15 Fixes for Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

Why is my Chromebook keyboard not working? What is wrong with it and how should I solve it? Are these questions exactly what brought you here? If so, you will discover comprehensive ways to fix Chromebook keypad or keys not working issue

16 Best Fixes for Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

Your Chromebook may lock your keyboard to add an extra layer of security. For instance, if your curious kids and pets are around, you can avoid accidental pressing of keys and unintentional actions.

Other reasons why your keyboard is not working properly are:

  • Your Chromebook keyboard has malfunctioned.
  • You have accidentally spilled some liquid on your keyboard.
  • Some of the keys on your keyboard are stuck.
  • Your Chromebook is infected with malware.

Method 1: Restart Chromebook

If Chromebook keyboard not working, you can always restart your device. So, if it is a minor issue caused by a troubled app, a quick reboot gives the right boost of productivity and efficiency.

Unlike a Windows laptop or desktop computer, you do not have a direct restart option on Chromebook. Instead, you will have to manually turn it off and then turn it on to restart. Follow these steps for the same:

1. Tap on time widget in the bottom right corner.

2. Click on Power icon followed by the Shut down option on your Chromebook.

Click on Power icon followed by the Shut down option

Once the process completes, wake your Chromebook by opening the lid and touching the mousepad.

Method 2: Visually Inspect Keyboard

Are there only specific number keys not working on Chromebook? If so, you can press it repeatedly for a few times until the key is no longer stuck and released from its place. Also, check for dirt and damage within the keyboard.

Method 3: Turn Off Auto Repeat

Generally, what happens is that when you press and hold a key for too long, it starts typing the character repeatedly. So, if this feature is creating a nuisance for you or is not working properly, you can disable or enable it by following these steps:

1. Click on the Time widget and open Settings on your Chromebook.

Click on the Time widget and open Settings on your Chromebook. How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

2. Next, go to Device followed by Keyboard.

3. Now, ensure that the toggle switch for Enable Auto-repeat is off.

ensure that the toggle switch for Enable Auto-repeat is off

Method 4: Change Behavior of Keys

Chrome OS allows users to modify the behavior of function keys such as Esc, Backspace, Search, Ctrl, and Alt. So, in case if any of these keys are not working how they are supposed to, you can modify their behavior back to normal.

1. Go to Settings by clicking on the Time widget.

2. Then, click on Device.

3. At last, click on Keyboard where you will see the function of keys mentioned next to them.

click on Keyboard. How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

From here you can click on the box to modify the behavior of any particular key that isn’t working up to the mark.

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Method 5: Change Input Method

If your Chromebook keyboard stopped working properly and is typing wrong letters, it could happen due to an incorrect keyboard layout. It can also happen due to a language selected in keyboard settings but you can easily fix it in these simple steps:

1. Open Chrome browser on your Chromebook and click on the three dots at the top right corner.

2. Next, click on Settings followed by Languages and inputs.

3. Scroll down to find Language and Inputs and make sure that you have selected English (US) under input methods headings.

Scroll down to find Language and Inputs. How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

If you cannot find your preferred language, then follow the steps mentioned below.

1. First go to Settings.

2. Then, select Device and click on Change input settings.

click on Device menu in Chromebook. 16 Best Fixes for Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

3. Now select Add input methods.

4. Finally, find and select your language and click on Add.

Method 6: Turn Off Sticky Keys

Sticky keys enable users to perform key combinations by pressing a single key rather than multiple keys simultaneously. This benefits users who are unable to perform shortcut key combinations. However, you can resolve Chromebook keypad not working if you have accidentally enabled Sticky keys.

To turn off this feature, follow these steps:

1. Open Settings on Chromebook by clicking on the Time widget.

Open Settings on Chromebook by clicking on the Time widget

2. Click on Accessibility followed by Manage accessibility settings.

3. Next, scroll down to Keyboard and text input section and toggle Enable sticky keys (to perform keyboard shortcuts by typing them sequentially) off.

scroll down to Keyboard and text input section and toggle Enable sticky keys off

Method 7: Use Device as Guest User

Using a Chromebook in guest mode helps you use the device without signing in. If the keyboard functions normally and works well, you must remove the existing user account from your Chromebook and add it back. For this, you can follow our detailed guide on How to Remove Account from Chromebook.

After this, follow these steps to enable guest user:

1. Sign in to your admin account and click on time.

2. Go to Settings followed by Security and Privacy.

security and privacy in Chromebook

3. Now, click on Manage other people.

4. Lastly, toggle on Enable Guest browsing.

Note: If your device is being managed by an organization, it is possible that you will not be able to enable the guest mode.

Method 8: Update Chrome Operating System

Using an older version of Chromebook OS can cause several issues within the device.

