12 Best Notes App for Windows 11

Explore the best Notes apps for your computer and stay organized

From noting down important things on paper to evolving and creating task lists on the computer. In today’s time, multiple note-taking applications are available for people to decide and work on. Each notes app for Windows free has its own unique aspect and how it relates to the work type and flow. In this article, we will be covering the best Notes apps for Windows 11.

Best Note Apps for Windows 11

Best Notes Apps for Windows 11

Below we have mentioned some of the best note apps for Windows 11 which you can use to plan your day ahead or keep an eye on upcoming deadlines. So, keep on reading till the end to know more about the features of the best notes app for Windows 10.

1. Notion


The Notion is a single-space solution that enables writing, thinking, and planning. Capture ideas, oversee projects, or even manage a business and organize a mechanism to carry out their duties as they see fit. It functions as a web application for taking notes and is accessible both online and through download platforms. It includes a broad variety of categories, so you can design anything you desire. This web application offers all-in-one services in one place and enables you to write anything from simple text documents to intricate knowledge bases.

  • Text Editor: Easily the best editor due to its complete customization, simplicity, and use. It has the ability to write simple words, formulas, and bits of code.
  • Customized Projects: With the extensive custom possibilities offered by Notion, practically anything may be built.
  • Block Board Database: It provides a more complex visual appearance than a normal table database and serves as the basis for all data.
  • Templates, Integration, and Automation: There are several different templates offered by the concept. To contribute material online, the program interfaces with a variety of apps. Some apps and websites make it simple to automate workflows.

2. Evernote


Evernote is a software that is used for note-taking and task management and helps you to create and organize digital notes. It is designed in a way that it can collect pictures, videos, and audio recordings and captures a note or memo in any format. This tool can help executives, entrepreneurs, and other creative heads to capture and arrange their ideas. This best notes app for Windows 11 has proved to be a powerful online tool.

  • Notes for Offline Use: Available 24/7 on any device without an internet connection.
  • Calendar Integration: One can access future events, notes, meetings, and other information by linking their Google calendar.
  • Geographic Search: You can use this tool to find out where the notes were made.
  • PDF Annotations: You can sometimes get immediate call attention by sharing a photo instead of writing a long email.
  • Faster Image Recognition: This tool analyses photographs more quickly than any other website, reducing the amount of time it takes to find notes and text.

3. Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft OneNote | best notes app for Windows 11

Microsoft OneNote is a virtual note-taking tool or electronic notebook that is accessible for all devices and offers a single location for storing all the notes, studies, plans, and information that helps a user remember and organize everything in their life, including at home, work, or school. There is always paper available for these notebooks. As you work, this notes app for Windows free automatically stores and aligns the notes. For information collecting and multi-user cooperation, it is free-form designed and considered the best notepad for Windows 11.

  • Web Clipper: This tool lets you add information from web pages to One Note and is available on all devices. 
  • Text Search: Press CTRL + E to open the search window, then start typing your search term. 
  • Recording: You can tape any session or set of notes by selecting Insert and then Record Audio or Video. 
  • Use Ink to Text: handwritten notes can be transformed into typed text. 
  • Use Ink to Math: Equations can be formatted to the Math program. 

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4. Standard NotesStandard Notes

Standard Notes is indeed an open-source, cross-platform, fully encrypted notes program that is regarded as being entirely safe for such notes, ideas, and work of one’s life. This best notes app for Windows 11 software syncs personal notes securely throughout all devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, and others, and is quick and easy to use. It’s the top notepad for iOS because it offers 4x-audited, sector end-to-end encryption to safeguard your notes and files and give you a secure environment

  • Lightweight: In comparison to comparable EPs, it requires fewer device resources.
  • Support for Markdown: Notes allow for the formatting of documents using Markdown.
  • Automatic Backup: Data backups will be performed automatically and regularly.
  • File versioning: With this system version, you can view all of the projects’ or files’ prior versions and access them quickly.

5. ClickUp


It is a cloud-based project management and teamwork application appropriate for companies of all sizes and sectors. ClickUp is a potent platform for products that aid in team productivity. This best notes app for Windows 10 attempts to simplify and streamline your professional life. Both individuals and groups can use it. In a nutshell, it is a cutting-edge task management application that makes work get done faster. You can also create tasks, distribute them to group members, and monitor their progress.

  • Customization Capabilities: For every component of the platform, it offers fully customizable web software. 
  • Collaboration and Communication within Teams: Teams of any size are capable of streamlining all forms of communication and working together in real time. 
  • Real-Time Reporting: With this functionality, creating, pulling, and viewing reports is quite simple. It provides an overall perspective of your work and has the appropriate reporting tools for various tasks.  
  • Power of Integration: By integrating with other apps, you can streamline your process in one location. 
  • Multiple Views: There are more than 15 different views available for selection.

6. Zoho Notes

Zoho Notes | best notes app for Windows 11

Zoho Notes aligns to the cloud and throughout your gadgets and is constantly corroborated and updated, this notebook won’t ever let anyone lose your data. Any browser can use this online software to access digital notepads and notecards. This also aids in organizing your notes. From Zoho Corporation, it’s a freemium note-taking tool. This best notes app for Windows 11 is a collection of online tools that includes a Word document, an organizer, and tools for creating images and audio. Everything is really simple because you can save your notes as a single screen or as multiple pages and include both text and graphics.

