23 Best Websites for Refurbished Electronics

Pull your shopping cart and discover a treasure trove of refurbished products.

Have you been looking to buy retro tech gadgets, quirky collectibles, or electronics that won’t break the bank? Well, refurbished websites come into play for those who hunt for savings and bargains. From pocket-friendly prices to eco-friendly choices, shopping on them is an adventure that’s both fun and financially rewarding. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best refurbished websites. Let’s keep your wallet happy!

best refurbished website

Best Websites for Refurbished Items

Sometimes it’s about need, sometimes it’s about the budget. Whatsoever may be the reason, refurbished websites can be the best play for you to buy electronics, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, home appliances, and so on. Moreover, as they thoroughly inspect the device and restore it to its best health, you can get amazing deals without compromising quality and functionality. Let us take a look at these websites.

1. Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed stands among the most reliable platforms to sell or buy pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box products. Products eligible for the program include electronics, laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, home appliances, and more.

  • Certification: Products are professionally inspected, tested, and certified to ensure they work and have minimal cosmetic wear.
  • Condition: Each listing includes detailed information about its condition. Presently, there are 4 criteria: Premium, Excellent, Good, and Acceptable.
  • Warranty: It offers a minimum 90-day supplier-backed warranty for products in Acceptable, Good, and Excellent condition. Items in Premium condition come with a 1-year warranty.

2. Apple Refurbished

Apple | best refurbished websites

Apple officially sells refurbished products on its website that have been thoroughly tested, certified, and repaired by Apple itself. This is the ultimate stop for budget-conscious shoppers looking forward to getting their hands on iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, and other accessories while saving a few bucks.

  • Certification: Devices undergo a stringent refurbishment process to ensure that they meet Apple’s high-quality standards. 
  • Condition: Products are duly cleaned & repaired. All necessary parts are replaced along with a new battery & outer shell. All products are packed in a brand-new white box along with accessories.
  • Warranty: Apple provides a 1-year warranty and 90 days of complimentary technical support for certified refurbished products.

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3. RefurbMe

refurbme website

Apple lovers, trust us, this is the treasure you need if you are looking forward to buying refurbished Apple products. RefurbMe is not a seller but a comparison shopping platform. Users here can compare availability, prices, and deals of refurbished Apple products from various sellers and retailers so that they find the best deals and discounts.

  • Sellers: RefurbMe has partnered with over 10 certified sellers including decluttr, Mac of All Trades, Back Market, Gazelle, Amazon, Apple Store, plug, Adorma, ItsWorthMore, Glyde, and Daily Steals.
  • Easy Navigation: Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to compare the deals offered by different sellers under different cosmetic conditions, and warranty. Not just that, they also let you make a detailed comparison between any two partnered sellers.
  • Alerts: They offer the convenience of alerts that notify users when any specific product they were looking for is available and when its price has dropped to a certain level.

4. Back Market

back Market | best refurbished websites

Back Market is one of the smoothest, most trusted, and all-popular platforms to buy refurbished electronics including laptops, PCs, Consoles, Cameras, Home Appliances, and many more tech gadgets. 

  • Certification: All products undergo strict testing and refurbishment.
  • Condition: Devices are graded into three categories (Fair, Good, and Excellent) based on their cosmetic condition and appearance.
  • Warranty: All refurbished products come with 1-year seller warranty and in case you change your mind, they also offer a free 30-day returns policy.
  • You can even further exchange your old device with the refurbished one. 
  • Apart from diverse modes of payment, and free shipping, they also offer EMI plans to customers.
  • Back Market also offers an additional 10% discount for Military, veterans, and their families.

5. REFURB.io


REFURB.io is Microsoft authorized refurbished that has received more than thousands of positive reviews for its impeccable services. They deal in products from top brands, including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more, all at discounted prices.

