19 Best Adware Removal Apps For Android

Aren’t we all tired of advertisements on our phone? It’s time for you to switch to adware removal apps for android phones now.

Android Phones have so much to offer to their users. The Google Play Store alone has hundreds of thousands of applications. These applications fulfill almost everything a user could want from their phone. Most applications usually have a great interface that users have no problem with. Moreover, many great applications are free for users to download and use. It is part of the appeal of the Google Play Store. However, application developers also want to make revenue from the apps that they upload to the Google Play Store. Thus, many free applications often have an annoying feature that users have to deal with. This annoying feature is the endless advertisements that keep popping up. Users can find advertisements in all different types of applications such as news apps, music apps, video player apps, gaming apps, etc.

Nothing, however, is more annoying for a user than playing a game and all of a sudden having to deal with an irrelevant advertisement. Someone could be simply watching a great show on their phone or reading an important piece of news. Then a 30-second advertisement can come out of nowhere and completely ruin the experience. 

If the same problem occurs on personal computers, users have the option to install an ad-blocker extension on their web browsers. Unfortunately, there is no option to have an ad-blocker extension to prevent such advertisements on Android applications. This is especially important since, in certain cases, the adware can also be malicious. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem through the Google Play Store itself. The solution is to download the best adware removal apps for Android. Adware Removal applications ensure that no adware enters the phone to disrupt the user’s experience. But, many adware apps simply are not good enough. Thus, it is important to know which adware removal apps are the most effective. The following article details the best adware removal apps for Android. 

19 Best Adware Removal Apps For Android

1. Avast Antivirus

Avast AntiVirus | Best Adware Removal Apps

Avast Antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus applications on the Google Play Store. It offers many great features for user’s phones. The application has over 100 Million downloads on the Play Store, highlighting its immense popularity. Users get many great features such as a photo vault, virtual private network, app lock, RAM boost, etc. The app provides great security against adware also as the Avast has designed it to keep all kinds of suspicious software such as adware and graver threats like Trojan Horses out. Thus, users can easily trust this app to give them an ad-free experience. The only downside to Avast Antivirus is that many of the great features of this application require users to pay a subscription fee.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus | Best Adware Removal Apps

There is not much to differentiate between Avast Antivirus and Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus in terms of the number of features both of the applications offer. Kaspersky has excellent software to repel adware from users’ phones. The application offers users real-time protection. This means that users do not constantly have to open the application to request the application to scan the phone. Kaspersky will always monitor any type of activity on the phone and will immediately eliminate any adware trying to make its way onto the phone. Moreover, it will also ensure that other suspicious things, such as spyware and malware, do not harm the phone. There are other great features like a VPN which users can access after they pay a subscription fee. Thus, Kaspersky is one of the best Adware removal apps for Android.

3. Safe Security

Safe Security | Best Adware Removal Apps

Safe Security is another highly popular security app among Android users. Like Kaspersky, Safe Security has real-time protection. The app does not need to engage in full scans because every time new data or files enter the phone, Safe Security ensures there is no adware or other malicious software coming in with them. The reason is that it is one of the best apps for Adware Removal is that it also has other great unique features such as performance optimization and keeping the phone cool. Moreover, this application is completely free for Android users.

4. Malwarebytes Security

MalwareBytes | Best Adware Removal Apps

Malwarebytes is a completely premium option for Android users. Users can only use this application for free for the first 30 days. Once the free trial is over, you will have to pay $1.49 per month for the app to protect your device. However, there is an advantage to buying the premium service also. Malwarebytes has strong security software which means that there is no likelihood of any adware getting through to the phone. In case there is malicious adware, Malwarebytes will remove it before it can affect the phone at all.

5. Norton Security And Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security Best Adware Removal Apps

Norton is one of the most popular security software in the world for all kinds of devices. It has one of the most reliable technologies among such applications. Users can download and avail of some services such as virus removal and real-time protection. But the drawback is that users cannot access the Adware removal feature without buying the premium version of Norton Security. If one does decide to buy the premium version, they will get almost infallible adware protection as well as other features like WiFi security and ransomware protection.

6. MalwareFox Anti Malware


MalwareFox is one of the newest software on the Google Play Store. Despite this, it is gaining a lot of popularity. One of the best features of this application is that it is one of the fastest scanning software among Adware removal applications. It is very quick to detect any adware and other suspicious software on an Android device. One of the reasons that make this app even more appealing is that it also offers a private vault for users’ data. Moreover, users can use this application completely for free.

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7. Androhelm Mobile Security

AndroHelm Antivirus

Androhelm Mobile Security is one of the fastest applications at detecting and removing adware from the phone. But users need to buy a subscription to get the best features from Androhelm. The application charges different fees for different plans, and accordingly, users can upgrade the level of security they get. The developers of Androhelm are constantly updating the app to detect the latest type of adware, and thus, users can always feel safe if they have this application.

8. Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus

There are two options to use the Avira Antivirus application on Android phones. Users can use the free version of the application with considerably fewer features. Alternatively, they can opt to pay $11.99 per month. While it is not essentially a popular option for adware removal, it does have all the essential things that users need to have an ad-free experience. The real-time protection of Avira Antivirus ensures that no unnecessary adware enters a device. Thus, it is among the best adware removal apps for Android device users.

9. TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security

TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile security is yet another application that is great for removing adware from Android mobile devices. It constantly completes a full scan of the phone to ensure that it is not missing any suspicious software. Moreover, it has many other great features, such as application-wise scanning, payment protection, data backup, and even a system manager. It is an extremely reliable application. Moreover, the application is completely free to download. Thus, users can get all the features for absolutely no cost. 

10. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus has over 100 Million downloads on the Google Play Store. Thus, it is one of the more popular options in the Adware removal space. The application has great technology which ensures that all applications become essentially ad-free regardless of the configuration of the applications. Users can use this app for free and get features like continuous scans of all applications, phone optimization, threats against malware, and adware removal. However, if people want all of the best features, they can pay $3.99/month or $14.99/year to get all of the premium services of this application. Then users will have access to premium features like locating phones using Google Maps, Virtual Private Network, and even an encrypted vault to protect and hide important files on the phone. It is why it is one of the best Adware Removal Apps for Android devices.

11. Bitdefender Antivirus

BitDefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is another app among the best adware removals applications on the Google Play Store. There is a free version of Bitdefender which offers only basic features like scanning and detecting virus threats. It will then easily remove these virus threats. But users need to buy the premium version of this application to get access to all of its amazing features such as a Premium VPN, App Lock features, and importantly, the Adware Removal. The most amazing thing about Bitdefender Antivirus is that even though it is constantly scanning for adware, it does not cause the phone to lag since it is a very light and high-performance application.

12. CM Security

CM Security

CM Security is on this list of best Adware removal apps for Android devices because it is one of the only reliable and highly efficient Adware removal apps that are available for completely free on the Google Play Store. The app is very quick to detect all adware that comes with applications, and it also has great features like a VPN and an app lock feature to protect all applications from other people. Moreover, the app also keeps analyzing different applications and tells the user which apps are attracting the most adware. It is one of the best Adware removal applications for Android phones.

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13. Dr. Web Security Space

Dr. Web Security Space

Either user can opt for the free version of Dr. Web Security Space, or they can buy the premium version. To buy the premium version, they have three options. Users can buy the $9.90/year, or they can pay $18.8 for two years. They can also purchase a lifetime subscription for just $75. Initially, the app was only an antivirus application. But as the application got more popular, the developers added more features such as Adware removal also. Dr. Web Security even allows users to scan different apps to see if they have adware selectively. Moreover, the diagnostic report that the app provides tells users which apps are most responsible for adware and other suspicious activities.

14. Eset Mobile Security And Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

Eset Mobile Security And Antivirus is yet another great app for adware removal on Android mobile phones. Users can either use the limited free options of this application which include adware blocking, virus scans, and monthly reports. For a yearly fee of $9.99, however, users can get access to all the premium features of this application. With the premium version, users get access to Eset’s features like anti-theft protection, USSD encryption, and even an app-lock feature. Thus, Eset Mobile Security & Antivirus is also one of the best adware removal apps for Android mobile devices.

15. Clean Master

Clean Master is primarily a cleanup and phone optimization app. It is immensely popular among Android phone users for cleaning excessive and cache files from the phone. Moreover, it also optimizes phone performance and increases battery time. But it is also a great application for adware removal. The antivirus technology that comes with the Clean Master applications ensures that no adware makes its way to Android phones through random websites or any Play Store apps. Thus, it is very helpful in keeping Android phones ad-free. The application has certain premium features, but even if people do not buy them, the free version allows adware removal as well as most of the other good features. Thus, users can use this application for free and get the things that they want.

16. Lookout Security And Antivirus

Lookout Security And Antivirus

Users can get some good basic features for free on the Lookout Security and Antivirus. But they can also choose to get a monthly subscription for $2.99 per month or a yearly subscription for $29.99 per year. Users will get the option to monitor adware on their phones with the free version itself. But they can also choose to get the premium features as it brings many additional security features such as Find My Phone, WiFi protection, alerts when a virus tries to steal information, and completely secure browsing.

17. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is arguably one of the best applications when it comes to antivirus, but when it comes to adware, the application has certain problems. The application does not offer real-time protection from adware. Hence, users need to conduct a full scan of the phone to detect all adware that is there. Moreover, adware protection is part of the premium service of McAfee mobile security. For the Premium option, the fee is either $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. The app also does not have a great UI, and it is also a very heavy application to install on the phone. Despite this, McAfee is still a reliable and robust option which users must consider.

18. Sophos Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X | Best Adware Removal Apps

Unlike many other applications on this list, Sophos Intercept X is free for Android phone users. The adware protection on the application is consistently reliable and works quite well to make the phone ad-free. Sophos Intercept X also has many other important basic features such as web filtering, virus scanning, theft protection, secure WiFi network, and the app itself does not have any advertisements. Since it offers all these good features for absolutely no cost, Sophos Intercept X is also one of the best Adware removal apps for Android phones.

19. Webroot Mobile Security

Webroot Mobile Security and Antivirus | Best Adware Removal Apps

Webroot Mobile Security has two versions for users to choose from. There is a free version with most of the basic features while there is a premium version which can cost up to $79.99 per year depending on how many features a user wants. The adware detecting feature is only available once the user buys a premium option. Webroot Mobile Security is very good at weeding out unwanted adware. The app also has a great simple interface which means that people do not have to worry about having to deal with complex instructions and processes.

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As is evident above, there are many best adware removal apps for Android mobile devices. All of the above applications are great for ensuring that Android phones are completely ad-free, and people can enjoy their app experiences without getting frustrated. If users want a completely free adware removal application, then their best options are Sophos Intercept X and TrustGo Mobile Security. 

But the other applications in this list offer many other great unique features if users buy the premium options. Apps like Avast Antivirus and AVG Mobile Security offer amazing extra features. If users want to protect their phones completely except for just adware removal, then they should certainly look into buying the premium versions of these applications.

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