Audible vs Spotify Audiobooks vs Kindle Unlimited

In the battle of books, would you choose to read or only listen?

Audiobooks offer a nice way if you want to immerse yourself in literature that you can enjoy during your workouts, travel, and even leisurely moments at home. 

While these surely provide convenience and versatility, with multiple platforms in the market, it’s just overwhelming and difficult to decide which one to choose.

Currently, the three top audiobook platforms in the market are – Kindle Unlimited, Spotify Audiobooks, and Audible, and in today’s blog, we have compared all of them.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the comparison.

Audible vs Spotify Audiobooks vs Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited vs Audible

Kindle is a service provided by Amazon, and Audible has been one of the recent service providers that provided users with the e-book and audiobook experience.

Although both are Amazon products, they are still different at their core. 

Parameters Kindle Unlimited Audible
Content Offers about one million ebooks as well as audiobooks. Offers nearly 500,000 audiobooks to choose from and the number of audiobooks is much more than Kindle Unlimited
Availability Has limited reach when it comes to the countries in which you can use it Can be accessed in more than 170 countries
Medium Kindle Device or the Kindle App to read ebooks or listen to audiobooks Audible app on any device that is compatible with
Cost You can subscribe to Kindle for $9.99 per month You can subscribe to Audible for $7.95 per month
Suitable For People who prefer reading ebooks and also listen to audiobooks sometimes People who mostly prefer audiobooks only

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Audible vs Spotify Audiobooks

Audible has a lot of competition.

Spotify being one of the leading music library service providers, now provides audiobooks to its listeners too. 

Parameters Audible Spotify AudioBooks
Content Wider variety of audiobooks as compared to Spotify audiobooks Spotify audiobooks at the moment have a smaller catalog 
Medium Can be accessed on different compatible devices like iOS, Android, Alexa, enable devices, Kindle, and more Can be played on iOS as well as Android devices and you can also play audiobooks via Spotify on the web
Availability Accessible in more than 170 countries Presently, accessible only in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand
Cost Starts at $7.95 per month Spotify Audiobook subscription starts at $10.99 per month
Suitable For Suitable for avid listeners who keep listening to one audiobook after another Suitable for people who tune in to an audiobook less frequently

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Audible vs Libby

Libby contrary to Audible is a free platform that users can access to listen to audiobooks or even to read books online,

However, it comes with a twist that the books on Libby can only be accessed via a library card.

Parameters Audible Libby
Content Has a vast library of millions of audiobooks Number of audiobooks on Libby is comparatively less
Medium Compatible with iOS and Android Alexa-enabled devices and on its website Can only be used on iOS, Android, Fire OS, and websites
Availability Available to use in more than 170 countries across the globe Accepts library card credentials issued in the US only
Cost Monthly subscription for accessing audiobooks on Audible is $7.95. No fee for accessing the audiobooks on Libby
Suitable For Highly suitable if you read a lot and do not mind spending money to get new books instantly Suitable if you are okay with waiting periods that can go as long as 10 weeks

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Audible vs Scribd

Scribd is another platform that offers audiobooks to listen to as and when you want.

Besides audiobooks, Scribd also offers ebooks, magazines, music, and podcasts. Both platforms let you own the audiobook.

Parameters Audible Scribd
Content Offers more than a million audiobooks Scribd’s content library is decent at best
Medium Can be accessed on more than iOS and Android Can be accessed on iOS, Android, and web browsers
Availability Listen to audiobooks in more than 170 countries Can be accessed in over 100 countries across the globe
Cost Monthly subscription to Audible at only $7.95 If you want to subscribe to Scribd, you will have to pay $11.99
Suitable For Best if you like to read a lot of genres and titles If you are okay with fewer titles and don’t mind average-quality audio

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Which is the Best Option for Listening to Audiobooks?

By looking at different audiobook service providers and their features and costs, it is safe to say that Audible is the ultimate winner vs Kindle Unlimited or Spotify Audiobooks.

If you are solely looking for an audiobook platform that has the rarest titles, and great audio quality at a decent subscription charge, you can definitely go with it.

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Lastly, in our comparison of Kindle Unlimited vs Audible, it’s all about your preference. ​​We hope the comparison provided by us helps you to make an informed decision.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to TechCult for more amazing content!

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