10 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps (2022)

10 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps (2020)

Very oftenyou find the need for a screen recorder on your Android phone. Be it to send your friends a funny meme video or to share someone’s controversial Instagram story or a Facebook Live, to rile up your Girl gang on WhatsApp.

Third-party applications specifically for the purpose of Screen recording have now hit the markets, and the developers are going all out to make sure that you do not miss out on anything which the iOS users enjoy.

You can use this screen record feature to stream your gaming experience, record educational videos so you can watch them anytime you want. Screen recorders do come in handy more often than one would expect.

Other creative uses that one can come up with for these third-party screen recording applications for Android are editing videos with the app, create your own videos with cuttings from other videos and also create your own GIFs.

The Best Android screen recorder apps are now available for you to download.

Several Android phones, like Samsung or LG that are updated to Android 10, possess an inbuilt feature for screen recording in their original equipment manufacturer skin. It just has to be unlocked and enabled.

Even MIUI and Oxygen OS Skins come with an in-built screen recorder. Sadly, some phones in the Android family still do not have the default feature. With iOS 11, including the feature by default, it seems like the upcoming Android Q update will also bring a native app for screen recording purposes.

10 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps (2020)

How to Activate Screen Recording on Android Phone?

If you possess a Samsung or an LG smartphone, which is running Android 10 then you can activate the screen recording feature in a couple of easy steps. This will save you the trouble of downloading third-party Android apps for it.

1. Visit the “Quick Settings” menu.

2. Look for the Screen Recorder option. (If you do not see it, swipe left to the other tile pages)

3. For Samsung- Screen record audio can be enabled; an option will be on your screen for it. – It uses internal media audio for recording audio. After that, the countdown will begin for the screen recorder.

For LG- as soon as you tap, the screen recording countdown starts.

10 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps

If you wish to download a third-party application for this purpose. Here is a list of the best Android screen recorder applications for you:

#1. Az Screen Recorder

Az Screen Recorder

This is a high-quality Android screen recorder with a stable, smooth, and clear ability to capture video screenshots. Be it video calls with friends and family or game streaming on your mobile phone or live shows, YouTube videos, or Tik Tok content, everything can be downloaded using this AZ Screen recorder on your Android.

The screen recorder supports Internal audio and ensures that all your screen recordings have clear audio. The application is so much more than just a screen recorder as it also has a video editing tool in it. You can create your videos and customize them so well. Everything can be done with just a single Android screen recorder called AZ Screen recorder. 

It is a very powerful option and has tons of features that you might love!

  • Full High Definition recording of videos- 1080p, 60 FPS, 12 Mbps
  • Many options when it comes to resolutions, bit rates, and frame rates.
  • Internal sound feature (for Android 10)
  • Face Cam can be adjusted on the screen anywhere, in any size, in an overlay window.
  • You can pause and resume the screen recording.
  • Creating their own GIFs is easy as they have a separate feature called the GIF maker for it.
  • To stop the screen recording, you can shake your smartphone.
  • Wi-Fi transfer for all screen recorded videos to your computer, quick and easy.
  • The video editor can crop, trim, remove parts, convert videos to GIFs, compress the video, etc.
  • You can even merge videos, add background soundtrack, subtitles to the video, and edit its audio.
  • Creating time-lapse videos of 1/3rd to 3X speed options.
  • Live broadcasting and streaming can be done on Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, etc.
  • Not just screen recording, but also screenshots can be taken with the AZ Screen Recorder.
  • An image editor is also available in this one-stop destination.

Basically, this app has everything from A to Z for screen recording or even screenshots. It is perfect and has been given a 4.6-star rating on Google Play store, where it is available for download. The premium version of this application is to be bought as an in-app purchase. The premium version has several additional features that will not be given in the free version. No ads will interrupt your fluid screen recording experience with the premium version.

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#2. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

This simple and friendly screen recorder makes it extremely easy to record video screenshots. It has a blue button as a widget on your home screen or whichever screen you are viewing, which gives you quick access to start and end the recording. The Android app is free of cost and has no advertisement interruptions at all. It is available for download on Google Play store and has a 4.4-star rating on it. Only the Android 10 phones can utilize the internal sound for recording audio along with the screen recording.

Here are some features of this third-party screen recorder app for Android phones:

  • Can record screens and also take screenshots.
  • The front and back face cam feature is available.
  • Allows drawing notes on the screen when you record.
  • For android 7.0 and after, has quick tiles feature for your notification panel
  • Basic video editing features are available- Video trimming, inserting text, etc.
  • Separate themes for day and night.
  • Allows pausing and resuming the recording with the Magic button.
  • Multiple language options for users
  • Records HD resolution- 60 FPS

Overall, considering that the application is free of cost and doesn’t have annoying ads, it is very neat. The features that one may need from a third-party app for screen recording are all here with the Screen Recorder, developed by Kimcy 929.