  • Cloud Service: Sales and customer service teams can use a cloud phone system. 
  • Organize Activities: Using the company calendar, the users can organize activities.
  • Developing: It is a low-code platform for developing original solutions.
  • Generate Sales: The users can generate sales from website visitors.
  • Share Feature: This program also allows for sharing.
  • Additional Features: It also allows website form builder online and free invoice services.

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7. Simplenote


The simplest approach to keep notes brief, organized, and free is with a simple note. It is accessible on the web, Android, Mac, and iOS. Simplenote is a simple method to keep lists, ideas, notes, and more safe and up to date. It provides you with a website where you may store your notes. In addition to being available and having an externally available API, this notes app for Windows supports Markdown. This is the best notes app for Windows 11.

  • Tags: To assist in keeping notes concise and organized, tags may be freely applied to each note.
  • Note History: Using this tool, you can go back and forth between all of the notes you’ve created and edit them whenever you like.
  • List: Using this, you may make a checkbox and complete a number of tasks in the correct order.
  • Voice Notes: If you want to remember something later, you can effortlessly record your voice while speaking on your phone.
  • Customize: You can change the application’s design to better suit your preferences and needs.

8. Notability


Using facilities for PDF annotation and sketching, the mobile note-taking app Notability enables users to manage projects and collaborate on them. Users can use GIFs, websites, or images to make hand-crafted notes, flip or color their thoughts, and arrange them as needed. Students can use this best notes app for Windows 11 to take notes while conducting research, brainstorm ideas for group assignments, and more. All sections on the inside of a note are identical in this tool.

  • Use Apple Pencils: In PDFs, presentations, etc., one can annotate anything by highlighting it, removing it, or drawing on it.
  • Join Audio Files Together: While recording, your audio files automatically link to almost any notes.
  • View Work of Others: An area where users can publish their created or structured notes. 
  • Create White Space: With the app’s sketching features, you may sketch, draw, and doodle.

9. Boost Note

Boost Note | best notes app for Windows 11

A document-based tool for project management called Boost Note accelerates the work of remote DevOps teams. Linux, MacOS, and Windows are all functional with it. It is built using electrons and runs without electricity. It is often called a niche tool because it was developed for programmers. The main objective of this best notes app for Windows 10 is to make Markdown notes as well as code generators easy to produce quickly. You can use this program offline easily.

  • Viewer Option: Viewers may submit comments and watch real-time updates, but they may not change the documents.
  • Support Diagrams: Use the documentation’s diagrams to improve your presentation.
  • Bi-directional Document Linking: By embedding pertinent documents, you can create back linkages to related content and make a preview available.
  • Public API: Accessing the Boost Note API and managing your documents through programming are both quite straightforward.
  • Dashboard: Use the properties of your papers to filter them, then save them for immediate access.

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10. UpNote


An elegant and simple program for taking and managing notes is called UpNote. With such extensive functionality and a great experience, it is simple to use. It functions well on all platforms, including iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. Up Note is made to make taking notes simple and keep you concentrated on what is important. In Android notes, it works best. With this best notes app for Windows 11, you can add an elegant theme and notebook cover while also locking up your notes and journals.

  • Sticky Window: You can store useful notes above other Windows by using the Keep-window-on-top capabilities. 
  • Links between Notes: Using internal links, one can quickly and erratically bounce back and forth among notes and parts. 
  • Dark Mode Theme: These are great if you prefer a distraction-free environment and want to quickly switch themes based on your mood.
  • Web Clipper Extension: Any web address from the internet can be saved with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

11. Notejoy


Using notes, businesses may capture, communicate, and discover ideas with the aid of the collaborative tool Notejoy, which also makes it easier to create project roadmaps, blog articles, call scripts, onboarding materials, OKRs, and other things. To guarantee involvement across projects, users can specify syntax and keyboard shortcuts, establish checklists, exchange codes, and submit images utilizing drag-and-drop functionality. Note Joy is accessible on all operating systems, including MAC, PC, IOS Windows 11, etc.

  • Checklist: Using checklists, keep track of your obligations so that you never forget to complete your to-do list or take the next step.
  • URL for Clip: You can generate a formatted note from any online page.
  • Nested Notebooks: You can rebuild your notebook hierarchy as deeply as you need to stay organized.
  • Pin or Archive: Older notes can be pinned or archived by using this technique. Editing in collaboration: Instant real-time editing across devices with many team members Domain Sharing: With domain-wide sharing, make everyone’s access quick.

12. Inkdrop

inkdrop | best notes app for Windows 11

The program used to keep track of almost every area of one’s life both personally and professionally is called Inkdrop. Excellent performance and smooth device syncing. This best notes app for Windows 11 is a powerful Markdown note-taking tool. Here on the Inkdrop website, you register for a user account, install the desktop and smartphone applications, and then you may begin writing. Using notebooks, status, and tags makes it simple to organize notes. Improve your note-taking process to reduce friction and get more done. You can maintain concentration and do your finest work if your notes are effortlessly structured.

  • Versatile Markdown Editor: It has features like line numbers, multi-cursors, multi-language code highlighting, scrolling past the last line, showing unseen letters, and more.
  • Monitor Work: Get things done by monitoring workflow and noting the status in the online list.
  • Attention-Focused: Keep your attention on the important tasks at hand by using the user interface’s Distraction-free mode, which is simple and intuitive.
  • Collaboration with Others: Web sharing of notes is simple and can be done with a public link. may export files in HTML, PDF, and Markdown formats.

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We hope this article helped you in finding the best notes app for Windows 11. Please share your reviews and suggestions in the comments down below and let us know what you would like to read next.

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