13 Best Free Password Manager Software (2022)

Bitwarden Password Manager

Searching for the best free password manager software for your laptop or smartphone in 2022? We understand the pain to remember different passwords for different websites can be quite daunting, that’s why we have compiled this list where we talk about the pros & cons of various free password manager apps that you use in 2022.

We all own many gadgets, be it a Windows PC or an iMac or only our phones or tabs. The more gadgets we own, the higher are the number of passwords we need to keep track of on a day to day basis. Let’s accept it! Post-its are the stupidest way to keep track of passwords.

Forgetting important passwords is the worst thing ever. Now that we have to create an account and sign up for most websites, applications, and social media, the list of passwords is never-ending. Also, it can be extremely risky to save these passwords in notes on your phone or using the old pen and paper. This way, anyone can easily access your accounts with passwords.

When you forget a particular password, you have to go through the super long procedure of clicking on “Forgot password”, and reset a new password through a mail or SMS facility, depending on the website or application.

This is the reason why many of us might resort to keeping the same passwords across multiple websites. Another way we all might have used at a point of time is setting small, simple passwords to remember easily. It is essential for you to know that doing this makes your device and its data more susceptible to hacking.

Security is the most important thing that anyone surfing on the internet should practice. Your device holds sensitive data, all the accounts open on your device, be it Netflix, your Bank’s application, Social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, etc. If your privacy and security are compromised, all these accounts can easily be lost from your control and in the hands of a mischievous cybercriminal.

To prevent you from all this trouble and more, app developers have taken over the password management market. Everyone needs a password manager for their laptops, computers, phones, and tabs.

Password manager applications are available for download, developed by third parties. They all have different features that might help you out in the privacy spectrum of using technology. Laptops, desktops, and computers are used all day by you and require a useful password manager application to make sure that you can have the password you need when you need it.

Not all of us would wish to invest in a password manager when we believe that keeping it all in a hidden diary is a cheaper solution to this issue. But Password managing software is now essentiality, and why shouldn’t you download one if you are getting them for free!

Most of this software is released with a free version, proving to be more than sufficient to take care of your very basic password confidentiality needs.

Some of the Password management software we will be listed below also offer secondary hardware authentication for double the security for free, and some other exciting features. So, even if you wish to save all your credit card or bank details, you can trust this software to keep them safe and hidden, only accessible by you.

It is essential to download only trustworthy applications since keeping your passwords in unsafe hands will only be a cause of immense worry for you and your confidential data.

13 Best Free Password Manager Software (2022)

Below are some of the best Password manager software or apps whose free versions you can use on different devices in 2022:

#1. Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager

This is a 100% Open source software; you can host your server for GitHub passwords. It is very cool that everyone can freely audit, review, and contribute to Bitwarden’s database. The 4.6-star holder on Google Play Store is one that will impress you with its password management services.

Bitwarden understands that password theft is a serious issue and how websites and apps are always under attack. Here are some of the features of Bitwarden Password Manager:

  • Security vault feature to manage all passwords and logins. The vault is an encrypted one that can sync across all your devices.
  • Compatibility- Windows, macOS, iPhone and iPad, Android, Linux.
  • Easy access and quick login with your passwords available.
  • Auto-fill feature within the web browsers that you use.
  • If you cannot think of strong and secure passwords, the Bitwarden manager will help you do exactly that by creating random passwords for you.
  • You protect the security vault with all your logins and passwords with a variety of options- Fingerprint, passcode, or PIN.
  • There are several themes and an array of customization features available.
  • Data is sealed by salted hashing, PBKDF2 SHA-256, and AES-256 bit.
  • Extensions are available- Vivaldi, Brave, Tor Browser, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera browser, and Mozilla Firefox.

Thus, you can rest assured that Bitwarden Password Manager data is accessible by you and only you! Your secrets are safe with them. You can download this password manager from the App Store, Google Play Store, or your internet browser. They have a reliable free version, which offers most of the features. In case you feel the need for extra features, you can add $10 a year for 1 GB space in your encrypted vault. Five can opt for a $12 Per year package to share login information with separate lockers.