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#3. Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder

This screen will live up to its name because it actually is pretty super! This app is developed by HappyBees and is available for download on the Google Play Store. It sports a stellar rating of 4.6-stars, which is the reason it has made it to this list. The third-party screen recorder is absolutely free of cost and will not trouble you with watermark issues. It also does not require a root and has no limitations of timing on the recordings you take from it.

The reason for the success and popularity gained by the Superscreen recorder is the variety of features it offers without charging a single penny. Here is a list of some of them:

  • High-quality screen recorder- 12Mbps, 1080 P, and 60 FPS.
  • Pause and resume as you please, from the notification bar.
  • Gestures can be set to stop recording.
  • No time limit, with external videos.
  • Save the video in any location on your Android.
  • Video rotating feature- landscape or portrait mode.
  • Video editor, which allows merging, compressing, adding background sounds, etc.
  • Draw on the screen with the brush tool while recording.
  • Convert videos into GIFs with the GIF Maker.
  • By default, the watermark is off.

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This user-friendly screen recorder with an amazing feature for video editing can help you make your high definition videos. The developers suggest that you freeze some heavy apps in the background to prevent interruptions during the recording. Before using this, we suggest you go through the app requirements and permissions.

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#4. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Not just screen recording, Mobizen is so much more than that. It offers screenshot capturing and video editing also. The third-party android application, scores a 4.2-star rating on Google play store, where it is available for download. Sadly, Samsung does not support this application, and it won’t work on it. But that is not an issue as Android 10+ Samsung phones have in-built screen recorders. Android users with 4.4 and after versions will find this app extremely appealing. It is a great app to record video chats and even streams your gameplay.

Here are some reasons why you might want to download the Mobizen screen recorder on your Android:

  • 100% free features.
  • Screenshots, screen record.
  • View recording duration to keep track of the timing.
  • Variety of editing features- compressing, trimming, add text to the recording.
  • Clear screen recording feature to record without a watermark.
  • Face Came feature with voice recording.
  • Shoot long screen recordings with external memory like an SD card.
  • High-quality streaming- 1080p resolution, 12 Mbps quality, and 60 FPS.
  • No rooting for Android 4.4 and after versions.
  • Remove ad interruptions with the in-app purchases.

The Mobizen application for screen recording, editing, and capturing is a great option, especially for those who use Android 4.4 and later. All the work you did on the app can be saved to any location on the Android device you use.

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#5. Adv Screen Recorder

Adv Screen Recorder

This third-party screen recorder for Android devices was specifically developed with a view to being full of features, without the need for rooting and no restrictions. They have been able to keep up to their mission, which is why they stand tall on Google play store with great reviews and a 4.4-star rating on it. The app has been translated into multiple languages – Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and of course, English. This makes it accessible to a large variety of users across the globe.

Here are the features that the ADV recorder offers to its users:

  • Default and Advanced engines for recording.
  • The advanced engine allows pause and resumes feature while recording.
  • Face cam- both front and back available.
  • Draw on the screen recording with a lot of available color options.
  • Basic video editing- trimming, text customizations.
  • Set a logo/banner and customize them easily.
  • Does not require rooting.
  • Does not contain a watermark.
  • It contains adds, which can be removed with in-app purchases.
  • Lightweight application.

This is a great third-party screen recorder for Android phones, and the fact that it will not ask you for root access makes it an even better option. To stop the screen recording, you can reach for your notification tab. You can definitely give this one a try.

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#6. Rec.


For flexible and fluid screen recording, you can use the Rec. android app. The app has a great and simple user-friendly interface, which makes it an attractive option for many of its users. Android users with 4.4 version will have to allow root access to the Rec. application.

Only users having Android 4.4 and above can install this app from the Google play store. Here are some of the features that rec. application (Pro) offers to the users:

  • Screen recording with audio- up to a maximum of 1 hour.
  • The audio is recorded by the mic.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Set up a timer for your screen recording.
  • Shows duration on the screen.
  • Allows setting favorite configurations as pre-sets.
  • Add free experience with in-app purchases.
  • Gestures like shaking the phone to stop recording can be set.

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Before you download the app, you should know that these features can only be used in the Pro version to get through an in-app purchase. The free version is useless with a predefined time of 10 seconds of screen recording and the very basics of low-resolution shooting. This is why the app has not seen a lot of success and stands at a low rating of 3.6-stars on the google play store.

