10 Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative in 2023

Extratorrent.CC, what is this word? Those who have never ventured into file-sharing will be confused as to what the topic is all about. So before we delve directly into the topic, I will briefly try to venture into the concept of file sharing and what is a torrent, and what its functions are.

File sharing or file-swapping is an easy or a quick way of transmitting data between two users over a computer network. Torrent, in general term, is a fast-moving stream of water or liquid but speaking technically in computer parlance, a file such as a movie, song, game, or any application which is incomplete at the time of sending or sharing over the internet is called Torrent.

Extratorrent.CC was a well-known file-sharing website that made its presence known in 2006 and became a famous and the second-largest movie and TV show hosting site. Due to its quick prominence, many complaints from rivals resulted in the death of this torrent giant.

With a vacuum created, a lot of mirror sites and Extratorrent alternatives and proxy sprang up. I will take up, in our following discussion, the 10 Best Extratorrent.CC alternatives for use in 2023.

10 Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative to use in 2020

10 Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative in 2023

#1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, a non-profit organization with its base at Seychelles, was started in 2003. It was the brainchild of a group of Swedish anti-copyright activists. In spite of having its shares of ups and downs fighting against copyright watchdogs and law enforcement agencies, with some of its founders having ended up in prisons, it is still going strong as on date.

It is one of the oldest file-sharing or torrent site that permits users to download free software, movies, TV shows, innumerable song tracks, etc. It is an undisputed leader of the torrenting world since the death of KAT, Torrentz, and ExtraTorrents sites. This is the one site on the internet that has done more than anyone else in file-sharing.

It is one of the few torrenting sites against all the odds, has strongly stood the passage of time, organizing uncounted torrents belonging to a number of different categories. Remaining within legal boundaries, it fought against most Hollywood studios wanting its closure, as they felt it was coming in the way of their businesses. This site can be accessed via proxy and is available in 35 different languages.

#2. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents | Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative (2020)

Lime Torrents, not a new participant in the field, is a general-purpose torrent site that offers a vast pool of torrents across different categories. If your favorite torrent site is temporarily unavailable, it is not a bad site and can be your second option till your site resumes. It will not disappoint you, for that matter.
It has a simple, neat, and clean, user-friendly interface offering a fairly well-designed homepage.
This new homepage has been very sleekly designed with a search bar and large buttons feature, which makes it impossible to miss popular categories of torrents. As far as the torrent categories are concerned, it puts in your platter everything from eBooks to movies to music, games to TV shows, and apps to anime. Anime is a Japanese term for animations & are Japanese film and TV animation programs.

Being a general-purpose torrent site with an average download speed of 4.5MBPS and an impressive database, you can access the huge library of files through the links hosted on this site to obtain your favorite torrents. It doesn’t hold or provide any direct files and is more like a search engine. The site enjoys a lot of new releases and a lot of seeders. A seeder can be defined as a person with a list of complete files to share with other users.

#3. RARBG Mirror Site

RARBG Mirror Site

RARBG, founded in 2008, is one of the oldest torrent websites on the internet. It promotes/aides P2P i.e., peer to peer file sharing using Bit Torrent. Peers can be defined as equally privileged and equally efficient participants. Therefore P2P is that process in which each computer acts as a server for the other and allows access to files without the need of a central server. It has an average download speed of 5.5 MBPS.

This site is well organized with a clean layout, is popular for its latest movies and TV shows. It provides various other activities like news, games, books, music, software, adult content, and reviews on the movies and various TV shows. With a huge following it holds, and its genuine reviews about torrents, it occupies the third spot in the list of alternatives.

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This is the best torrent site with the latest movies and TV shows in several different resolutions and bitrates, right from Standard Definition (SD) up to uncompressed 1080p Blu-ray rips in High Definition (HD). Another reason for its popularity is that it describes along with other relevant information like screenshots, cover art, and many more for every torrent it runs.

