21 Best Radio Apps for Android

Tune in to the radio apps and enjoy your favorite music.

Getting fed up with the same old playlists or seeking a relaxing break during a nice summer morning? Well, we have the perfect solution. In this article, we will be exploring the best free radio apps for Android phones that offer a refreshing alternative to your mundane relaxing routine. Equipped with a plethora of features, these apps help you indulge in pleasant music tracks and captivating podcasts.

Best Radio Apps for Android

Best Radio Apps for Android

By installing a radio app on your Android device, you get access to the latest news headlines, music from around the world, and podcasts to help you beat Monday blues with ease. This all-in-one solution is a great choice for people of all ages. So, let us take a look at these apps and their features.

1. AccuRadio

AccuRadio | best radio apps Android

AccuRadio is for people who love to explore new music tracks and artists from around the world. It is available for free and is dedicated to providing the best experience to music lovers. For this, the app offers diverse genres including R&B, rock, jazz, and so on. AccuRadio lets users save favorite music channels, rate songs, ban artists, ban songs, and share their favorite ones. Moreover, you can also access your history to see what you have been listening to recently.

2. Heart Radio App

Heart Radio App

With Heart Radio App, you can listen to your favorite music tracks across diverse music categories. Whether you want an upbeat playlist for lazy mornings or jazz for romantic evenings, this app has got you covered. You can enjoy radio stations like Heart 70s, Heart 80s, Capital, Smooth Country, Capital Dance, and so on. Moreover, you can skip, like, and dislike songs or download podcasts.

3. Pandora – Music & Podcasts

Pandora - Music & Podcasts

By downloading Pandora on your device, you can enjoy your old and new favorite playlists and tracks on the go with Android Auto. You can use search, play, pause, replay, and skip with a simple command. Moreover, Pandora lets you create custom stations based on your history. It also offers an extensive range of podcasts and recommendations that make sense for you.

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4. TuneIn Radio: News, Music & FM

TuneIn Radio: News, Music & FM | best radio apps Android

On TuneIn Radio, you can enjoy music, live sports, podcasts, and the latest news all in one place. This app features thousands of free podcasts which you can enjoy while being stuck in traffic or taking a break from social media. Whether you are a rugby fan or a hockey enthusiast, you can catch all the live matches on TuneIn Radio. Moreover, this app is easily available across 200 platforms.

5. Simple Radio: Live FM AM Radio

Simple Radio: Live FM AM Radio

Simple Radio by Steema offers a quick solution to listen to your favorite AM, FM, and online stations from around the world. This user-friendly radio app houses thousands of stations, so you can find something you like easily. Moreover, rather than going through the whole sign-up process, you can start vibing to your jam right away.

6. XiiaLive – Internet Radio

XiiaLive - Internet Radio

XiiaLive features more than fifty thousand radio stations for people who like to stay on top of all recent news, match scores, and music releases. It allows users to rewind any song, add it to favorites, or access history to find all recently played ones. Moreover, you can also scan and add new stations anytime you wish. Although it is not considered among the best internet radio apps for Android phones without ads, you will still enjoy it.

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7. Radio Online – PCRADIO

Radio Online – PCRADIO | best radio apps Android

Radio Online is another popular app on this list. It comes with hundreds of radio stations, so you can enjoy diverse genres of music with just one app. Moreover, you can enjoy high-quality music for free even with an unstable internet connection, making it a great offline FM radio app for Android. The best part is that this app is battery efficient and thus, you no longer have to worry about the battery draining of your device. It is definitely among the best free radio apps for Android phones.

8. Radio Garden

Radio Garden

The next app on our list is Radio Garden. Equipped with thousands of different radio stations across the globe, this app had to make its cut in this list. Every green dot on your screen represents a town, you can simply tap on it to listen to its popular radio stations. Moreover, the app keeps updating its station list, so you have something new to look forward to.

9. Podcast App – Radio FM

Podcast App - Radio FM

The Podcast App helps users to enjoy the most popular and super-hit podcasts from around the world. You can explore different categories such as beauty, fashion, history, news, religion, and so on. Moreover, it is easy to use and offers Chromecast support. You can add your favorites to the list, download them, or subscribe to get notified about the new episodes. The only con is that you need a constant internet connection for this app to work properly.

10. Fun Radio

Fun Radio | best radio apps Android

Fun Radio offers thousands of radio channels across the world, so nothing can stop you from blasting a diverse range of music. All you need is Bluetooth, WiFi, or LTE along with an internet connection and you are all set to enjoy it. Moreover, it is only for WearOS devices and does not require any additional app to function, truly making it one of the best free radio apps for Android devices.