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#2. 1password


One of the best free password managers in the market is the 1Password – Password manager and secure wallet. Android central has elected it as one of the best password managers for Android devices- phones, tablets, and even Windows and iOS desktops, laptops, and computers. This beautiful yet simplistic password manager has all the good features you could ask for in a password manager. The best part is that they offer a free version for trial. Here are some of the key features:

  • Password creator for strong, random, and unique passwords.
  • Sync your login and passwords across various devices- your tablets, your phone, computer, etc.
  • You can share passwords that you wish to, with your family or even official company account passwords with your company, through a safe channel.
  • Unlock password management can only be done with Fingerprint. That is actually the safest way!
  • It is also utilized for saving financial information, personal documents, or any data that you wish to keep under lock and key and in safe hands.
  • Organize your information easily.
  • Create more than one security vault to store confidential data.
  • Search features to find your data easily.
  • Safety even when the device is lost or stolen.
  • Travel mode feature- you can remove your data from 1Password temporarily when you travel with your gadgets, and restore them as and when you please.
  • Multi-factor authentications with third parties like YubiKey for added security.
  • Easy migration between multiple accounts with family and team.
  • Mac devices allow Touch ID to unlock.
  • iOS devices have the face recognition feature for unlocking.

Yes, that is a lot of goodness in one password manager alone! The 1Password app is free for the first 30- days, but after that, you will need to subscribe to them in order to continue using it all. The app is well awarded and has a 4.2-star rating on Google Play Store.

The price for 1Password varies from $2.99 to $4.99 per month. Honestly, password and file management in a safe manner is something that no one would mind such a small amount for.

They have a family pack too, which covers a group of 5 for $60 a year, which has additional features for sharing details, separate vaults, etc.

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#3. Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password ManagerSecure management of all your passcodes is important, and Enpass password manager understands that well. They have their app available for every platform- tablets, desktops, and Android phones as well. They claim to have the full-featured desktop version for free, which you can use to evaluate this particular password manager before downloading it on your smartphone device and purchasing it for good.

The Enpass app is full of great features, which have fetched some great reviews from users and a 4.3 Star rating on Google Play Store. 

Here are the highlights of this application:

  • Zero data is stored on their servers, so the app does not risk your data leakage at all.
  • Compatibility- Linux, Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS.
  • It is an offline application.
  • Their security vault allows you to store credit card details, bank accounts, licenses, and important information like files, photos, and documents.
  • The data can be synced across devices with cloud facilities.
  • You can backup your information once in a while with Wi-Fi to make sure you don’t lose any of it.
  • Multiple vaults can be created and even shared with accounts of family members or colleagues.
  • Their military-grade encryption gives you all the necessary reassurance about their security.
  • Simple and good-looking UI.
  • Strong passwords can be generated through their password generator feature.
  • Easy organization of data with their variety of templates.
  • The app can be unlocked only through biometric verification.
  • Two-factor authentications for added security with KeyFile. (optional)
  • They have a dark theme feature, as well.
  • The password audit feature allows you to keep track if you aren’t repeating any pattern while keeping the passwords.
  • Autofill is available, too, even in your Google chrome browser.
  • They offer premium support to make sure that you get the best experience and never have trouble with their application.
  • Completely free-full version on desktop.

The main features are available only if you pay a price of $12 to unlock everything. It is a one-time payment, which makes it totally worth it. There is a free version too, with very basic features and only a 20-password allowance on Androids, specifically, but I would suggest you download this third-party application for password management on your smartphone only if you want to purchase it.

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#4. Google Passwords

Google Passwords

Well, how can you ever come up with a need for a basic utility like password management, which Google does not take care of? Google password is a built-in feature for all those who use Google as their default search engine on their Android. Any device with a Google Chrome browser can access Google passwords for its password management services.

To access and manage your Google password settings, you will have to enter your Google password on the official website or the Google account settings. Here are some of the features that Google brings to you with its password manager-

  • Built-in with the Google app.
  • Auto-fill in whenever you save a password for any website you previously visited on the browser.
  • Start or stop Google from saving your passwords.
  • Delete, see or even export the passwords you have saved.
  • Easy to use, no requirement to keep checking on the google password website again and again.
  • When you turn on Sync for passwords on Google Chrome, you can save a password to your Google account. The passwords can then be used whenever you use your google account on any device.
  • Trustworthy and safe password manager.

