Top 26 Best Free Phone Validator Tools

Stay up-to-date on calls and phone numbers using these top-notch phone validator tools.

As our lives rely heavily on communication, phone numbers play a significant role. However, not all phone numbers are legitimate and manually verifying them can become tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, a free phone validator tool or API can save the day. If you are feeling overwhelmed with too many options on the internet, this guide will help you narrow them down and find the most suitable one. So, let us begin.

26 Best Free Phone Validator

Best Free Phone Validator

We have compiled a list of some of the best phone validators available on the internet. These free bulk phone number validator tools will surely help you save a lot of time and make your contact database a little less in volume and more accurate.

Uses of Free Phone Validator Tool

This tool is crucial for keeping your databases free of invalid phone numbers if your company relies on and collects customer phone numbers as an integral element of your services. A free phone validator API has a lot of benefits that include:

  • Better Business Performance
  • Important information about the owner
  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Clean Database with much accurate data.

Now that we know the uses of a good phone validator tool, let’s get into the list.

1. Data 8

data8 | free bulk phone number validator

Whether a landline, cell, or foreign number is entered, the Data8 Phone Validation service recognizes and validates it appropriately, and even formats the number correctly to match. It checks the digits in the number and other factors including its network, and location. Data8 services come with a 14-day free trial.

  • It captures numbers in the best format with Predictive Address and Postcode Lookup Services.
  • Data8 captures email addresses in a proper format.
  • You can use Data8 to verify bank details in real time.
  • It corrects invalid data and removes invalid records.

2. Real Validito

real validito

With the help of Real Validito, you can check whether a phone number is legitimate, active, or invalid as well as its carrier and geographic location. You can also collect precise client information and maintain your records. This real-time phone validator API gives you 1000 free credits to validate numbers without using a credit card.

  • Validito helps in identifying invalid and inactive phone numbers.
  • You can identify if the caller is a male or female.
  • It lets you determine the city, state, country, time zone, and area code from a ZIP or postal code.
  • You can go for 1,000 phone lookup credits at $10.00, 5,000 phone lookup credits at $30.00, 10,000 phone lookup credits at $40.00, or 25,000 phone lookup credits at $50.00.

3. Veriphone


With its services in 248 countries and 1000 free credits, Veriphone is one of the best free phone validator tools. All you got to do is upload your CSV list and the validator would check the phone number right away. Using this tool, you may convert any working phone number into a typical international or local format and determine the country of a number based on its prefix or the location of the requesting IP address.

  • It helps in determining the authenticity of phone numbers.
  • You can use Veriphone to rewrite any valid phone number in local format or the standard international format.
  • You can go for its Starter Plan at $6.99/month, Professional Plan at $29/month, Business Plan at $79/month, or Enterprise Plan: $199/month.

4. TelValidator

TelValidator | free bulk phone number validator

An absolutely free phone validation service to reduce spam and enhance your client experience, TelValidator phone number validator provides phone verification data such as phone type, manufacturer, location, and more. The validator also has an email validation service.

  • TelValidtor returns information like phone type, company, and location.
  • It is free to use.
  • This tool makes the whole process easier with its beginner-friendly UI.

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5. SMS Connexion

SMS Connexion

Using the SMS Connexion phone validation tool, you can verify phone numbers that you’ve obtained from various sources. You can ascertain whether a phone number is from a landline or a mobile device in addition to confirming phone numbers. The tool helps authenticate phone numbers at the moment of input into your database, it aids in the upkeep of a clean user base. The tool has coverage in more than 200 countries.

  • SMS Connexion offers a robust and secure phone number validation service.
  • This tool is easy to use.
  • You can use it to export data into an Excel file or CSV file.

6. Numlookup API


Trusted by over 15000 companies worldwide Numlookup API is one of the most reliable free phone validator APIs. This tool provides 100 requests per month for users. Moreover, it is useful for small-scale companies trying to grow.

  • Data is updated frequently resulting in better data for phone number validation.
  • Pricing: Free: $0.00 /mo (100 Requests), Small: $9.99 /mo (7000 Requests), Medium: $34.99 /mo (65000 Requests), Large: $74.99 /mo (300,000 Requests).

