34 Best App to Learn Chinese

Learning a new language is never a bad choice. It will always help you when you are traveling, for education, or even as a hobby. Gone are the days when you ran to the library to get hold of language books. Today, you can access anything you want with just a few taps on a smartphone. Learning a language has also become as easy as ordering a book online, easier, in fact. You must want to learn Chinese offline app that is best for you. This article brings forward a list of all best app to learn Chinese for free.

34 Best App to Learn Chinese

Best App to Learn Chinese

About 1.31 billion people speak Chinese, which is approximately 16% of the world’s population who speaks Chinese. It is only natural to be wanting to speak a language that is so widely spoken. Here we bring you the list apps to learn Chinese or Mandarin. Keep reading to find out which is best app to learn Chinese for free.

1. Pimsleur


Pimsleur is one of best app to learn Chinese. As one of the most popular and long-lasting resources out there to learn a foreign language, Pimsleur offers over 50 language courses explanations, and reading or writing skills. With Pimsleur, you will have a strong hold over any language you want to master as the courses place a strong emphasis on grammar explanations and reading or writing skills.

  • It is very easy to use and well-designed.
  • The platform is easy to navigate and visually appealing
  • It offers over 50 language courses.
  • Pimsleur takes the guarantee that the user will start speaking a new language in 30 days.
  • They offer a 30-Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee.
  • They use method that teaches the most common words and grammatical structures so you can start speaking immediately.
  • Price- $119.95

2. hello Chinese

Hello Chinese. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

hello Chinese claims to be one of best app to learn Chinese among beginners. A game-based learning tool is an excellent choice for someone who has just started to learn Chinese. You get to learn how to read, write, speak, and listen in the app. Hello Chinese offers traditional and simplified Chinese characters. All courses include standard Mandarin audio, recorded by a native Chinese speaker, making it easier for the learners to accurately pronounce. As one of best app to learn Chinese for free, this app has a free trial.

  • It is a game style to keep motivation.
  • It provides speech recognition.
  • Helps you practice writing Chinese characters and master them.
  • It is available for both Android and iOS devices
  • It is free and available.

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3. Anki


Want to learn Chinese but having trouble remembering all the new characters? Anki is the one for you. It will make things easier for you to remember and Anki doesn’t use traditional methods and this greatly decreases your time spent studying and simultaneously increases the amount you learn. It is a multi-platform, open-source, and free flashcard software that will help you remember easily.

  • Anki offers synchronization service to keep your cards in sync.
  • It offers audio clips, videos and scientific and video markup on your cards.
  • It is free to download Anki, although the iOS version has a fee.
  • It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

4. pleco

Pleco. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

Pleco is a Chinese dictionary app that includes a wealthy amount of features to it and a native audio pronunciations. With Pleco you can learn Chinese offline app and use the dictionary offline or search for characters in various ways by writing or by camera capture or even by drawing.

  • It offers a dictionary.
  • It offers recordings from two different native speakers for 34,000 Mandarin words.
  • It supports Cantonese as well.
  • Pleco offers insanely powerful flashcards.
  • It is easily available on Android and iOS devices.
  • The basic plan costs $29.99, and the professional plan costs $59.99

5. duolingo

Duolingo. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

duolingo is one of the most popular best app to learn mandarin, making it one of best app to learn Chinese. You can easily get access to the app in Google Play or even in the web browser and learn a new language including Chinese for free. You read that right, it is an amazing app to learn Chinese like a pro. Grab a notebook and write down the Chinese characters to help you out remembering as Duolingo also offers simple tests after each lesson to examine and also help you remember the script slowly. Let us have a look at its features.

  • You can learn other languages such as Portuguese, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
  • The certificates and scores are accepted by Universities and institutions.
  • Audio lessons are available.
  • Track your learning progress.
  • It is available on Android, iPhone, and web browsers.
  • It is absolutely free.

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6. Skritter


Skritter is a software that uses handwriting recognition algorithm to enable students to write the characters they have been learning. You get to practice writing the Chinese characters by tracing strokes by strokes. Isn’t that so cool? What’s better than going back to your initial years of learning. Give Skritter a try and master Chinese or Japanese, whichever you want. As one of best app to learn Chinese for free, Skritter offers a lot, have a look.

