Best Photo Stick for iPhone : Top 20 Picks

Discover the ultimate iPhone photo storage solution with our top picks!

Our iPhones do more than text and games; they are like time capsules holding our lives and memories. To not be able to save these memories would be a shame. Enter the iPhone photo stick, a purpose-built solution designed to prevent such loss. In this article, we will compare the best photo sticks for iPhones and see how good they are at keeping your digital memories safe for many years.

Best Photo Stick for iPhone

Best Photo Stick for iPhone

With a photo stick, users can transfer data from their iPhones to a larger external hard drive. This frees up space on your phone while ensuring convenient access to all your photos. You won’t have to part with any of your favorite pictures. Let’s begin by reviewing our list of iPhone photo sticks.

1. iDiskk Photo Stick

iDiskk Photo Stick

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The iDiskk Photo Stick may be your best option if you own an iPhone 11 or 12, an iPad, or a MacBook with iOS 14. You can maintain your files and even take photos and save them directly to the photo stick using the iDiskk Max App. The 24-month warranty is an added benefit that not many brands provide, and the iDiskk stick has an MFi certification, which makes it safe to use and the best photo stick for iPhone.

Storage: There are three storage options available: 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. Because it is also a USB 3.0 device, you can expect quick file transfers and simple movie playback.


  • Accepts a variety of file formats.
  • Has a variety of storage.
  • Auto backup.
  • Simple to use (after the app is installed).

2. JSL JDTDC Photo Stick

JSL JDTDC Photo Stick

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The JSL JDTDC best photo stick for iPhone is a popular storage option for iPhones, which is not surprising. It already possesses the credence that prospective photo stick users seek kudos to the Apple MFi certification. Even older models are compatible with this stick (as far back as the iPhone 5). The Lightning port offers 10 to 15 Mbps of transfer speed, while this port offers 40 to 80 Mbps. Although there is only an 18-month warranty, you can get assistance with product-related issues from the 24-hour online after-sales service.

Storage: The storage capacities for this photo stick are 128 GB and 512 GB, USB 3.0 technology allows for fast file transfers from an iPhone.


  • MFI-certified by Apple products.
  • Stable and quick file transfer from any device to your iPhone.
  • Numerous device compatibilities.

3. XINHUAYI USB 1 TB Flash Drive


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Unlike the two best photo sticks for iPhone before, which are only available in one color, the XINHUAYI USB 1 TB Flash Drive lets you choose between a red, blue, or pink photo stick. The XINHUAYI Flash Drive is quite the package and includes several connectors. Its touch-ID encryption allows you to manage your files safely and securely. The 24-month warranty is there to help you if you run into any problems.

Storage: One terabyte (TB) of storage is available. The drive is simple to use and has USB Type-C and USB 3.0 ports for increased flexibility.


  • Efficient data transfer across various devices.
  • Robust construction that safeguards the ports when not in use.
  • A sizable amount of storage space.

4. WOFICLO Photo Stick

WOFICLO Photo Stick

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Gold, blue, and pink are lovely colors for the WOFICLO Photo Stick. The iPad Pro is the only iPad for which this flash drive is incompatible, despite only supporting USB 3.0. You can manage your files using the CooDisk app, and you can keep your files secure with password and touch-ID encryption. It’s ideal for confidentiality and privacy protection which makes it the best photo stick for iPhone.

Storage: The storage capacity of this photo stick is up to 1 TB.


  • MFI-certified by Apple products.
  • Contemporary color scheme.
  • Satisfactory device compatibility.

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5. SCICNCE USB 3.0 Flash Drive

SCICNCE USB 3.0 Flash Drive

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USB 3.0 Flash Drive SCICNCE comes in rose gold, dark grey, and silver. You can effectively transfer or manipulate various file formats thanks to its USB 3.0 port (up to 300 percent faster compared to older USB 2.0 ports). It can read data at a rate of 80 Mbps and write data at a rate of 30 Mbps. It has a practical keychain design that is also retractable, just like the iDiskk and Apple photo sticks. When you plug this into your device, it immediately starts saving new files. The 24-month warranty comes in handy if you encounter any problems.

Storage: The storage capacity is available in 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB capacities. You can also use the free Y-Disk app on it to protect your files.


  • Numerous compatibilities.
  • Easy-to-use retractable design.
  • Simple port switching for various devices.

6. TRYVAT Memory Stick

TRYVAT Memory Stick

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If you want a drive that stands out in your collection of tech accessories, the TRYVAT Memory Stick’s stunning colors are ideal. It comes in a variety of colors, including dark green, pink, purple, gold, green, and blue. Users can be certain that that the port connectors are securely tucked in when not in use because of the retractable design of the TRYVAT. You can appreciate a one-click backup of your files thanks to the USB 3.0 port’s read speed of 80 Mbps. A password and touch-ID functionality are available for privacy which makes it the best photo stick for iPhone.