The Google password is a default feature, which just needs to be activated. You do not need to download on your Android phones, as they have Google as their default search engine by default. The Google app is a free one.

Warning- it can also be a risky option because some sources have revealed that it will not take much effort for a mischievous third-party to access all your passwords saved on Google Chrome with just some specific steps.

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#5. Remembear

RememBear Free Password Manager in 2020

If you have ever used the well-renowned VPN Tunnel bear, you might be familiar with the quality it offers. In 2017, Tunnel Bear released its own password management application for Android called RememBear. The app is extremely adorable, and so is its name. The interface is cute and friendly, will never get you a boring vibe even for a second.

The free version of the RememBear password manager is only for one device per account and will not include sync or backup. Here are some of the features that the app offers its users. After reading this, you can decide if it is worth it to pay for it or not. 

  • 1. Excellent user-friendly interface – simple and straightforward.
  • 2. Available on iOS, desktop, and Android.
  • 3. Security vault for saving all passwords.
  • 4. Find credentials that have been trashed from the vault earlier.
  • 5. Storage of website passwords, credit card data, and secured notes.
  • 6. Sync all the stored data across devices.
  • 7. Organize them in alphabetical order and search easily with the search bar.
  • 8. The categorization is done according to the type on its own.
  • 9. The app automatically tends to lock itself, making it safe, even on desktops.
  • 10. A password generator feature allows the creation of random passwords.
  • 11. Provides extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox Quantum.

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One annoying feature is how the trash has to be deleted manually and that too one at a time. This is extremely time-taking at times and can be frustrating. The time that installation takes is also a little longer than one would expect.

But otherwise, this app has a way too many features, and all of them are too good to complain about.

Unlock their priority customer services, secure backup, and sync features with a small price of $3/ month.

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#6. Keeper


Keeper is definitely a keeper! One of the old and best in the password management market is Keeper, the one-stop solution to all your needs. It has a stellar rating of 4.6-stars, the highest on this list of password managers for Android phones yet! It is a highly rated and most trusted manager, thus justifying its the high number of downloads.

There are several features that you should know about before you decide on this app and download it into your Android phone:

  • Compatibility- Windows, macOS, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Linux.
  • Extensions available- Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari.
  • Simple, extremely intuitive app for managing passwords.
  • Security vault for files, photos, videos, and passwords.
  • Highly encrypted vaults with high security.
  • Unmated security- Zero-knowledge security, with layers of encryption.
  • Password auto-filling saves a lot of time.
  • BreachWatch is a unique feature that scans the dark web to audit your passwords and notifies you of any risk.
  • Provides two-factor authentications by integrating with SMS, Google Authenticator, YubiKey, SecurID)
  • Make strong passwords super easily with their generator.
  • Fingerprint login to the password manager.
  • Emergency Access feature.

The keeper password manager offers a free trial version, and the paid version starts around $9.99 per year; for 10 Gb extra security vault file storage, you will be charged around $60. To sync across multiple devices, you will have to buy the paid version of Keeper. It might be one of the most expensive ones, but it is also definitely worth the price you pay. The free version is really good as there is no limit on the number of passwords you want to store securely.

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#7. Lastpass Password Manager

Lastpass Password Manager

A simple yet intuitive utility tool for managing and creating your passwords is the Last Pass Password manager. It can be utilized across all devices- desktops, laptops, tablets, as well as your phones- Android and iOS. Now you do not need to go through the whole frustrating password resetting process or be scared about your accounts getting hacked anymore. Lastpass brings you great features for a fair price to take all your worries away. The Google Play store has made this password manager available for download and also has great reviews along with a 4.4-star rating for it.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Compatibility – Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, other Apple products like the iPhone and also iPad.
  • Secure vault for saving all confidential information, passwords, login ids, usernames, online shopping profiles.
  • Strong and powerful password generator.
  • Automatic username and passwords saved in versions later than Android Oreo and future OS.
  • Fingerprint access to everything in the password manager application on your phones.
  • Get a double layer of security with the multi-factor authentication feature.
  • Encrypted storage for files.
  • Tech support for its priority customers.
  • AES 256- bit bank-level encryption.
  • Available extensions- Opera, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

The premium version of this app stands at $2-$4 per month and gives you extra support facilities, up to 1 GB storage for files, desktop biometric authentication, unlimited password, notes sharing, etc. The app is great for your devices if you wish to have an organized and secure environment for all your important passwords and other login details. The app is regularly updated.