  • It offers Smart flashcards for you to remember.
  • Skritter provides effective reviewing
  • Learn new characters in less than a minute
  • Remember 95% of what you learn.
  • Track your personal progress stats.
  • Try it for free.
  • It is available on both Android and iOS devices

7. Zizzle

Zizzle. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

Are you someone who learns better visually? If that’s the case for you then Zizzle is the one for you. Learn Chinese with 1000+ visual stories with Zizzle. We understand how hard it can be learning Chinese as it is undoubtedly one of the few language that is extremely hard to learn which is why learning it with stories will help you getting comfortable with the new characters.

  • Zizzle offers visualization for efficient learning.
  • Try stories and lessons for free.
  • It is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • They offer a free 7-Day trial, the paid plan costs $49.99.

8. FluentU


FluentU is one of best app to learn Chinese that creates an immersive learning experience by combining real-world videos with interactive subtitles. It is the best app for beginners. FluentU uses interviews, music videos, commercials and quizzes that accompanies the films allowing the visitors to practice that language used in the videos.

  • It offers a 14-Day free trial
  • They offer courses such as Chinese, German, Korean, Japanese, French, English, etc.
  • It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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Chinese Skill. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

Learning is now fun! CHINESESKILL is a game-based app that is well interactive and makes learning Chinese enjoyable. The program is build to help newbies so it is a great alternative for taking you from a beginner stage to an intermediate stage.

  • Encourages you to learn Chinese or Mandarin through structured lessons and interactive games.
  • It covers over 400 grammatical points, 1000 keywords, 1500 key characters, and 300 patterns.
  • They offer but sized lessons.
  • Monthly membership is $14.99, yearly membership $79.99, Lifetime purchase $159.99.
  • It is available on Android, iOS devices.



LINGODEER is another best app to learn Chinese, as it allows you to learn and master the basics first. Just like Duolingo, LingoDeer offers multiple language courses apart from Chinese. It is a fun way to learn a new language with cute animations. Learn the hard Chinese characters as well as learn to make the structure of a sentence with ease. They offer you to practice your pronunciation by repeating their audio, making it one of best app to learn Mandarin.

  • It is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • It is completely free.
  • It offers engaging stories.
  • You get to practice with HD audio.
  • Provides effective learning.
  • You get detailed explanations for every lesson.


Memrise. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

MEMRiSE is a very powerful flashcard system that allows you to submit your own vocabulary desks. Download hundreds of vocab lessons for free from TOPIK prep books, and Sogang or Yonsei University-compatible curriculums for free. Memrise also goes through spelling challenges, auditory quizzes, and vocabulary units using mix-and-match games so that each word is implanted deep in your brain as this will help you remember every lesson.

  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, and desktop browsers.
  • It offers 23 languages.
  • You get to learn faster with a learning algorithm developed with the best cognitive science.
  • Access to multiple devices from one account.
  • It is free.

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12. ChinesePod


ChinesePod is your podcast library in pocket. Learn 4,000 lessons or download full videos to watch and learn whenever you want at your own pace. This is the perfect app that will teach you authentic Chinese or Mandarin with their well-structured methods. Simply download the app, choose your Chinese level and browse various available classes to master Chinese!

  • It offers 4,000 lessons.
  • It also offers audio podcasts and hand-curated playlists.
  • You will be provided with vocabulary, grammar notes, dialogues and expansion materials.
  • It also offers a free trial to access.
  • They provide two plans, basic and premium and it costs $14 per month and $29 per month respectively.

13. Speechling

Speechling. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

Another great learning platform that works with native speakers to help users improve their grammar, word selection, tone and many more that involves in speaking a language fluently. Speechling delivers traditional and simple Chinese materials. This app is one of best app to learn Mandarin that is also free.

  • Their goal is to improve natural conversation fluency to a native level.
  • It has a free-plans.
  • It is available in over 156 countries and over 30 institutions.
  • Speeching method uses a combination of technology and human coaching.

14. Ninchanese

Ninchanese. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

Ninchanese is one easy-to-follow app that will make sure you are on the right track on your language learning journey. Increase your Mandarin vocabulary by listening and reading through a series of exercises and games that are designed into structured courses.

  • They provide lessons going from HSK 1 to HSK 6, ensuring you to fluent in Chinese.
  • Highly efficient way to learn characters with SRS.
  • It also offers voice recognition while practicing to write and speak.
  • It offers easy to understand grammar lessons.
  • Has a rating of 4.6 star.

