14 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Mac

There are times when you get bored with the wallpaper on your Mac. If this is the case, you can easily find beautiful wallpapers although it can be a tiring task for many users. But if you have decided to finally give your Mac a long-awaited makeover, read this article to get your hands on live wallpapers for Mac free. The apps discussed in this article offer amazing background wallpapers that make your mac look lively, fresh, and pretty. Moreover, you will also find out how to get live wallpapers on MacBook Pro. So, keep reading this article to gain more insights into these wallpaper apps.

14 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Mac

Best Free Live Wallpapers for Mac

As soon as you open your mac, the first thing that is visible is your wallpaper. So, if the wallpaper is pleasing and mesmerizing to your eyes, then you feel good and it has a positive effect on you. So, to make your mac desktop look fresh and lively read the apps that offer live wallpapers for mac free discussed below, so keep reading and gain insights on these apps.

1. Satellite Eyes

satellite eyes website

Satellite Eyes is an app for live wallpapers for mac free. It is a MacOS app that was made by Tom Taylor with maps of MapBox, Thunderforest, Bing Maps, and Stamen Design. It has other amazing features such as:

  • Satellite eyes displays the satellite view of your current location on your desktop as wallpaper.
  • This app offers several different map styles such as aerial photography, abstract watercolors, and more.
  • Additionally, it locates your position by making use of Apple’s database of Wi-Fi access points. So, you have to enable Wi-Fi on your device and would need a working internet connection.
  • It is available for free.

2. Live Wallpapers HD & Weather

live wallpapers hd & weather mac app store preview

Live Wallpapers HD & Weather is another app that offers the best live wallpapers for mac. In this app, you are given the choice to create your wallpaper with your favorite pictures and customize your weather widget and clock style. The other features are mentioned below:

  • Living Wallpaper HD provides beautiful 20 live desktop wallpapers that make your desktop lively.
  • The designs and style include cityscapes, sunsets, galaxies, and more, each of them also has a clock and weather widget integrated with them.
  • Besides that, Live Wallpapers HD & Weather app gives a weather forecast window in detail by clicking on the dock icon. Also, your current time is shown in various analog or digital styles.
  • It is an app that provides live wallpapers for mac free.

3. Live Desktop

live desktop mac app store preview. 14 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Mac

Live Desktop is an awesome app that offers animated live wallpapers and themes. It makes your Mac desktop look lively with its beautiful live HD quality wallpapers, images, and animated themes. The other features of this app include:

  • Its live theme includes a sandy beach, pristine water wall, ripling river, waving flag, roaring lion, and also rainwater droplets on your Mac screen.
  • Besides that, you can experience live audio along with most of the live themes and wallpapers as audio is integrated into them.
  • This app gives the choice to download new themes and offers user-friendly interface so that the users can view all the live themes.
  • Furthermore, the Live Desktop app offers an amazing and unique environment that lets thoughts, words, and ideas to flow smoothly.
  • Additionally, it is compatible with the dark theme and provides the option to make use of your own videos and live themes that can be uploaded on your desktop background.

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4. Aerial

 aerial website

Another app that provides live wallpapers for mac free is Aerial. It was started by John Coates in 2015. Its features include:

  • It is a macOS screensaver that allows people to play videos from Apple’s tvOS screensaver.
  • Aerial has classic videos which are shot over various locations and cities like China, Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, and more. It also provides Earth videos from the ISS. Besides this tvOS 13, it introduced new underwater videos.
  • Besides this, it is an open-source mac screen saver app that is compatible with macOS 10.12 and later.
  • Moreover, new features are being added in Aerial as it is developing constantly. Its latest version lets people display weather forecasts and information for their current location.

5. Dynamic Wallpaper Club

dynamic wallpaper club website

Dynamic Wallpaper Club helps you share and create dynamic wallpapers for your mac. The features of this amazing app are as follows:

  • This lets you make your dynamic wallpapers with its dynamic wallpaper creator which is available for free.
  • Wallpapers provided by this app change over the course of the day, thereby making your Mac look beautiful.
  • Additionally, with up to 5K, these dynamic wallpapers are also compatible with big displays such as Apple Studio Display.
  • Furthermore, with its sun mode, you can also add GPS data, by adding this your dynamic wallpaper changes according to the current position of the sun.
  • Its time mode lets you set time stamps so that your Dynamic Wallpaper can change at various times over the course of the day.
  • It provides live wallpapers for mac free.

