16 Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Windows

Deliver speeches seamlessly with these no-cost Windows teleprompter solutions.

Picture you’re delivering your script without missing a beat, and your audience is hanging onto your every word. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, with the best free teleprompter apps or software on your Windows 10 or 11 PC, you can turn that dream into your reality. Through this article, let’s explore various software you can use for smooth deliveries and confident presentations.

Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Windows

16 Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Windows 10 and 11

Teleprompter software empowers you to unleash your presentation potential, providing you with the finest tools to captivate your audience with confidence. These user-friendly solutions offer easy script management and adjustable scrolling speeds, revolutionizing your delivery and public speaking skills. If you use Windows 11 or 10, you can find a list of free teleprompter software to download below.

Note: We do not endorse or sponsor any of the third-party apps/tools listed in this article. Users should ensure the protection of their data for privacy or any data loss. So, use these apps at your discretion.



With VEED.IO’s comprehensive set of online tools, you can craft impressive teleprompter videos and refine them with this one of the best free teleprompter apps for Windows. You can also enhance your videos by adding subtitles, text, images, progress bars, cropping, trimming, and more.

  • Intuitive and modern design
  • Record videos while reading the script in real-time
  • Add subtitles to your video
  • Select the font size that is most comfortable for your reading preference
  • Adjust the scrolling text speed in real time to precisely match your speech
  • Get your autoscrolling cue cards ready in advance. Just copy and paste the plain text into this teleprompter app, and then begin recording.

2. Speakflow


Speakflow Online Teleprompter provides a free plan, and there are also paid plans available starting at $10 per month, billed annually, for extra features. This software is great for business professionals, content creators, and educators seeking an efficient and user-friendly method to write scripts as well as record presentations. It supports team collaboration, making it an excellent option for group projects and smooth content creation.

  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team on scripts for a polished final presentation
  • Access and work on your presentations across all devices, from desktops to smartphones
  • Personalize your presentations with adjustable font, colors, and formatting for a professional look
  • Record your presentations in stunning 1080p HD resolution for a crisp and impressive finish
  • Easily share your presentations with shareable links, making it convenient for your audience to access your content

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3. Virtual Teleprompter

Virtual Teleprompter

Virtual Teleprompter is one of the best teleprompter apps available for both Windows and Mac devices. It caters to professional speakers and anyone seeking to deliver flawless presentations.

  • In the free version, you can create speeches of up to 1,000 characters without any restrictions.
  • Personalize your display with adjustable overlay transparency, font size, scrolling speed, and colors
  • Stay on track during your presentation with an integrated timer and real-time word counters
  • Easily format your text with options for bold, underline, italic, and find/replace functionalities
  • Impress your audience with a professional touch using the mirror text (beam split) feature
  • Enjoy seamless compatibility with major meeting platforms like Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, BlueJeans, Webinars, and Live Streaming
  • Break language barriers with multilingual support, including right-to-left (RTL) languages like Arabic and Hebrew
  • Deliver a flawless presentation on any Windows and Mac systems with complete compatibility.
  • For longer presentations, you can upgrade to the Pro version for only $7.99 with no recurring fees or subscriptions.



BIGVU built-in teleprompter can be used on both Mac and Windows for free. You don’t have to get any additional apps. But you must have a webcam and microphone for seamless recording.

  • Customize teleprompter settings: adjust text size, speed, and position
  • Create or upload scripts, which can later serve as subtitles
  • Enable automatic teleprompter pausing during silent periods using the app
  • Enhance scripts by editing content, trimming text, and adding captions
  • Personalize backgrounds and incorporate your unique visual brand

5. ZaCue

ZaCue | Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Windows

The ZaCue teleprompter is a versatile tool designed to help content creators, speakers, and presenters deliver smooth and engaging speeches, videos, and presentations.

  • Alter the font size, screen size, and background color
  • Includes the Mirror mode
  • Manage the prompter using keyboard shortcuts, a mouse, or a touchscreen
  • Adjust the scroll speed and set a timer to get ready before you begin

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6. Camflare Teleprompter

Camflare Teleprompter

The Camflare Teleprompter allows you to effortlessly record a professional script using a Windows/Mac browser or the iOS and Android app. The feature to include a script is seamlessly integrated, making recording easier than ever before.

  • Combines high-quality video recording with a robust teleprompter
  • Provide contributors with a script, enabling them to read as they record
  • Offers adjustable speed, size, and text controls
  • Ideal for speeches, reviews, testimonials, and presentations

7. AutoCue


AutoCue is a reliable teleprompter software for Windows PCs. Import documents easily and make real-time changes to optimize readability. It offers customizable text speed and dual-screen functionality with support for various document formats.

  • Adjust text speed with mouse and keyboard
  • Choose sizes, fonts, colors, and text alignment
  • Facilitates dual-screen setup
  • Load .doc, .txt, and .tf files
  • Works with texts in various languages
  • Easily accessible action buttons

8. Teleprompter Mirror

Teleprompter Mirror

Teleprompter Mirror is an intuitive, browser-based teleprompter software, completely free of charge. With its user-friendly design, this app will gracefully scroll your script while you deliver your speech.