Storage: It offers a storage capacity of 128 GB and 256 GB. Consequently, if you have a lot of files, you should think about the other choices on this list.


  • Different colors available.
  • Simple port switching for various devices.

7. LANSLSY Flash Drive

LANSLSY Flash Drive

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Pink and silver LANSLSY Flash Drives are available. The connectors are simple to use due to their 360-degree rotation and 90-degree stuck point. Its touch-ID and password feature are your best friends when it comes to privacy and data protection. High-speed data transmission is possible with or without an internet connection. The 24-month warranty covers any issues you might have with this memory stick.

Storage: It has a storage capacity of 128 GB or 256 GB. However, it has multiple ports for your iPhone.


  • Numerous device compatibilities.
  • Easy-to-access body design for ports.
  • Doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection to transfer files.

8. EATOP USB 3.0 512 GB Flash Drive

EATOP USB 3.0 512 GB Flash Drive

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The SCICNCE and LANSLSY flash drives use the same handy keychain design as the EATOP USB 3.0 512 GB Flash Drive, but it is smaller and more portable. Silver, pink, and dark grey are the available colors for this zinc-alloy photo stick. The Y-Disk app available on the App Store is also used by the EATOP drive to protect files with passwords and touch IDs. Make sure to use the 24-month warranty if you experience issues with the hardware or privacy protection.

Storage: It has a maximum speed of 80 Mbps and can maintain memory storage of up to 512 GB.


  • A wide range of file formats is supported.
  • Robust, small design.
  • The USB package includes a user manual.

9. STTARLUK Photo Stick

STTARLUK Photo Stick

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If speed is a top concern for you, the STTARLUK Photo Stick is a no-brainer because it has a blisteringly fast 40 Mbps write speed. It won’t be a problem for you to share your files offline or online, thanks to the best photo stick for iPhone. With so many wonderful options, including black, blue, gold, pink, and purple, STTARLUK also triumphs in the color game.

Storage: You have the option of selecting either 512 GB or 1 TB of storage.


  • Swift writing.
  • Modern color scheme.
  • A large storage capacity.
  • Simple backup.

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10. Gulloe Flash Drive

Gulloe Flash Drive

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Although it has softer edges, this drive has a similar model to the SCICNCE and LANSLSY flash drives. The Gulloe drive’s curved design sets it apart from other flash drives you use with other devices and gives you a more comfortable grip. The Y-Disk app is compatible with the Gulloe flash drive as well. The Gulloe drive differs due to the data encryption technology built into the application. Additionally, users can rely on the manufacturer’s 24-month warranty if they discover any issues with the product.

Storage: If you’re having trouble deciding which drive size to purchase, 512 GB of storage might be a convenient and comfortable option. The 512 GB Gulloe Flash Drive is compatible with iPhones and has a large storage capacity.


  • Embedded data encryption in the application.
  • The device stands out from others thanks to its contemporary design and rounded edges.
  • The USB package includes a user manual.

11. ThePhotoStick OMNI

ThePhotoStick OMNI

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Probably the most widely used USB backup drive available right now. With support for USB 3.0 and automatic sorting, it is one of the great photo sticks for iPhone. All you have to do to handle the backup is plug the device into your iPhone. A converter is also included with ThePhotoStick OMNI. This is the best photo stick for iPhone that can be used with any iPhone. Also, it is compatible with Windows and Android. 

Storage: The 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB versions of ThePhotoStick OMNI are available. It implies that you can choose from a variety of capacities to find the one you need.


  • Automatic grouping to speed up your process.
  • The package contains a universal adapter.
  • No recurring monthly fees.

12. InfinityKloud


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Safety is the aspect of InfinityKloud that we like the most. Every time you connect it to your iPhone, it runs a virus and malware check automatically. Unbelievably, one of the biggest threats to stored digital content is viruses. The MicroSD slot on the side of the drive is another excellent feature. Because it is a USB 3.0 device, you can anticipate lightning-fast file transfers.

Storage: There are two distinct InfinityKloud generations. While Gen 2 allows you to select the memory size, Gen 1 has integrated 64 GB memory.


  • Effective protection against viruses.
  • Sorting automatically.
  • 2 variations are available.

13. Looffy Photo Stick

Looffy Photo Stick

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A LUV-Share intelligent app is supported by the Looffy device to manage and back up your data in the form of files, videos, music, photos, etc. Even better, you can post images or videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, etc. The design is another benefit that makes it the best photo stick for iPhone. Additionally, the pull-ring design and 360-degree rotation make it simple to remove the stick.

Storage: The Storage Capacity that the Looffy Photo stick offers is 128 GB.


  • 4 adaptable ports are present.
  • Construction that is strong and simple to use.
  • Fast and reliable data transmission.

