25 Best Encryption Software for Windows 10

Explore these amazing encryption tools to keep your online presence protected!

In today’s world, data breaches and cyber threats have become increasingly common, leaving us vulnerable to hackers who can steal our data or worse, our identity. To ensure you are protected against such risks, encryption software serves as a trustworthy shield. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best free and paid encryption software options for Windows 10, designed to keep your valuable information safe and secure.

Best Encryption Software for Windows

25 Best Free Encryption Software for Windows 10

The internet offers numerous encryption software choices, but not all are equally effective. To save you time and effort, we have curated a list of top encryption software for Windows 10. While most of these options come free of cost, some also offer premium versions with trial options for added features.

1. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt | best free encryption software for windows 10

VeraCrypt is an open-source disk encryption software renowned for its strong data protection capabilities on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • It employs advanced encryption algorithms like AES, Serpent, and Twofish, ensuring strong data protection.
  • VeraCrypt creates hidden encrypted volumes within other encrypted volumes for added security.
  • The developers regularly update the software to swiftly address security risks, ensuring a safe experience.

2. BitLocker


BitLocker is a widely-used encryption tool in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, providing full-disk encryption with strong password or PIN protection during boot-up.

  • It supports USB keys and TPM for added security.
  • BitLocker seamlessly integrates into Windows, efficiently protecting against security threats and data breaches.
  • You can use strong encryption like cipher block chaining, ensuring data confidentiality and safety for individuals and enterprises.

3. 7-Zip


7-Zip is a versatile software for Windows users, renowned for compression and AES-256 encryption capabilities.

  • You can easily encrypt files by creating an archive and setting a password.
  • 7-Zip supports various formats and can handle large files, making it popular for lightweight encryption.

However, it lacks drive or partition encryption, and advanced users may find it limiting despite its popularity for compressing and sharing files.

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4. AxCrypt

AxCrypt | best free encryption software for windows 10

AxCrypt is a popular file encryption software, seamlessly integrating with Windows Explorer for easy AES encryption of individual files.

  • It has a user-friendly interface, making file encryption easy for you.
  • Secure sharing is supported through separate encryption key sharing.
  • The software supports multiple platforms, enhancing accessibility.

5. GPG Privacy Guard

GPG Privacy Guard

GPG Privacy Guard is a command-line encryption tool excelling in high-security encryption and digital signatures. It is one of the best free encryption software for Windows 10 computers.

  • It implements OpenPGP for robust encryption and digital signatures for emails and files.
  • GPG’s public key infrastructure allows only intended recipients to decrypt files.
  • You can use it for digital signing to verify identity and ensure data integrity.
  • GnuPG adds versatile key management and access modules, making it popular among developers, privacy advocates, and security-conscious users.

However, limited key discovery, less intuitive interfaces on certain platforms, and the need for custom integrations for external features affect wider adoption by some security vendors.

6. NordLocker


NordLocker is a user-friendly and highly secure encryption software, that seamlessly integrates with Windows systems.

  • It offers end-to-end encryption for safe cloud storage and sharing using the AES-256 algorithm.
  • With a unique zero-knowledge architecture and keys, data remain private, ensuring no access to files.
  • You can enjoy encrypting unlimited local storage, secure file sharing, and multi-factor authentication.
  • NordLocker provides an affordable/free version for added convenience.

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7. Folder Lock

Folder Lock | best free encryption software for windows 10

Folder Lock is a comprehensive security solution for Windows, offering file encryption, password protection, and secure backup.

  • It creates encrypted containers called Lockers for files and folders.
  • You can utilize file shredding and self-decrypting files for added security.
  • The software provides bonus features and is suitable for encrypting folders and USBs.

The interface may be initially unintuitive, requiring exploration to discover useful functions not immediately apparent.

8. Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Symantec Endpoint Encryption is a powerful software designed for enterprise use, offering full-disk encryption with AES, RSA, and Twofish algorithms.

  • It provides centralized management for the efficient deployment of encryption policies.
  • You can easily use easy passphrases, data recovery, and local data backup.