  • Certification: Products sold by REFURB.io undergo checks and repairs by Microsoft engineers and are graded into A & B categories.
  • Condition: As claimed by them, they source used IT hardware components and convert old laptops and desktops into As Good As New. All refurbished devices have authenticated software installed.
  • Warranty: They provide a FREE 1-year warranty on systems and laptops. Laptop batteries, Apple products, tablets, and monitors get a 90-day warranty.

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6. Dell Refurbished

Dell Refurbished | best refurbished websites

Dell Refurbished is a division of Dell Inc. from where you can buy pre-owned and refurbished Dell products, including laptops, desktops, monitors, PC accessories, and more.

  • Certification: Devices undergo stringent internal and external checks, functional tests, cleaning, repair, and restoration processes.
  • Condition: Based on cosmetics, scratches, and discoloration, products are divided into Grade A and Grade B. However, this does not include the bottom side of the units.
  • Warranty: All refurbished products stand a 100-day limited warranty.

7. Quikr


Except for brand new, Quick deals in two more categories of products: Unboxed and Refurbished. Unboxed items include those whose original packaging might be opened and then re-packed by the seller. While refurbished ones include used products. Regardless of whether you want to buy refurbished electronics or furniture, this place is for you.

  • Certification: Used products undergo multiple checks for quality assurance and are also repaired if and when needed to make them fully functional. 
  • Condition: Based on the condition and usage period, products are divided into Excellent, Good, and Fair conditions.
  • Warranty: No such warranty details for refurbished products is quoted.

8. Best Buy

Best Buy | best refurbished websites

Best Buy is a well-known multinational retailer specializing in consumer electronics and home appliances. As part of their clearance and open-box sales, they often deal in refurbished products. It is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

  • Certification and Condition: Although not much is known regarding refurbishment and quality checks, Best Buy has been a trustworthy seller. So you can be assured of your purchases.
  • Warranty: Warranty coverage varies from product to product. 
  • They have both physical stores and an online platform.
  • You can also trade in a similar device.

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9. eBay Refurbished

eBay Refurbished

eBay Refurbished is also a great website for getting your hands on electronics and tech gadgets in an affordable segment. As products are listed with a detailed description, it ensures trust and transparency between sellers and buyers.

  • Certification: All products enrolled under the multi-point refurbishment program are inspected, cleaned, and repaired professionally by the manufacturer, manufacturer-approved vendors, or sellers.
  • Condition: Based on the condition, packaging, and availability of accessories, products are categorized under Certified, Excellent, Very Good, and Good.
  • Warranty: Certified Refurbished products come up with a 2-year warranty, while products under other categories offer a 1-year warranty.
  • Return Policy: You can also return or replace refurbished items within 30 days of receiving them.

10. Mac of all Trades

Mac of all Trades | best refurbished websites

Mac of All Trades is a reputable online retailer specializing in refurbished Apple products including Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. In addition to this, you can also browse and find good deals on accessories and parts.

  • Certification: Products sold by MoAT are backed by proper testing and certification. Their refurbishment process includes two-stage cleaning, a 40-point visual inspection, thorough hardware and functionality testing, and repair.
  • Condition: Based on their cosmetic and operational condition, items are categorized into Good, Very Good, and Excellent.
  • Warranty: They offer the standard 1-year warranty on their products that includes hardware failure. Buyers can also opt for a Two-year Platinum Coverage plan within 14 days of purchase.
  • Return Policy: Products can be returned within 14 days of purchase and the refunds are processed within the next 5 days.

11. Newegg


Found in 2001, Newegg is an online retailer that caters to tech enthusiasts, gamers, and IT professionals. This place also targets general consumers interested to buy refurbished electronics and gadgets. Amidst its extensive range of goods including computer components, laptops, desktops, gaming peripherals, and more, you can surely find the ones that just fit right to your budget and preferences.