7. Informatica

Informatica | free bulk phone number validator

For you to have clean data guiding your business, Informatica verifies the legitimacy of phone numbers from more than 240 countries and territories. It is an easy-to-use tool.

  • Enhances phone number data with time zones.
  • Prevents calling clients in the middle of the night.
  • Informatica provides a free 30-day trial on cloud data integration.

8. Numverify


Numverify is one of the most trusted phone free phone validator APIs with support in around 233 countries. This phone validation API helps obtain quality leads. Moreover, you can also use Numverify to maintain a spotless user database.

  • Verifies phone numbers at the point of system entry.
  • Helps to prevent fraud.
  • Pricing: Free: $0.00 /mo (100 Requests), Starter: $14.99 /mo (5000 Requests), Pro: $59.99 /mo (50000 Requests), Enterprise: $129.99 /mo (250,000 Requests).

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9. Abstract API

Abstract API | free bulk phone number validator

Abstract API is a name you can have faith in with some of the most successful ventures making use of it. This phone number validator API is available in 190 countries. Moreover, Abstract API covers information on a city, region, or country level.

  • Developers rely on Abstract for its consistent uptime and superior technical assistance.
  • Helps to launch projects rapidly.
  • Provides important geographic details about a phone number.
  • Pricing: Free: $0.00 /mo (100 Requests), Starter: $9 /mo (1000 Requests), Pro: $49 /mo (7000 Requests), Enterprise: $499 /mo (75,000 Requests).

10. Marcom Robot

Marcom Robot

Marcom Robot performs a variety of checks that enable you to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent phone numbers. It checks phone numbers to the E.164 international phone number standard. Moreover, this tool automatically recognizes extensions.

  • Runs verification such as country or city code and format check.
  • Eliminates widespread acronyms.
  • Provides more up-to-date phone validation than other programs.
  • Pricing: Free Plan: $0/ Month (50 Records), Medium Plan: $79/ Month (3,000 Records), Large Plan: $149/ Month (10,000 Records).

11. Givebutter


Givebutter lets you know which of your contacts need to be updated by identifying invalid phone numbers. It is basically a fund-raising platform that is completely free. Therefore, the tool will help you find the right contact information, so you are seamlessly able to do fundraising without much effort.

  • Its free CRM detects incorrectly formatted numbers.
  • You can see any contact’s past donations, event check-ins, and received messages.

12. Antideo

Antideo | free bulk phone number validator

Through Antideo free phone Validator API you can check a huge variety of local, domestic, and international numbers from all over the world. This tool ensures that only valid phone numbers are registered.

  • Helps to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Improves user registration process.
  • Reduces SMS delivery costs for incorrect numbers.
  • Pricing: 10 requests/hour ($0.00), 50 requests/hour ($5.00), 100 requests/hour ($10.00), and so on.

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13. Dev


Any domestic or international phone number may be determined using the Dev free Phone Validator tool by simply entering it into the API request URL. This is a robust and affordable phone number validation. For enterprises all around the world, this search API can prevent undelivered messages, saving a lot of time and work.

  • This search API is available for enterprises worldwide
  • Prevents undelivered messages.
  • Saves time and work for businesses.
  • Pricing: Free: $0/ month, Essential: $9/ month, Standard: $35/ month, Professional: $300/ month.

14. Numvalidate

Numvalidate | free bulk phone number validator

Numvalidate is an open-source free phone validator API. The tool is created in partnership with Numverify and is powered by Google LibPhoneNumber. This tool helps in the easy formatting of phone numbers using NumValidate in E164 format. Moreover, it is a great option to maintain a clean user database.

  • Recommended format for securely storing phone numbers.
  • Authenticates phone numbers at the point of input.
  • Helps combat fraud.
  • Pricing: Unauthenticated (100 daily API requests), Free Sign-Up (1000 daily API requests), Pro Plan (10000 daily API requests).

15. MoceanAPI


MoceanAPI is one of the best free bulk phone number validator APIs in the market. It helps in ensuring that any company using the tool only has a legitimate and working number of customers or individuals. A free trial is available for this API.

  • You can validate multiple phone numbers at the same time.
  • It is a user-friendly tool.
  • MoceanAPI lets you maintain a clean database.
  • You can separate phone numbers from landline numbers.

