Are Blink Cameras Secure?

If you are someone who travels a lot and leaves their family or pets alone at home, having a reliable and efficient security camera is necessary. It not only provides you with a sense of relief but also ensures that everything is being monitored effortlessly. One such great example is Blink cameras which, over the years, have become one of the most preferred choices. But are Blink cameras secure? Do they need Wifi? Do they charge monthly? Let’s find answers to all your queries in this guide. Read till the end to find out how to tell if Blink camera was hacked.

are blink cameras secure

Are Blink Cameras Secure and Encrypted?

For the uninformed, Blink security cameras, by Amazon, combine efficiency with maximum protection to offer consumers peace of mind. They are innovative and above all, an affordable option among similar other yet less useful security devices.

But are Blink cameras secure? Yes, Blink cameras are encrypted and nearly all of them use WPA2 encryption. What differentiates WPA2 from WPA is that the former uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) instead of TKIP. Accordingly, you get top-tier security and more peace than any other surveillance camera option in the market.

  • Moreover, Amazon frequently releases firmware updates to keep your Blink cameras safe and running perfectly fine.
  • Apart from this, some Blink cameras also give you the freedom to decide what to do with the footage they have logged.

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Does Blink Camera Need Wi-Fi?

Yes. Blink Cameras are unable to operate offline. Instead, they need a stable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Internet connection. Apart from this, this camera also requires a Wi-Fi network to connect to a Sync Module on the same network.

Blink Camera Privacy Concerns

Are you thinking of purchasing a Blink Camera but wondering if the Blink Camera worth it? If so, you must also consider possible privacy concerns you might encounter:

  • Data breach.
  • Accessing or spying on the camera and audio footage.
  • Disabling the camera without your knowledge.

How to Tell if Blink Camera is Hacked

Although it is quite difficult to ascertain if someone has hacked your Blink Camera, there are a few things that can help.

  • Some Cameras lose their efficiency and speed if they are under a cyber-attack as they have limited memory. So, if your security camera is slower than usual, this might be a sign.
  • If your security camera account undergoes any sort of suspicious change then this is also a clear sign of hacking.
  • Since Blink cameras are armed with two-way audio listening, you can use them to your advantage. If strange noises are coming from the other end, you might be under cyber-attack.

Blink Camera Detailed Review

Despite a few Blink Camera privacy concerns, they hold a pretty good user rating in the market.

  • Blink offers sleek designs within tight budgets.
  • They are renowned for their crisp video and picture quality.
  • They come equipped with long-lasting batteries.
  • Since they are designed to work wirelessly, you do not have to deal with wires.
  • They have two-way audio with customizable motion detection.

However, netizens are upset with its poor night-time vision and narrow field of view in some models.

Is There a Monthly Fee for Blink Camera?

Blink offers a basic subscription plan which you can get for as low as $3.00/month. Other than this, you can also go for the year-long subscription package.

Is Blink Camera Really Worth it?

Blink security system cameras are equipped with numerous top-notch features as we listed previously. Apart from this, you also get a two-year battery life with Blink Outdoor. Isn’t it great? The best part is that you can use the Blink Home Monitor app on your smartphone to manage and access everything in one place.

If you have a Blink camera in your office or at home for the protection of your loved ones, then you have made the right choice by investing in Blink cameras.

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We hope this article helped you in figuring out are Blink cameras secure, enctypted and affordable. If so, let us know about your purchase.

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