  • The teleprompter has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to use for everyone, whether you’re an experienced speaker or a first-time presenter.
  • You can access the teleprompter directly from your web browser on any device without having to download or install any software.
  • You can easily copy and paste your speech into the browser window, or if you have it saved as a text file, you can upload it with just one click.
  • The teleprompter has a unique mirror mode that reflects your script, just like a traditional teleprompter, helping you maintain eye contact with your audience.
  • Your scripts and personal information are kept private and secure, so you don’t need to worry about any privacy issues.

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9. TeleKast

TeleKast | Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Windows

TeleKast is an excellent teleprompter choice for Windows PC users, offering simplicity, user-friendliness, and a range of useful features.

  • Easily input segments, add titles, and highlight important text
  • Add camera, video, audio cues, and more for versatile presentations
  • Save scripts in XML format for easy access and compatibility
  • Quickly remove segments for streamlined editing
  • Customize colors and text size for a tailored appearance
  • Choose a horizontal or vertical layout
  • Enjoy distraction-free presentations

10. QuickPrompt


QuickPrompt teleprompter app is designed specifically for Windows 10 devices, providing users with an unmatched studio-like experience for free. Its important features are listed below:

  • Present confidently with the software using your webcam as a guide
  • Switch between scripts smoothly and without interruptions
  • Make on-the-fly changes to your text while prompting
  • Adjust the scrolling pace using your mouse for a stress-free experience
  • Choose the display mode that suits your preferences
  • QuickPrompt simplifies teleprompting at no cost

11. MirrorScript Pro

MirrorScript Pro

MirrorScript Pro is a simple yet powerful teleprompter software for Windows 10/11. It allows you to load, tweak, and create scripts with ease. Customize text color, background, margins, and more:

  • Import and edit scripts from your computer
  • Create scripts within MirrorScript Pro
  • Change text and background colors, align margins, and adjust spacing
  • See script updates instantly

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12. The Manual Works Prompter

The Manual Works Prompter | Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Windows

Introducing another free teleprompter software with a plethora of options, such as automatic text scrolling, adjustable reading speed, page up/page down controls, and more. Moreover, this teleprompter app consistently updates its features and is designed to be lightweight.

  • Composed and intuitive interface for a smoother experience
  • Simple HTML application for easy content modification using text editors like Notepad
  • Best portable teleprompter for PC, no installation required
  • Start and stop the script with mouse clicks
  • Adjust the scrolling speed in pixels
  • Customize and make edits as per your requirements

13. Ultra-Prompter


Next on our list of best free teleprompter software for Windows 10 and 11 includes Ultra-Prompter which provides users with the necessary elements for an effortless reading experience. Unlike other teleprompter tools, it uses less system resources.

  • Create and edit text like a traditional word-processing program
  • Alter font type, size, and alignment according to your needs
  • Standard Undo, Cut, Copy, and Paste functions
  • Switch to dual-screen mode and save or print text
  • Adjust scrolling speed, pause, and modify scrolling direction while scrolling

14. Imaginary Teleprompter

Imaginary Teleprompter

Imaginary Teleprompter is widely recognized for delivering high-quality media presentations, both online and offline. It boasts user-friendly functionality and seamless compatibility across a diverse range of computers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for its users.

  • Works with various mirror setups, horizontal and vertical flipping
  • An integrated rich text editor like CKEditor
  • Remarkable degree of customization, and it’s free
  • Uses minimal system resources
  • Offers extensive customization options

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15. Scrolling Teleprompter Software

Scrolling Teleprompter Software

Scrolling Teleprompter Software lives up to its name by being a top-notch teleprompter tool that enables users to craft captivating text animations in full-screen mode. With effortless control, users can easily adjust scrolling speed and customize font style, color, size, and more, making the entire experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simple and straightforward user interface
  • Adjust scrolling speed, background color, and text alignment
  • Option to word-wrap length based on your preferences
  • Scroll from the beginning or mirror the text
  • Enter your own text or load text from a TXT file

16. PromptCast

PromptCast | Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Windows

PromptCast is one of the best teleprompter Windows 10/11 software that empowers users with automatic text scrolling at flexible speeds. It proves to be highly beneficial for individuals requiring a tool to rehearse speeches in front of a webcam, offering a seamless experience. The user-friendly dashboard features a compact window with small buttons, catering to both beginners and experienced users alike.

  • Create bullet lists and align text
  • Change font type, size, and colors
  • Portable use without installation by copying to USB
  • Includes source code for programmers
  • Read auto-scrolling text off your screen as a teleprompter

The availability of these best free teleprompter apps for Windows has made it accessible for everyone to enhance content creation, presentations, and public speaking using cost-effective tools. Try out these options to elevate your presentations. Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for more insightful articles. Happy presenting!

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