Note: If no updates are available for your Chromebook, the screen will display Your Chromebook is up to date. In this case, try other ways to fix Chromebook keyboard not working in this article.

1. Click on time followed by Settings.

2. Scroll down to find About Chrome OS and click on Check for updates.

 click on Check for updates. How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

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Method 9: Reset Chromebook Hardware

Resetting Chromebook hardware restarts your hardware items such as the keyboard and mousepad. Accordingly, anything that might be causing Chromebook keyboard not working gets resolved in the process.

Note: Try hardware reset only after other ways to fix are not working as it might delete some of your stored data and files.

1. Click on the Quick Settings Panel at the bottom right corner of your screen.

quick settings panel chromebook

2. Shut down your device by clicking on the Shutdown option.

press the power icon in quick settings panel chromebook. 16 Best Fixes for Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

3. Hold the Refresh key along with Power key.

4. Release the Refresh key once the Chromebook starts up.

Check if this solves number keys not working on Chromebook problem.

Method 10: Reset Chrome Browser

Using third-party extensions and antivirus software often cause problem for the device. If the above methods do not work on Chromebook keyboard stopped working, you can try resetting the browser. It is important to remember that resetting Chrome browser will clear everything and take it back to its default stage.

1. Open Chrome browser on your Chromebook.

2. Go to chrome://settings/reset page.

3. Click on the Restore settings to their original defaults option, shown highlighted.

Restore settings to their original defaults. How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

4. Now, confirm your action by clicking on the Reset Settings button.

click on Reset settings

Method 11: Powerwash Chromebook

Powerwash feature helps you to factory reset your Chromebook and thus, this should be one of your last resorts.

Note: Backup your data before resetting your device to avoid losing stored data

1. Press the Esc + Refresh + Power keys simultaneously.

2. Once the Chromebook displays an error, hit the Ctrl + D keys together and press the Enter key to confirm your choice.

press ctrl + d keys together and hit the Enter key on keyboard

3. Now, press the space key to re-enable the OS verification followed by the Enter key.

Wait for the device to delete all your data and proceed with setting up your Chromebook.

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Method 12: EC Reset Chromebook

EC reset or Embedded Controller reset will discharge the controller and reset your Chromebook. This method proves handy for many Chromebook users facing the same issue. Follow the below-mentioned steps to EC reset your Chromebook:

1. Turn off your Chromebook and remove its power cords from the keyboard.

2. Hold the Refresh + Power keys simultaneously.

3. Then, when the Chromebook restarts, release the Refresh button.

3. Now, carefully put the battery back and see whether the issue has been resolved.

Method 13: Reconnect Battery

In case your Chromebook keyboard not working, you can try reconnecting battery. However, always make sure that this method is one of your last resorts if any of the above-mentioned fixes failed to do the job.

Note: This method requires opening the Chromebook which could void your warranty.

  • Carefully remove back screws from the base of your Chromebook.
  • Remove the battery, clean everything and put it back in its place.
  • Attach the bottom panel and turn on your Chromebook to test the keyboard.

Method 14: Use External Keyboard

If fixing your Chromebook’s keyboard seems impossible and the warranty is long gone, this method is for you. Instead of wasting any more time and energy, you can always try connecting an external keyboard to your Chromebook. This will help you overcome the shortage of a faulty keyboard if number keys not working on Chromebook.

Fortunately, there are tons of in-budget Bluetooth keyboards out there with great performance and shelf life. The only drawback of this method is you will have to carry the burden of an extra keyboard with you wherever you go.

Method 15: Replace Chromebook Under Warranty or Sell it

If your Chromebook is under warranty, you can try getting it replaced. Or else, you can sell it. But it is essential to remember that Chromebooks come with a non-transferable warranty period for the buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I get my keyboard back to normal on Chromebook?

Ans. You might have noticed that sometimes when you press some keys together, your Chromebook keyboard acts weirdly. This usually happens when Ctrl + Spacebar keys are pressed which allows the keyboard to move back and forth between INTL and US keyboards.

Q2. How do I unlock my keyboard on my Chromebook?

Ans. You can unlock your Chromebook keyboard by typing in your User password.

Q3. How do I restart my Chromebook keyboard?

Ans. You can either click on the Power Off option or press and hold down the power button on your keyboard for a few seconds until the screen goes black and the Chromebook restarts.

Q4. Why is my Chromebook keyboard messed up?

Ans. As mentioned above, there can be several reasons why your Chromebook keyboard is messed up. For this, you can check your keyboard configuration settings, clean dirt around keys, check for stuck keys, and try other above-mentioned fixes.

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Now that you know why your Chromebook keyboard not working and how to fix it, waste no more time. Leave your reviews, feedback, and suggestions in the comments down below. Also, do not forget to tell us what you would like to read next.

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