6. ScreenPlay

screenplay website. 14 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Mac

ScreenPlay is an open-source cross-platform app that displays widgets, wallpaper, and AppDrawer. If you want to download ScreenPlay on your mac then you can download it via Steam. This app provides features like:

  • ScreenPlay offers beautiful wallpapers to decorate your desktop.
  • Additionally, its Steam Workshop has a huge collection of content.
  • This app supports HDR, 4k wallpaper, and widescreen formats.
  • Moreover, you can either choose a dark or a light theme.
  • Furthermore, this app gives live wallpapers for mac free.

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7. 24 Hour Wallpaper

24 hour wallpaper website

24 Hour Wallpaper is also an app for live wallpaper MacBook Pro. It offers amazing features such as:

  • This app offers a beautiful, fixed view, mixed view, and professionally captured desktop wallpapers.
  • Moreover, with 24 Hour Wallpaper, you can choose City wallpapers and Nature wallpapers at 5K resolution.
  • Naturescape wallpapers include the White sands, Grand Canyon, Pyramid Lake, Sierras, Monterey Hills, Catalina Island, Big Sur, Joshua Tree, and more. Cityscape wallpapers include London, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, and more.
  • Furthermore, the wallpapers in this app remain coincided with your location and time on all days.
  • 24 Hour Wallpaper app offers images at 5K 5120×2880 resolution and provides lower resolution download options.
  • It is compatible with all resolution displays and you can use a number of displays on your Mac.

8. iWallpaper

 iwallpaper mac app store preview

iWallpaper also offers the best live wallpapers for mac. If you wish to make your mac desktop look good then you can make use of this app. The features of iWallpaper are as follows:

  • iWallpaper lets everyone submit their wallpapers to share with other people.
  • Moreover, in this app wallpapers are updated constantly.
  • Furthermore, with this, you can collect wallpapers and enjoy watching live wallpapers on your desktop.
  • This app is compatible with independent control of up to 6 or more monitors and besides that, every monitor can have a virtual space.
  • It is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later and offers live wallpapers for mac free.
  • Besides that, it is available for free.

9. Earth 3D Lite

earth 3d lite mac app store preview

With Earth 3D Lite you can turn your mac desktop into a spaceship window. The features of Earth 3D Lite are given below:

  • It offers live wallpapers for mac free. The wallpapers have 3D effects and graphics and they are of a very high quality.
  • Moreover, it offers screen saver feature and multi-monitor compatibility with password protection.
  • Earth 3D Lite gives the option to hide the dock icon.
  • The wallpaper theme includes more than 2,600 geographic objects, a day and night cycle with city lights, a nighttime sky in real life, around 500 wonders of the world, an original soundtrack, and more.
  • Additionally, it is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later and it is available for free.

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10. Dynaper

 dynaper mac app store preview. 14 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Mac

Dynaper is another dynamic wallpaper app that you can install on your device. It lets you create your dynamic desktop wallpaper on macOS Mojave & Catalina & Big Sur. The feature of Dynaper are as follows:

  • This app can export the dynamic wallpaper with a light image and a dark image that is still.
  • Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface.
  • Moreover, its Solar Wizard function can figure out when the sun coordinates in your area and then set the periods according to that.
  • It is compatible with macOS 10.14 or later and is available for free.

Other Wallpaper Apps for Mac

Here is a few more list of wallpaper apps for Mac.

1. Wallpaper Wizard 2

 wallpaper wizard 2 website

Wallpaper Wizard 2 provides various wallpapers and backgrounds which help you make your desktop beautiful. This app also gives multi-monitor support and lets people set one wallpaper on a number of displays. In Wallpaper Wizard, photos are curated that are pure visual gold. Its other mind-blowing features are given below:

  • It provides high-resolution desktop photos and many beautiful backgrounds and wallpapers in high quality.
  • Furthermore, it offers wallpapers displaying old boats, beaches & oceans, red flowers, long exposure, forest road, and more.
  • Additionally, if you are a person who likes to change their background wallpaper often then with Wallpaper Wizard you can add wallpapers you love to the roll, select how often you want the wallpapers to be changed, and then leave the rest on the app.
  • Wallpaper Wizard 2 has a user-friendly and elegant interface.
  • Its pricing starts at $9.9, besides that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Unsplash

 unsplash mac app store preview. 14 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Mac

Unsplash is another wallpaper app for your mac. It offers a number of breathtaking and amazing photos for your mac’s desktop that can used as wallpaper. Unsplash was built to empower talent and creativity by sharing its copyright-free photography The features of Unsplash are mentioned below:

  • This platform has a number of HD photographs clicked by talented photographers.
  • Additionally, it offers mesmerizing wallpapers like urban streetscapes, space pics taken by NASA, nature pics taken by high-flying drones, and more.
  • Its interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • Furthermore, this app is free to use and is minimalistic.