16. Byteplant


With the help of Byteplant free bulk phone number validator tool, existing contact information can be simply cleaned up or phone number validity may be checked. This tool determines the appropriate line type to comply with FCC TCPA.

  • Maximizes marketing ROI.
  • It is available in 240 countries.
  • Decreases typos in phone number entry.
  • It will also help in reducing fraud.
  • A free trial is available with 100 free validation credits.

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17. Messente

Messente | free bulk phone number validator

Messente is a free phone validator tool that can help you validate contact numbers in the database. You can use this tool to check if a phone number is genuine. Moreover, it further verifies if both personal and corporate phone numbers are active.

  • Ensures phone numbers are capable of receiving calls and texts.
  • Improves database with specific information for each phone number.

18. Experian Data Quality Phone Validator


You can use Experian Data Quality phone validator software to verify the number location and its status. Its validation procedure runs the phone number through a large database. Accordingly, you get precise results in less time.

  • Gathers information such as phone kind and network provider.
  • Detects disposable mobile numbers through a new tool.
  • Allows easy recognition of throwaway mobile numbers.

19. TextMagic Phone Number Validator


You can validate phone numbers as they are gathered from various sources using the TextMagic phone verification tool. To help ensure compliance with regulators, in addition to authenticating phone numbers, you can also determine whether the number is a landline or mobile. TextMagic is one of the best options if your company wants to expand its communications approach.

  • This tool cleanses your database of invalid numbers.
  • TextMagic extracts data from more than 200 telecommunications providers.
  • You can improve business performance.
  • It lets you discover information about the caller.

20. Dexatel

Dexatel | free bulk phone number validator

The Dexatel allows for real-time number verification at the moment of system input. The phone validator API can assist you in avoiding spam or fake accounts. To screen contacts and approve legitimate ones, you can integrate the API into your website or mobile application.

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21. Loqate


Loqate real-time phone number validator tool that simplifies the process of validating consumer phone numbers. Its validation process goes beyond examining the length of the number.

  • Determines the carrier and location of the phone number’s nation.
  • Enables confident communication with customers.
  • Helps to avoid wasting time and upsetting wrong numbers.
  • Confirms the validity of all client phone numbers.

22. Vonage


Vonage is a great app in order to validate a phone number where your query passes through a four-step process. Vonage APIs Number Insight is a thorough service that examines each number’s validity, formatting, kind, and reachability. Vonage APIs Number Insight is a thorough service.

  • Provides accurate information for users of your app worldwide.
  • Can validate numbers from anywhere in the world.

23. Textr – Free Phone Number Validator Tool

Textr – free bulk phone number validator

Textr is a free phone validator tool that quickly verifies the validity of mobile/cell phone numbers to prevent incorrect entries and minimize fraud. It helps in dentifying mobile and landline phone numbers.

  • Ensures SMS campaigns are sent only to cell phones.
  • Regular validation ensures accessible numbers.
  • Reduces errors in broadcasting SMS or voice marketing campaigns.

24. Outscraper


With Outscraper, you can decode the mystery of your customer’s phone numbers! It returns whether it’s a mobile or landline carrier, ensuring message deliverability. Plus, you’ll know the carrier’s name and type for a more personalized approach.

  • It ensures message deliverability.
  • You can find carrier type and name.
  • The pricing options include, Free Tier: $0 /phone (Usage before 25 phones), Medium Tier: $0.005 /phone (Usage after 25 phones), Business Tier: $0.003 /phone (Usage after 50,000 phones).

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25. Attester


Attester is a powerful phone number validation API that instantly validates and filters out non-existent phone numbers. It identifies various phone number services: mobile, landline, toll-free, and special services.

  • Provides information on the service provider specific to the number’s location.
  • Delivers accurate country codes and prefix data for over 230 supported countries worldwide.
  • Provides the user’s registered country name and local area details.

26. Telemo

Telemo | free bulk phone number validator

Telemo validates phone numbers to improve business productivity, prevent fraud, and reduce delivery errors in SMS and voice marketing campaigns. You can use Telemo to distinguish between mobile and landline numbers.

  • Identifies carrier networks.
  • Ensures that numbers are reachable.
  • Optimizes SMS or calls routing to engage customers effectively.
  • Enables businesses to contact their customers with ease.

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We hope that this doc could guide you on the best free phone validator. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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