  • Certification and Condition: All refurbished products are tested and repaired by the refurbished to meet the quality standards. Further, they are certified into grades based on both their cosmetic and functional condition.
  • Warranty: For refurbished products, the warranty might vary from seller to seller and also from refurbishment company. However, usually, most items listed get a 1-year warranty and free technical support.
  • Return Policy: Newegg also offers return for refund and return for replacement services within 30 days of purchase.

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12. decluttr

Declutter | best refurbished websites

Decluttr has been one of the trusted refurbished sellers across the globe. They deal in Smartphones, PCs, Tablets, Smartwatches, TWS, Gaming consoles, and much more. Let’s see why it can be the best place for you to buy refurbished electronics.

  • Certification: All devices on Decluttered undergo multiple quality checks (90 as claimed by them), in-house refurbishment, and testing. These tests usually include Screen & Cosmetics, Battery  Health, Hardware, and Functionality tests.
  • Condition: Based on the condition of the device after repairs, the products are assigned any of these three grades: Pristine, Very Good, and Good.
  • Warranty: All refurbished items sold on Declutter are backed by a 12-month warranty limited to technical defects and faults caused by improper workmanship or materials.

13. tech FOR LESS

Tech for Less

Same Technology, Lower Price. That’s what tech FOR LESS quote and deliver as well. If you’ve been thinking about a website to buy refurbished laptops, this might be your trusted shopping destination. Started in 2001, they offer great deals on new, open-box, and refurbished PCs, TVs, Tablets, and other gadgets.

  • Certification and Condition: Refurbished products undergo inspection and rigorous testing to ensure that they meet desired quality standards before being made available for purchase.
  • Warranty: Most products come with a pre-included Manufacturer’s warranty that offers 1-year coverage on parts but 90-day free high-cost labor charges. You can also include a complete extended warranty plan for 1 year or 2 years at affordable prices.
  • Return Policy: You also get a 30-day customer-friendly return policy.

14. Walmart Restored

Walmart Restored | best refurbished websites

Interestingly, Walmart Restored is an initiative by the all-time popular Walmart. Its website stands among the best place for customers to find and buy refurbished electronics and tech gadgets, that too from a vast number of brands.

  • Certification: Walmart Restored products are carefully and thoroughly inspected by professionals. Further, any form of necessary refurbishment and restoration is carried out for them to look and work like new.
  • Condition: As claimed by Walmart, products sold under this program have no visible cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away. They are packed in generic boxes but with all the original accessories as provided by the brand with the new product.
  • Warranty: As for warranty, there are no such details provided by them. However, you can add a 2-year protection plan for minimal cost.
  • Return Policy: They offer 90 days free return option, once the product is delivered.

15. Gazelle


Gazelle over time has turned out to be a trusted website to buy and sell refurbished products. Presently they do not deal in lots of items, except Samsung and Google phones, iPhones, iPad, and MacBooks. Not just that, you get devices that were launched even a decade ago. So, retro enthusiasts, what are you waiting for?

  • Certification: Gazelle purchases pre-owned electronics from sellers only if they pass their stringent 30-point hardware inspection process. So, you can be assured about the quality.
  • Condition: On the basis of cosmetic condition, products are categorized into Fair, Good, and Excellent.
  • Warranty: As such no warranty is offered by them. However, you can add a 1-year Device Protection Plan.
  • You get a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Customer support is available for 7 days a week.
  • Gazelle ships products to over 48 states so that buyers can enjoy comfort and convenience.

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16. JemJem

jemjem website | best refurbished websites

JemJem is a popular online retailer that basically deals in refurbished Apple products. As the prices in JemJem are highly competitive, you would not have to break the bank to get a new device.

  1. Certification: JemJem sells products after testing the completely, including both hardware and software tests. Post the refurbishment process, they are certified to ensure authenticity.
  2. Condition: While all products are restored by professional technicians, and undergo particular inspection and sanitization, there are no such grades given to them. But the best part about JemJem is their detailed description including what’s faulty in the device.
  3. Warranty and Returns: They provide buyers with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return policy.