9. Kruptos 2 Professional

Kruptos 2 Professional

Kruptos 2 Professional is a user-friendly encryption software with strong algorithms, AES-256 encryption, and secure cloud integration for easy file security.

  • It seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing simple right-click encryption and decryption.
  • Secure deletion and file shredding features for added security.
  • The app includes a password strength meter for strong encryption keys.
  • With secure cloud integration, you can encrypt files before uploading to services like Dropbox and OneDrive.

10. Cryptomator

Cryptomator | best free encryption software for windows 10

Cryptomator is a user-friendly encryption software designed for cloud storage security.

  • It encrypts files individually before uploading them to the cloud.
  • Cryptomator’s zero-knowledge architecture ensures data and keys remain private, and it can’t access or decrypt files.
  • The software is compatible with multiple platforms, offering robust data protection for sensitive cloud-stored information.
  • It makes synchronization easy for cloud files.

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11. Boxcryptor


Boxcryptor is a user-friendly encryption software for cloud-stored files with zero-knowledge encryption for ultimate privacy.

  • Boxcryptor supports various platforms and covers 30 popular cloud services.
  • You can access authorized files using the correct passphrase, appealing to individuals and businesses.
  • It boasts AES 256-bit and RSA encryption, allowing passwords and keys on user devices.

The free option is limited to two devices and is not suitable for on-premise services.

12. Gihosoft File Encryption

Gihosoft File Encryption

Gihosoft File Encryption is an impressive and user-friendly file encryption software for PC with top-notch encryption algorithms.

  • It allows you to lock files, create virtual disks, and confuse others with dummy files.
  • You can encrypt various file types, including Excel and Word files.
  • Gihosoft File Encryption offers an intuitive interface and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, it may be expensive for personal users and lacks an auto-shutdown option after encryption.

13. DiskCryptor


DiskCryptor is an open-source disk encryption software for Windows, offering full-disk encryption and supporting multiple encryption algorithms.

  • It provides full-disk encryption for system drives and external storage devices.
  • DiskCryptor supports AES, Twofish, and Serpent encryption algorithms, ensuring flexible data protection.
  • With Windows kernel integration, it operates at a low level for robust system-wide encryption.
  • The software offers more features and higher speed compared to other Windows encryption platforms.

The user interface may not align with current trends, and it lacks automation for encrypting additional storage devices, requiring manual commands.

14. Steganos Safe

Steganos Safe | best free encryption software for windows 10

Steganos Safe is a reliable encryption software, that secures sensitive files in an encrypted vault with AES 256-bit key.

  • Steganos Safe includes data shredding, password management, and the ability to hide the vault’s existence.
  • It offers various encryption options, a user-friendly interface, and two-factor authentication.
  • You get five licenses per price, making it an excellent choice for securing files.

However, portable encryption requires driver installation, and the safe-in-a-safe feature may pose data loss risks.

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15. GhostVolt


GhostVolt is a feature-rich encryption software with AES encryption for secure data management across devices.

  • It offers a user-friendly interface for easy file/folder encryption.
  • Businesses benefit from secure file sharing, collaboration, and version control.
  • Centralized administration and audit trail provide control and oversight.
  • Notifications alert users of changes and comments.
  • GhostVolt supports encrypted links for secure sharing.

However, there are some downsides like occasional sluggishness when handling sizable data and also it lacks file name encryption.

16. InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package

InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package

InterCrypto Advanced Encryption Package is a powerful Windows encryption.

  • It features 20 algorithms, including AES, Twofish, and Blowfish, for robust encryption.
  • The app seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer, making file encryption and decryption easy.
  • You can perform simultaneous encryption and compression for efficient data management.
  • It supports PKI, secure file deletion, and text encryption from the clipboard, catering to comprehensive encryption needs.

17. Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive is a top-notch portable encryption tool for USB drives.

  • It ensures security by creating hidden and encrypted partitions.
  • You can access the encrypted partition with a password, requiring no administrative rights.
  • Rohos Mini Drive stands out with the ability to create a concealed partition within the encrypted area for added security.