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#7. Screen Recorder With Audio And Face Cam, Screenshot

Screen Recorder With Audio And Face Cam, Screenshot

This is a rather good and honest screen recorder that offers all that its name suggests. The intuitive UI makes it an excellent suggestion for downloading if you need a screen recorder on your android phone. The third-party android application is available for free download and installation on the Google Play store and stands tall with a 4.3-star rating.

Here are some of the features, which will justify why I am talking so positively of this particular screen recorder:

  • No rooting is needed.
  • No watermark on recorded videos.
  • Various video formats are available.
  • High-resolution recording.
  • Unlimited recording time and audio availability.
  • One-touch is required to screenshot and a single tap to record.
  • Recording gameplays and video chats.
  • Free videos are sharing between friends and family, even directly to social media.
  • Editing features for both screen records and screenshots.
  • The game recorder comes with a face cam feature.

The Screen recorder with audio, the face came, and the screenshot is a great idea. The features are all there, and they work as well as they are promised by the developers of this application. The app has in-app purchases too. The worst part of the free version app is the interruption by multiple ads, which makes your screen recording experience terrible. You can stop that with an in-app purchase.

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#8. Google Play Games

Google Play Games

Google has a solution for all possible android needs. The Google Play games make your gaming experience more fun, be it an arcade game or a puzzle.

You might be thinking that Google Play games are just an online hub for gaming purposes, but it is so much more than that. It has a variety of screen recording functions available on it by default. The massive gamers will love this new feature. You might not have discovered this yet, but reading this will help you use the screen record to stream gameplay in High Def. Not just, games but the app allows screen recording of everything.

Especially for the latest android versions, Google play games can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The latest smartphones of Android OS have this application by default, generally.

Here are some of its functions as a screen recorder:

  • No ads interruption and no in-app purchases.
  • The resolution of videos can be either 480 p or 720 p.
  • Gameplay recording.
  • Share your moments of achievements with friends.
  • Record other apps on your phone too.

Since the application is not purely dedicated to screening recording, you cannot expect too much from it. It might not provide you with all the features and advanced functions that others in this list are. Also, the app may not be able to screen record in some specific phone models.

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#9. Apowerec


This screen recorder app for Android is a powerful and simple one. It is developed by Apowersoft limited and is available for download on the Google play store. You can download it for free and enjoy all its features, such as very high-resolution video quality.

Be it game streaming, video chats recording, live streams, and other screen activities; the Apowerec screen recorder can be used.

Here are some of the features that the third party application will provide you with:

  • Full-screen recording in High definition 1080 p resolution.
  • Audio recording is available- with a phone speaker or even mic.
  • Portrait as well as landscape video recording feature.
  • Face Cam- only for the front camera to show your face and record voice in the screen recording.
  • The floating action button will help to pause, resume, or stop the screen recording quickly.
  • Capturing finger touches on the screen recording. This will be helpful for those who wish to make gaming or app tutorials.
  • Options for bit rates and frame rates.
  • No bar on the length of the screen recording.
  • Sharing videos is simple.
  • The recorded files get stored within the app.
  • Smart recording feature- select apps for automatic screen recording to start.

This screen recorder required an Android 5 or more for installation. It is given a standard rating of 3.4 stars. The app is suitable for screen recording, taking screenshots, and managing videos. The app has decent reviews and might be worth a try!

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#10. Screen Recorder & Video Capture, My Video Recorder

Screen Recorder & Video Capture, My Video Recorder

Developed by MyMovie Inc., this screen recorder is a good one out there for Android users and their screen recording needs. It has a great audience and stands at a 4.3-star Google Play store rating. The best part being all that it offers, and does not charge its users any money. The third-party screen recorder for Android users is jam-packed with the best features. Especially for those who wish to stream gameplays or capture video chats with your friends. Even recording live shows and management of recordings is made easy with the My Videorecorder app. 

Here are some of the features that highlight this app to its users:

  • No rooting is needed.
  • No watermark will show on recordings. 
  • Sharing videos and screenshots on YouTube and other platforms are super comfortable. 
  • Audio quality is excellent and available. 
  • Full high definition graphics – 1080 p Resolution. 
  • One tap screenshots.
  • Create screencasts and share them with friends. 

I highly recommend this video recorder to Android 5.0 and up users. Below that, this screen recorder will be incompatible.

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While we all await the Android Q update, we expect to see the Video recorder being a built-in default function; these third-party applications seem like a great idea.

There is no need to wait for the upgrade when you can use these great apps right now and screen record so many games, live shows, live streams, and video chats.


The screen recorders shoot in high definition, and it will be great to create your content like tutorials and gameplays.

They all mostly have excellent video editing features that will complete your needs for your creations.

We hope this list of Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android users was a helpful one. Do let us know your reviews on the ones you used. If we have missed out on anything, you can mention it in the comment section below.

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