SONOS website

SONOS is a renowned audio technology company that deals in a wide range of smart speakers, soundbars, and audio accessories. For those looking to invest in audio products for their personal or professional needs, this is where you should take a look. All items are thoroughly inspected and come with the same warranty as brand-new products.

18. Plug

Plug | best refurbished websites

Looking forward to saving bucks? Plug your next purchase to Plug. One of the leading electronics providers in the U.S., they sell Certified Pre-Owned devices including Smartphones, PCs, Smartwatches, and accessories among the rest. Moreover, they claim to be selling devices at 40-70% off other retailers. 

  • Certification and Condition: All their devices are cleaned and tested for up to 90+ key functionalities in their own facility. Based on appearance and functionality, they further grade the devices as Eco-friendly, Good, and Excellent.
  • Warranty: All the products sold by Plug are backed by a 12-month warranty.
  • Return Policy: You can also return purchased items within 30 days of delivery.
  • Customer Reviews: Just like any other e-commerce platform, you also get a detailed customer review here to make wise and informed choices.

19. Adorama


Adorama is a well-established and reputable seller known for its wide range of products. They have a huge catalog that includes PCs, Audio & Video products, cameras & lenses, lights, studio equipment, musical instruments, home appliances, games, binoculars, drones, and whatnot.

Although products sold by Adorama can be relied upon, they also offer a 1-year warranty and a 2; 3, and 4 Year extended warranty plan under Adorama Protect. With every purchase, you get reward points which you can redeem in the future.

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20. ItsWorthMore

ItsWorthMore | best refurbished websites

ItsWorthMore is a high-rated website to both sell and buy refurbished items. They offer lots of choices ranging from Smartphones, tablets, Smartwatches, Desktop, and gaming consoles.

  • Certification and Condition: All devices undergo proper hand testing that includes a 25+ point inspection. Based on the same, the products are certified as Like New, Excellent, Very Good, and Good.
  • You can also buy Open Box and New devices.
  • Warranty and Returns: Every item includes a standard 12-month warranty. In case needed, you can return them within 30 days of purchase.
  • They boast a 99.3% feedback rating on their eBay store.


SWAPPA website | best refurbished websites

SWAPPA is a reputed user-to-user marketplace that lets you buy or sell pre-owned devices in a direct deal, thereby eliminating the middleman. This helps you pick the best value for money.

  • Certification and Condition: Boasting their No Junks, No Jerks belief, SWAPPA does not allow buyers to list defective products.
  • Each product undergoes a rigid approval process that needs to clear certain requirements. 
  • Buyers and Sellers are covered by PayPal Purchase Protection for fast and safe payments.
  • For every item that sells on SWAPPA, both parties each pay a 3% fee
  • It is safe for sellers as the products listed by them are not considered sold until they have received the payment.
  • They feature great customer support as well as a team of moderators to keep an eye on listings and quality criteria.

22. Nintendo

Nintendo website

Okay, retro console lovers, where are you at? It may come as a surprise to you but Nintendo now also deals in refurbished consoles for enthusiasts who are looking forward to buying them. You can narrow down search results using filters like switch systems, price, and color. It’s time to get your hands down on your Nintendo Switch and relive the Mario!

23. CeX

CeX | best refurbished websites

CeX is one of the most popular games and tech buy-and-sell platforms. With more than 600 stores in over 10 countries including the UK, AU, Ireland, Spain, India, Portugal, Canary Islands, Mexico, Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy, and Portland, they have expanded their network to a global extent. 

You can deal in games and refurbished items like smartphones, gaming consoles, laptops, PC, and tablets. That’s not all! You can sell any of your old gadgets for cash or even CeX voucher that you can use to buy a new product from CeX stores at a much more competitive price.

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With that, we conclude our article here. We hope our compiled list of the best websites to buy refurbished electronics helps you get the best bang for your buck. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section. For more such reviews, stay tuned to TechCult.

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