3. Irvue

irvue mac app store preview

Another wallpaper app for mac is Irvue. It has a number of artistic wallpapers that can make your mac look pretty. The features of Irvue are discussed below:

  • This app offers a number of high-resolution photos from Unsplash that you can make use of to decorate your desktop.
  • Additionally, if you like to change your desktop wallpaper often like after 30 minutes or 3 hours or a month then you can make use of this app.
  • Furthermore, all the photos on Irvue can be downloaded on your mac.
  • Irvue has multi-display setup support, and customizable shortcuts and it does auto-adjustment of your mac theme depending on your present wallpaper.

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4. Wallcat

Wallcat app

Wallcat automatically changes wallpapers for your mac desktop daily. It is a paid menu bar app. This app does not let users to set the update frequency. The features of this app are as follows:

  • It offers four themed channels to its users from which they can choose, they are Fresh Air, Structure, Gradients, and Northern Perspective.
  • This app is available on the App Store for $1.99.

How to Get Live Wallpapers on MacBook Pro

Now you might be clear with the apps that offer live wallpapers for mac free. Now let’s learn how to get live wallpapers on MacBook Pro or how to put live wallpaper on MacBook air, read the various options mentioned below:

Method 1: Use In-Built Dynamic Desktops

To get the built-in dynamic desktop wallpapers for your mac follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First, navigate to the System Preferences app on your Mac, then click on the Desktop & Screensaver option.

go to system preferences

2. After that, under the Desktop heading, choose the Desktop Pictures option. Next, click on Dynamic Desktop.

click on dynamic desktop. 14 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Mac

Here, you will be able to locate the built-in Live Wallpapers that Apple has provided with your Mac. The wallpapers under the Light and Dark Desktop heading also shift throughout the day when they are set to Automatic.

Method 2: Make Use of Websites for Moving Wallpapers

You can also make use of websites to get beautiful free Live Wallpaper for your Mac. As mentioned above, websites like Satellite Eyes displays the satellite view of your current location on your desktop as a wallpaper with a variety of map effects. There are also other options that you can opt for.

Method 3: Use Live Wallpaper Apps

If you want to know how to get live wallpapers on MacBook pro then there are various apps that let you admire your mac desktop by providing you with beautiful, dynamic, live, and animated wallpaper galleries. These apps have different features for instance some apps give a slow-moving effect to the wallpapers to keep your desktop lively. Other apps such as live wallpapers HD & Weather provide designs and styles like cityscapes, sunsets, and galaxies. Apps like iWallpaper, let people set wallpaper easily by clicking on a Live Wallpaper option and then choosing the Set as wallpaper option so that people do not need to navigate to System Preferences on their Mac. Most of these apps are available for free, but some also come with in-app purchases for some wallpapers or payment to remove watermarks.

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4. Create Your Own Live Wallpapers

Another option that you can opt for to know how to put live wallpaper on MacBook Air is to create your own live wallpapers. If you want to do this, then what you can do is upload live photographs that you have taken in dynamic wallpaper apps and sites such as Dynaper, Dynamic Wallpaper Club and more. After that, have those live pics become short videos so that they can be played on your mac desktop.

5. Convert Screensavers into Live Wallpapers

There are a number of live wallpapers that you can put on your Mac desktop like Quartz animations, you have some Quartz animations on your device already i.e., the default screensavers. You can convert them into animated wallpapers easily. If you want to do this then follow the steps discussed.

1. First, you have to navigate to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver. Then, choose the animated screen saver that you wish to put on your screen from the Screen Saver tab.

go to system preferences

2. After that, open Terminal and type the following command:

/System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ScreenSaverEngine.app/Contents/MacOS/ScreenSaverEngine -background

terminal screen

3. Next, press Enter key and now your mac desktop will be your screensaver. This will be displayed till the time you close your Terminal window.


We hope you enjoyed reading our article as we have discussed live wallpapers for Mac free and more. You can visit our page as we keep coming up with interesting information. We also keep updating our page. If you have any suggestions or queries drop them in the comment section below.

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