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11. FM Radio – Local Radio, AM, FM

FM Radio - Local Radio, AM, FM

By downloading FM Radio on your device, you get access to radio stations from over 200 countries across the world. The app even lets you use language and genre filters to specifically search for a channel that resonates with your preferences. Moreover, you can easily create a favorites list, set an alarm for any station, and explore numerous different genres.

12. FM Radio, Live FM, Live radio

FM Radio, Live FM, Live radio

With FM Radio, you get thousands of local and popular radio stations, all in one app. The app features a simple and elegant UI that pairs well with its range of genres. In other words, you can listen to sports, news, hip-hop, rock, or classical music. Furthermore, FM Radio lets you set an alarm for any favorite radio station, set a sleep timer, and search using location and name. It also boasts a car mode so you can get entertained wherever you go.

13. Radio FM – Replaio

Radio FM – Replaio

Radio FM allows users to listen to DAB, FM, and AM using the internet. It offers thousands of radio stations and different music genres, so you can easily find something that you like. Moreover, the app features an alarm clock feature, sleep timer, and equalizer for a better experience. You can use it in different color themes or stick to the basic dark mode. The best part is that it is battery efficient and starts automatically when connected to Bluetooth.

14. Radioline: Radio & Podcasts

Radioline: Radio & Podcasts | best radio apps Android

With Radioline, you can easily export music from any radio station to your favorite playlist with just a few taps. It features all-time popular podcasts and Radio stations from all around the world, so you can easily discover new hits and old blockbusters. Moreover, Radioline is free from ads, allows offline podcasts, and lets you save your favorites. However, it is not considered as an offline FM radio app for Android.

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15. TuneIn Radio Pro – Live Radio

TuneIn Radio Pro - Live Radio

TuneIn Radio Pro offers music, podcasts, live sports, and the latest and commercial-free news headlines. This free app features an extensive library of entertainment options at your fingertips, so you can keep discovering something new all the time. It is available across 200 platforms and also offers a paid premium version with more features.

16. Radio FM AM Live Radio Station

Radio FM AM Live Radio Station

With Radio FM AM Live, you can easily set the timer and wake up to the sound of melodious tunes and hit songs. You can listen to motivating podcasts and amazing music tracks over thousands of different radio stations all in one place. Radio FM AM Live lets you save your favorite stations and access your music history. Moreover, you can also specify the time to automatically turn it off.

17. VRadio – Online Radio App

VRadio - Online Radio App | best radio apps Android

VRadio offers a user-friendly interface and minimal design for an overall elegant look. You can tune in to your favorite radio stations across thousands of options and enjoy endless music streaming sessions. Moreover, you can also find and add regional radio stations using the internet. Apart from this, it supports Chromecast, UPnP/DLNA devices and lets you record your favorite shows in folders. You can also schedule its sleep time, recordings, and playback.

18. Open Radio

Open Radio

Open Radio, an internet-based one of the best radio apps for Android devices, lets users listen to tons of radio stations from various parts of the world. It is compatible with Android TV, Android Auto, Android Automotive OS, and Jelly Bean smartphones. Although it is an ad-free app, you may get advertisements on some channels. This is one of the best internet radio apps for Android phones without ads.

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19. NPR One


NPR One is your one-stop solution to access famous talk shows, podcasts, and local radio stations all in one place. You can easily skip something that does not align with your interests or mark it as interesting. Moreover, you can use CarPlay and Android Wear to enjoy NPR One and its top-notch quality entertainment options on the go. The app also lets you set a sleep timer to turn off the radio automatically.

20. World Radio FM Online

World Radio FM Online

World Radio FM Online offers the best radio stations from over 200 different countries. Whether you want to catch the latest news headlines or check the scores of any sports match, this app has got you covered. It also features a search bar, so you can find any channel with ease. Moreover, you can use World Radio FM in dark mode or day mode, filter radio stations, or set a sleep timer. This app supports Android Auto and Chromecast.

21. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio | best radio apps Android

iHeartRadio is among the top choices to explore new music, podcasts, and radio making it one of the best free radio apps for Android phones. You can use this app to stream different live radio stations on your smartphone, tablet, Chromecast, or Wear OS. Apart from this, you can also catch the latest breaking news and check the score of sports matches. iHeartRadio also offers a premium membership for more amazing features.

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By reading this article, you now know about the best radio apps for Android. So, the next time you get stuck in long traffic or want to take a break from social media, use any of these apps and dive into the sea of soothing music tracks and motivating podcasts. With these amazing apps at your disposal, you can transform dull moments of isolation into enjoyable experiences.

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