The free version is sufficient to take care of your very basic needs when it comes to password management.

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#8. Dashlane


The ultra-stylish password manager called Dashlane offers three versions- Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. The third-party application is extremely easy to use and has a simple UI. The free version of this app will allow you to store 50 passwords for a single device per account. The premium and premium plus have slightly advanced features and facilities.

Whether you utilize a password once in a day or once in two years, Dashlane will have them ready for you when you need them. Here are some of the good features of this password manager and generator:

  • Creates unique and strong passwords.
  • Types them online for you, when you need them- Autofill feature.
  • Add passwords, import, and save them as and when you browse the internet and surf different websites.
  • If your sites ever suffer a breach, you will be alarmed and alerted by Dashlane.
  • Password backups are available.
  • Syncs your passwords across all gadgets that you use.
  • Premium Dashlane offers a Secure browser and dark web monitoring to audit your passwords and make sure that you are at no risk.
  • Premium Plus Dashlane offers further advanced features like Identity theft insurance and credit monitoring.
  • Available for iOS and Android – MacOS, Windows with extensions like Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

The premium version is priced at $5 per month, while the premium plus is priced at $10 per month. Roughly, the base price would add up to $59.88 per year.

To read the specifications that Dash lane makes available to you for each of the paid premium packages, you can visit their official website and have a look.

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#9. Password Safe – Secure Password Manager

Password Safe – Secure Password Manager

One of the highest-rated on this list of password manager applications for Android phones is Password-safe, with a 4.6-star rating on the Google Play store. You can place a 100% trust in this application with all your passwords, account data, pins, and other confidential info.

There is no automatic sync feature, but that only makes this application more secure. The reason for this being that it is entirely offline. It will not ask you to access the internet permission.

Some of the greatest features for managing passwords and generating them are made available by this app, in the simplest of manner. 

Here are some of them:

  • Secure vault for saving data.
  • Completely offline.
  • Uses AES 256 Bit military-grade encryption.
  • No auto-sync feature.
  • Inbuilt export and import facility.
  • Backup the database to cloud services like Dropbox or any other ones that you use.
  • Create secure passwords with the password generator.
  • Automatically clears your clipboard to keep you protected.
  • Widgets for home screen password generation.
  • The user interface is customizable.
  • For the free version- app access through a password, and for the premium version- biometric and face unlock.
  • The Premium version of password safe allows exporting to print and pdf.
  • You can monitor password history and automatic log-out from the application (only with the premium version)
  • The self-destruction feature is also a premium feature.
  • The statistics will provide you with insight into your passwords.

These were most of the highlights of this password manager- Password safe. The free version has all the necessities that you may require, so it is definitely worth a download. The premium version carries some advanced features for better security, like mentioned in the list of features above. It is priced at $3.99. It is one of the good ones on the market, and it is not that pricey either. So, it can be a good option for you to explore.

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#10. Keepass2android


Exclusively for Android users, this password management app has proved to be a boon for many users due to all that it offers for Free. It is true that this app may not provide very complicated features like some that I have mentioned before in this list, but it does the work it is supposed to. The reason for its success is mostly the fact that it is priced at nothing and that it is open-source software.

Developed by Croco Apps, Keepass2android has a great 4.6-star rating on the google play store services. It aims at a very simple synchronization between multiple devices of the user.

Here are some of the features of this very simple application that you will definitely appreciate:

  • Secure vault with high-level encryption to ensure the safety of data.
  • Open source in nature.
  • QuickUnlock feature- biometric and password options available.
  • If you do not wish to use the Sync feature, you can use this app offline.
  • Soft Keyboard feature.
  • Two-factor authentication is possible with support from several TOTP and ChaCha20.