The RARBG site is a great tracker and is managed by a group of experienced operators, who know how to serve the needs of their tight-knit, file sharing community. It is unfortunately banned and blocked in several countries like Saudi Arabia, the UK, and Australia. Still, the blockade can be circumvented using a VPN, bypassing the restrictions for safe access to its contents without any hassles.

#4. Zooqle


It is a fast, upcoming, easy to use, non-profit alternative to the ExtraTorrent site and a challenge to many more. This site is well organized with a clean layout, is popular for its latest movies and TV shows. It has a list of over 37000movies and around 600TV shows available on its list displayed on its homepage.

Ongoing to the homepage, you will get to search by name the most seeded torrents or check for the newly added torrents on the list. In addition to the movies and TV shows, you can also locate other torrents like eBooks and music. You can index the torrent on the homepage.

Indexing is a process where the server goes through the website and selects a list of keywords from every page on your site in the database. When the user performs a search operation, then these keywords help to find the pages on your site. In general, it is the creation of indexes or tables that point to the location of files and folders. It identifies the location of your search, either based on file names, key data fields in a database, text within a file, or any unique feature in a graphic or a video file.

Zooqle has a download speed of 3 MBPS and a user-friendly interface with scope for betterment always. It is gaining in popularity with more than 3.5 million torrents and over 1000 torrents being added by the day. It has a download speed of 3MBPS. Besides this, its modern design and highly functional and useful features have also added to its popularity.

It has a list of loyal users, which is ballooning at a good speed. Presently it is available in English and Russian languages, but it is expected to roll out in other languages soon.

#5. 1337x

1337x | Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative (2020)

1337x is, without an iota of doubt, the third most popular and arguably the most stylish torrent site alternative to ExtraTorrent right now. It has been around since 2007 and has taken care of the serious security risks it had earlier and is an absolutely secure site to use today.

With a modern and stylishly designed homepage, 1337x has a well organized and simple to use user-interface. It is one of the most popular torrent trackers as on date, offering fresh content to countless torrent users from around the world, making it easy to enjoy the search for what-so-ever they want to download.

The torrent categories it has on offer on your platter are everything from movies to music, games to TV shows, and apps to animes. The average download speed of its torrents is 4.0 MBPS. The beauty of this site is that with its features having been updated lately, it can now help you find those torrents that you never thought could ever be of help to you.

The site uses the BitTorrent protocol to allow P2P i.e., peer-to-peer sharing of its torrent files directory. Due to its high popularity, even Google does not show this site’s results, making 1337x change its tactics to avoid a Google search ban by a change in its domain name, at least once, if not more. The current main domain of the site is 1337x. To but it also has several back-up fields to avoid the ever prying eyes of Google.

#6. TorLock


If you are looking for a site with torrents to offer in abundance, you have hit the right button. With over seven million torrents and about 4.8 million amongst them being the most popular torrents in its kitty, it keeps on adding hundreds by the day. So, it gives you the privilege to download high-quality torrents without a second thought.

With a familiarly laid out homepage, the site is fast and responsive enabling browsing of the latest listed ExtraTorrent movies and TV series. Besides movies and TV shows, it offers games, music, anime, reading material, software, and news stories from a number of news websites for free. You are privileged to adult content also on the site, but it is confined to a limited circle only, and no one other than the specific group can even accidentally download such shows.

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The site provides100 percent verified torrents, and some of them are even difficult to find on other trackers making it a fantastic and great experience for its users. Torlock also helps its regular users in keeping updated with the latest laws, rules, and regulations continuously on its news section, which it recommends to follow daily, without fail. The freedom with the user to penalize Torlock @ one dollar per fake torrent instantly portrays the level of confidence it has in its work. This confidence is something that no other torrent provider displays.

#7. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 | Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative (2020)

This site is more or less as an alternative to the original Torrentz, with not much difference from the original. It is a metasearch engine, as it does not store any torrent files. It obtains torrents for its display from various other torrent sites at a download speed of 5.4 MBPS.