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18. Sophos SafeGuard Encryption

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption | best free encryption software for windows 10

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption is a comprehensive business-oriented software with full-disk encryption and support for AES, RSA, and Twofish algorithms.

  • It offers file, folder, and removable media encryption, along with centralized management for efficient policy deployment.
  • Sophos SafeGuard Encryption integrates seamlessly with Sophos’ security ecosystem, providing robust data protection for businesses.
  • You can enjoy a user-friendly interface, whole hard drive encryption, and strong anti-hacking measures.

Some users experienced slower boot times and reduced system speed upon installation.

19. Tresorit


Tresorit is a cloud-based file storage and sync service with a strong security focus.

  • It ensures end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge privacy, keeping user data inaccessible to the company.
  • Tresorit offers cross-platform compatibility and secure file sharing, making it user-friendly.

Comparatively pricey, and some users find storage space and user limitations restrictive.

20. CryptoForge


CryptoForge is a versatile and reliable encryption software for Windows, supporting multiple algorithms like AES, Blowfish, and Triple DES.

  • It allows you to effortlessly encrypt and decrypt files via right-click in Windows Explorer.
  • CryptoForge offers secure file deletion, self-extracting encrypted archives, and text and filename encryption.
  • You can use it for various encryption needs, making it suitable for individuals and organizations.

The passphrase memory feature poses potential security risks, and it may have fewer features compared to some competitors.

21. Encrypto


Encrypto is a user-friendly encryption software available for Windows and macOS.

  • You can easily encrypt files by dragging and dropping them, setting a password, and securely sharing them separately.
  • It ensures strong security and protection of confidential data with AES-256 encryption.
  • Encrypto is ideal for cybersecurity enthusiasts and those using cloud storage seeking reliable 256-bit AES encryption.

However, it lacks filename encryption, on-the-fly encryption, and some advanced features.

22. Cypherix Secure IT

Cypherix Secure IT | best free encryption software for windows 10

Cypherix Secure IT is a reliable encryption software using the 448-bit Blowfish algorithm for robust protection on Windows systems.

  • It offers easy file and folder encryption, integrating with Windows Explorer.
  • Secure file deletion ensures permanent erasure.
  • You can use self-decrypting archives for secure file sharing.
  • Optional compression and a straightforward user interface provide a seamless experience.

Lacks file name encryption and advanced features, which might limit some specific use cases.

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23. CipherShed


CipherShed, a disk encryption software based on TrueCrypt, protects sensitive data through encrypted volumes with passwords or encryption keys.

  • It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, allowing you to create virtual encrypted disks for data protection.
  • CipherShed continues TrueCrypt’s legacy while enhancing security.
  • It remains a viable option for data security despite slower progress compared to VeraCrypt.

24. CryptoExpert


CryptoExpert is one of the best free encryption software for Windows 10, offering disk encryption and virtual disk creation with AES-256 encryption.

  • You can create secure vaults and virtual disks to store sensitive data.
  • Real-time encryption/decryption ensures data protection, requiring a password for access.
  • The software features secure storage, ease of use, and two-factor authentication.

It lacks secure deletion and displayed odd error messages during testing.

25. Dekart Private Disk

Dekart Private Disk | best free encryption software for windows 10

Dekart Private Disk is a popular tool and one of the best free encryption software for Windows 10, creating encrypted virtual disks for secure file storage.

  • It employs AES and Blowfish encryption, safeguarding data from unauthorized access.
  • You can use password protection and portable mode for access to various devices.
  • Dekart Private Disk offers a file shredder for secure deletion and supports managing multiple encrypted virtual disks.
  • Its innovative Disk Firewall prevents malware access, ensuring strong security with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Portable drive encryption extends protection to USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and more, and it requires no administrative privileges when launched by an administrator.

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We hope this guide has helped you choose the best encryption software for your Windows PC. Let us know which software you decided to use and why, so others can benefit from your review. If you know of any other best software that’s not mentioned in the list, please let us know in the comments section below. Your input is valuable!

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