The app has great reviews on google play, and you will love the simplicity that runs behind it. It Is a safe one and looks after all your basic needs. The app is updated frequently, and bug fixes and improvements are made to make it better with every passing update.

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#11. Keepassxc


Endorsed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, this password management software runs on donations. This is open-source software that provides a variety of users. It believes that you should not waste unnecessary time remembering and typing passwords while working on your gadgets.

This belongs to the same family of app developers, as mentioned above- Keepass. The one mentioned above is for Android users, and this one – KeepassXC is a cross-platform port for KeePass for Windows – called KeePass X.

Clearly, the developers have catered for different platforms, but you will require to download different software for every device that you wish to use this on.

Here are some of its good features, appreciated by users’ world-wide:

  • Compatible For macOS.
  • Auto-type feature.
  • Works offline and never requires an internet connection once downloaded.
  • Stores password safely in a vault.
  • Encrypted vault- using a 256-bit key.
  • More useful for advanced users- follows a database format.

The KeePass XC can be difficult to work with across multiple devices because of the number of ports that it runs on other platforms. Being in a database format can actually cause confusion due to the complex UI it has.

They are otherwise a completely free application. So if you have some good experience in password management software, then do not hesitate to venture into this one! They also accept donations, which you can make on their official website.

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#12. Nord Pass

Nord Pass

If you are familiar with the VPN called NordVPN, then you will know that they recently ventured into the Password management market and came up with one of the best software for password management called Nord pass- a dependable password manager and an extension for it called the Norton Password manager which makes up for its identity and theft packages.

NordPress has a free version that offers more than enough for satisfying your security needs.

Here are some features that free NordPass will offer you:

  • Autosave feature.
  • Auto-filling feature.
  • Password generator- strong and random.
  • Desktop and mobile applications for all OS.
  • Easy import procedure from other Password manager software.
  • Automated backup facility.
  • Encrypted vault with zero-knowledge architecture.
  • 24/7 support by the customer support team dedicated to your needs.

The NordPass application is a privacy app, downloaded, and loved by 12 million users from across the globe. The NordPass Password manager is a paid version of NordPass, available for $2.99 Per Month. They also have more expensive packages with advanced features.

The software offers you a 30 days money-back guarantee too! So if you are not convinced about the paid version, after using it. You will be refunded the amount.

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#13. Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager

Another branch from the family of the Norton providers is the Norton Password Manager. You will find this software on the Google Play Store or the App Store. It is an enriched software with great features which have been thoroughly appreciated by its users from across the world. It has a 4.0-star rating on the Play Store.

There are several features that you should know about before you decide on downloading this application into your device.

  • Thoroughly encrypted vault to save your passwords.
  • Save addresses, details for credit cards, and enjoy fast checkout will shopping or making payments online.
  • Access vault by PIN on Android devices.
  • Create complex Passcodes with its password generating feature.
  • Autofill feature with built-in browser stores.
  • Safety Dashboard feature- helps you to spot weakness in your login details.
  • Extensions available- Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer.
  • Available for download on macOS, Android devices, and iPhones, iPads.

Several complaints about how slow this application can get but have been looked into by Norton developers with bug fixes and updates regularly. This is a free password manager software, so I guess it is worth a try.

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Now that we have discussed some of the best free password managers in the year 2022, you will be able to take your pick on the one that suits your need best, the ones which are compatible with your device the best. There are loads of them, which are not in the list above but will leave a lasting impact on you if you were to pick from them. Here is a list of some extra suggestions that you can consider:

  • Sticky Password – Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  • RoboForm- Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS.
  • TrueKey- macOS, iOS, Android, Windows 10.
  • Log Me Once- macOS, iOS, Android, Windows 10.
  • Abine Blur – macOS, iOS, Android, Windows 10.

Most of the password manager software mentioned above have free versions that you should try out. If you are on a budget and can afford to splurge a small amount, you should go in and purchase one of this software that fits well. Password Management software is a need in today’s time, where every important detail that is confidential needs to be well hidden and easily retainable and accessible when you need it.


I hope this article on Best password manager software in 2022 was a helpful one, and you will be successful in finding a good Password manager software for your laptops, desktops, and Smartphones. If you feel that a good one is missing from the list, do mention it in the comment section below!

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