14. LUNANI Flash Drive

LUNANI Flash Drive

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LUNANI Flash Drive works better on computers than on iPhones and it is also the best photo stick for iPhones. It makes sense that people who use computers more frequently require a higher storage capacity for their data. The LUNANI stick’s USB 3.0 port, which also has a lightning port, is one of the factors in favor of computers.

Except for type-C devices, you can use this memory stick with an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Android phone, PC, and laptop. Also, don’t forget to download the iOS application created for this LUNANI drive. It enables a one-click backup of all data and direct video saving to the photo stick. To secure your data, you can use a password or Touch ID.

Storage: The storage Capacity of the LUNANI Flash Drive is 1 TB it provides a huge storage capacity which makes it ideal for computers.


  • USB 3.0 port present.
  • Simple and secure app.
  • 256GB memory storage.

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15. PNY Duo Link Flash Drive

PNY Duo Link Flash Drive

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While your iOS device is being charged, PNY Duo Link Flash Drive offers to help you back up and sync all of your digital content. Due to its extremely portable design, PNY Duo Link can be taken almost anywhere. This iPhone flash drive includes a multipurpose app, just like any other iPhone flash drive.

Additionally, you can take pictures or videos on your phone and save them directly to your flash drive by downloading the Duo Link app; this helps free up space on your phone’s memory for other crucial data. TXT, DOC, PPT, MP3, WAV, M4R, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WMV, MP4, MOV, and more file formats are also supported by the app.

Storage: This device offers 128GB storage capacity.


  • Document backup and transfer are possible while your phone is being charged.
  • Compatible with the majority of file types.
  • Does not require a connection to the internet to stream.



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If you enjoy taking pictures but are concerned about taking up space on your iPhone, the backup of PL ZMPWLQ photo stick is ideal. There’s no need to worry about memory space when taking photos because you can attach a flash drive to your iPhone. Furthermore, it has lightning-fast read and write speeds.

Storage: This device offers a storage capacity of 512GB and it offers a Lighting & USB-A connector type.


  • Data is read and written at a lightning-fast 80 Mb/s.
  • Plug-and-stay to save the pictures your iPhone takes.
  • Using automatic backup to store important data.

17. ZARMST 4 in 1 Memory Stick

ZARMST 4 in 1 Memory Stick

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The 4-in-1 Memory Stick from ZARMST lets you transfer files between iOS, Android, and PC devices. It is one of the best photo sticks for iPhone. Its 4-in-1 connectors can be used to connect to PCs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. You can easily transfer photos and videos between them thanks to its lightning-fast reading and writing speeds.

Storage: This device offers 256GB storage capacity and provides lighting, USB-A, USB-C & Micro USB connector type.


  • Four-way connector for flexibility.
  • Extensive compatibility with a variety of devices.
  • Support for Touch ID and passwords to protect privacy.

18. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go SDIX70N

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go SDIX70N

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One of the best backup solutions for iPhone devices is the iXpand Flash Drive Go. Your photos and videos can be immediately backed up thanks to its 90 Mb/s reading speed. Additionally, the flash drive comes with a complimentary app that makes it simple to back up your images and videos. Apart from the brand, it’s easy to understand why it’s among the best photo sticks for iPhone.

Storage: This device offers 256GB storage capacity and provides Lighting and USB- A connector type.


  • Directly save your videos to the flash drive.
  • Provides password security.
  • Quickly reading.

19. Vansuny 3-In-1 Flash Drive

Vansuny 3-In-1 Flash Drive

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The Vansuny 3-In-1 Flash Drive is an inexpensive way to back up the images and videos on your iPhone. It is a multi-device USB flash drive that works with iPads, Android phones, laptops, and other devices with USB and USB-C connectivity in addition to iPhones. You can synchronize and share files with your other devices thanks to the various connectivity options, making it one of the best photo sticks for iPhone.

Storage: This drive offers up to 128GB,64 GB, and 256 GB storage capacity and it also allows you to keep your private information safe with password protection.


  • Worldwide compatibility.
  • Intuitive iPhone app.
  • Flexible design with a polished appearance.
  • Great storage capacity.

20. WANSENDA Micro USB Flash Drive

WANSENDA Micro USB Flash Drive

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On both computers and smartphones, the Wansenda Micro USB Flash Drive functions as an OTG memory stick and a USB flash drive. You do not need to use any software because it utilizes the operating system of the device. Anywhere, at any time, you can share files from the drive. With faster data transfer between phones and computers thanks to its USB 2.0 port, more time can be saved.

Storage: This device offers 256GB of storage capacity it also allows you to browse files without an internet connection.


  • Data transmission is reliable and long-lasting thanks to the chip’s A+ rating.
  • Any device with a USB 2.0 port, including a phone, PC, TV, soundbox, and speaker is supported.
  • You can use the flash drive to view and distribute media files.

Choosing the best photo stick for iPhones depends entirely on your requirements and preferences. We hope our guide helped demonstrate that for you. If you have any further queries or suggestions for us, please drop them in the comments section below.

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