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15. Du Chinese

Du Chinese

Du Chinese is a learning software that focuses on reading Chinese or Mandarin. An extremely easy to use software that focuses on reading Chinese. With Du Chinese, you will be able to improve your character identification, syntax, sentence structure as well as vocabulary. Get a taste of Chinese culture and lifestyle while learning the language. Without a doubt, Du Chinese is one of best app to learn Chinese free even for beginners. With this app learn Chinese offline app.

  • It offers information to beginners, intermediate and expert learners.
  • It offers complete translation, easy word lookup, and professional audio by natives.
  • It also offers unlimited lessons.
  • It is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • It is free to use.



With Drops, learn Chinese or Mandarin with fun. The program helps to create memorable visual associations with new words. They claim that if you invest just five minutes each day, you will master any language you want to master. They have a well-balanced combination of fascinating and valuable courses and activities as well. Select any language available to get started.

  • Learn 2,000+ Chinese words.
  • It offers visual associations to help you remember.
  • It also lets you review and practice your vocabulary and each word you have learned.
  • Get a personalized plan for learning.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial.

17. HiNative

HiNative homepage. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

HiNative is a question-and-answer app that will pair you with native students allowing you the accurate pronunciation of words. This app holds answer to you every query let it be about languages, culture or the nation.

  • It allows you to audio upload.
  • It offers 110 languages for you to learn.
  • It offers you customize example for a better understanding.
  • The app is free to download, although it requires some in-app purchase.

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18. Busuu

Busuu homepage

Busuu is one of the most popular learning apps out there. Choose the language you want to learn from a vast selection of languages. Get access to compact lesson designed to connect and communicate to native speakers to help you get a hold of words faster. The lessons are organised and extremely efficient.

  • It offers a customized study plan, AI-based grammar review, conversations and many more activities.
  • It offers a free plan too.
  • It is available on Android and iOS devices.
  • It offers a 14 Day money back guarantee.
  • The paid plan can cost from $13.95 a month to $6.95 per month for a year.

19. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp homepage. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

Beelinguapp lets you to read and listen to audiobooks and music in two languages while viewing the text on the app. The app translates whatever you are reading so that if you are a beginner, it becomes easy for you to understand and remember what you are reading. With Beelinguapp, you can look through novels, short stories, children’s books and other works in your mother tongue and Chinese.

  • It offers audiobook and music to listen and learn
  • It helps in cross-referencing and ensures you to comprehend the text and its context.
  • Learn new words with each story they provide.
  • It offers engaging stories.
  • It offers learning tools such as flashcards, quizzes and more.

20. HelloTalk


HelloTalk is a prominent language exchange plan with over 30 million members and over 150 supported languages. Chat or video call with the members to improve you skills. You get access to tools such as translation, correction, text-to-voice, and many more. Try HelloTalk you master the language you want to master.

  • It offers intuitive language tools.
  • It has a free plan.
  • You can practice speaking in real time with members.
  • It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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21. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone. 34 Best App to Learn Chinese

You must have heard about Rosetta Stone, one of the most popular language learning apps available out there. Rosetta Stone provides a wide range of vocabulary and grammar through customized bit-sized lessons. To help you understand and engage you, they provide real-life scenarios as well.

  • It offers a great range of vocabulary, grammar and various other aspects of language.
  • It offers 25 languages for you to choose from.
  • It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

22. mondly


A fun and easy way of learning a new language. mondly will teach you how to read and write Chinese fluently. The choice doesn’t limit to just Chinese as Mondly offers 41 languages for you to learn. The app uses gamification to impart hundreds of tiny-sized lessons to make learning a fun process.

  • It covers everyday phrases, greetings, and many more complex sentences and conversations.
  • It offers 41 languages.
  • You can get quick daily lessons.
  • It is available on App Store, Google Play, AppGallery and as Web App.
  • The paid plan costs $6.03 per month.

These were some of the most amazing apps to learn Mandarin or Chinese free. Learning does not limit itself to age or other boundaries. Learn as many things as you want to and this includes languages too. We have listed above some of the best apps to learn Chinese but if you want to dive further into the list of some more great apps, we have got your back.

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Some More Apps to Learn Chinese

Here we have listed out some of the great apps that we think will provide you with some more choices when choosing an app to learn a language. Have a look at it.


Here you go, some of best app to learn Chinese. As one of the most hardest language to learn, with the help of right guidance, you can learn any language you want not just Chinese within a blink of an eye. We hope that you enjoyed this article as much as we did. Feel free to mention down your queries and add your suggestions. Tell us which app worked the best for you. Have fun learning!

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