload, Primewire, and Putlocker.
  • Offers high-definition streaming for a wide range of content.
  • Navigable user interface, despite some clutter affecting visibility.
  • Ad experience is manageable, aiding user navigation.

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20. Tinyzone TV

Tinyzone TV

Tinyzone TV contradicts its name with an extensive content library encompassing more than 25,000 TV shows and movies available for streaming. The platform features a diverse range of genres, including action, thrillers, drama, sci-fi, mystery, comedy, and more. Daily uploads ensure access to the latest releases of favorite shows and movies.

  • HD and full HD quality streaming performance.
  • Modern, clutter-free interface for easy navigation.
  • Filter button aids efficient content search.
  • Ads are infrequent and non-explicit.
  • Android app is available for streamlined mobile streaming.

21. Cineb


Cineb is a relatively new entrant to the field, resulting in its current modest daily visitor count. However, its potential for growth is promising, placing it on this list of top sites for watching TV shows online. The platform earns recognition for its expanding content database, quality links, and user-friendly interface. All this makes it one of the best sites to watch TV shows online for free.

  • “Top IMDB” menu for exploring highly ranked TV shows.
  • Advanced filter option aids content discovery and searches.
  • Buffer-free streaming due to high-quality links.
  • Clean, clutter-free interface with minimal pop-ups.
  • Minimal ads enhance the user experience.
  • No registration is required; instant streaming access.

22. EuroPixHD

EuroPixHD | Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

EuroPixHD has garnered moderate popularity since its launch, particularly in the US and the UK. This streaming website boasts a substantial library of TV shows and movies, all available for free streaming in high-definition quality. EuroPixHD covers a wide array of genres, including comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, and romance. However, users should be wary of the ads on the site, which could potentially disrupt the viewing experience. Despite this, EuroPixHD offers a decent platform for watching TV shows online.

  • Filter feature for sorting by release date, IMDB rating, and genre.
  • Diverse genres include comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, and romance.
  • Despite ads, EuroPixHD provides a decent option for online TV show streaming.

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So, there you have it, a comprehensive rundown of the best sites to watch TV shows online for free. But as you embark on your streaming journey, keep in mind the importance of respecting creators’ rights and exploring legitimate sources for your entertainment. Also, don’t forget to leave your queries and suggestions in the comments box below.

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