This site came into prominence due to the original Torrentz site’s closure by virtue of a court order. The most astonishing thing about it is that it manages to find these best available torrents, dodging the copyright watchdogs’ attention. Your antivirus software will set off a warning if you try to approach this site. You can bypass this warning through the use of a VPN and needn’t be too worried about the warning.

This site lays a lot of emphasis on Music and remains an excellent choice for music freaks who want to listen to their favorite music. The site’s beauty is that it has a bevy of decade-old torrents on display, which come along with seeders. Seeders are people with complete data or files who are uploading or sharing the data with other connected computers.

The site being a metasearch engine retrieving information from a user on the net may result in spamming. This may reduce the accuracy and precision of the output, eroding user confidence, and working comfort compared to other sites. This is the only perceived drawback of the site. In spite of this, the site is worth its name as you can get the best available torrent for music lovers.

#8. YTS.ag


It started with a small group of persons publishing torrents on other sites. It was initially known as YIFY and can also be termed as its successor. This ExtraTorrent alternative is a hot favorite, high-quality source to match your movie’s needs.

YTS.ag focuses entirely on movies, and if you are on the lookout for something more than movies, it is not your destination, and you need to look elsewhere and beyond it. Due to its excellent layout and wonderful optimization features, it downloads torrents in no time.

The site has had different domain names, with one being YTS.ag and others being YTS.am, YTS.pm, and YTS.gs. This site has a range of frequencies to choose from for signal transmission i.e., a large bandwidth, one of the biggest positive attributes of this site for ease of data downloading and transmission.

With an x264 encoding format, YTS offers quality files that are far better than the majority of the torrenting site. Though being famous for its contents, it has often run into rough weather, rubbing the wrong side of the authorities due to anti-piracy laws in New Zealand.

#9. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time | Best Extratorrent.CC Alternative (2020)

This mirror site allows direct streaming of Torrents that can be downloaded on the computer and temporarily. Per se or by itself, you can say that it is less of a torrent website but more of a streaming site.

The basic requirement of the site is a good internet connection with good speed to avoid buffering. This site using the BitTorrent protocol and breaks down the file into small fragments to enable streaming without any interruption. Since it is more or less a torrent, it would require a VPN to stay out of the radar of authorities.

You can use this app both on the desktop and your smartphone with the use of the desktop app and Android app for the desktops and android devices, respectively. This app allows you to stream your most favoured TV shows and movies straight from the torrent. It is undoubtedly an excellent source for TV and Movie torrents.

#10. Kickass Torrent Site

Kickass Torrent Site

This alternative to ExtraTorrent, having been launched in 2008, needs no introduction. At one time, it was a viral site and enjoyed the viewership of more than a million visitors per day. In spite of this, it also had its share of ups and downs, having been decommissioned at one time and replaced by several mirror sites.

Almost a look-alike of Google Search, it has a simple search page. It also has an alternate homepage to which you can switch to and see the display of a lot of popular torrents on the site. It has in its platter all main categories of torrents. You can see TV shows, music, movies, applications, software, animes, and ebooks, to name a few.

The alternate homepage allows you to access the kickass torrents community section, whereas a member, you can also discuss the torrents in multiple languages. Kickass Torrent offers torrent alternatives in case you are not comfortable in using its different mirror sites like Kater.to, Kat.li, kat.lat to build your comfort levels.

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The Kickass homepage also has its own search bar making things easy to search. The site in its current format isn’t considered to be quite popular for reasons, as discussed above, though it has the capacity to download torrents at an average download speed of 6.0 MBPS.

To conclude my discussion, it would not be incorrect to say there are a lot more ExtraTorrent.CC alternatives available, but I have limited my write up to the 10 best ExtraTorrent Sites available in 2023. It is not very clear whether it was the legal pressure that led to the death of the ExtraTorrent giant, but as a closing remark, I would like the emphasis on the fact that ExtraTorrent is now permanently shut down as is also declared on its webpage, so it would be advisable to use a VPN if you need to access torrenting sites in a country where they have been banned.

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